Friday, 1 April 2011

Anna Scholz - THIS is IT!

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This is the one. This is THE dress. The Print Jersey Plait Strap Dress. THIS, for me, is IT. When I saw this dress and pattern come online on the Anna Scholz website, my brain nearly exploded. I was taken by the pattern AND the style... Do you remember this dress? It is the one that Kelsey Arif wore for her photoshoot in Las Vegas as part of the Curvy Revolution (left). I remember seeing it on Kelsey and thinking that I loved EVERYTHING about it. 

Now, let me tell you something. This dress is lined to perfection. You put this baby on and feel perfectly summery. This dress, isn't heavy and it isn't rigid with structure... BUT this dress holds shape and gives you a sexy curve thanks to it's cut and drape. 

No kidding. 

The centre drape of material that falls between the breasts creates a really comfortable weight that GIVES this dress structure. Material ALSO falls from underneath the bust area, such that you are given a really gorgeous silhouette.

I have bought a dress similar to this before and RAVED about it, look HERE. Yes. Another Anna Scholz dress. That one was the first Anna Scholz dress I ever bought and it was part of her Simply Be range. I still love that dress. And, I must say - THIS dress is part of her Black Label range and I love it even more; thanks to the extra luxurious fabric, gorgeous silky lining, the sexy/vibrant pattern and slightly heavier drape. 

Anna Scholz,Black Label,White Label,Curves,Couture,Curvy,Plus-Size,Plussize,SS11,Spring,Summer,2011,dress,review,reviews
This is so feminine and gorgeous. I mean, the print itself is funky and interesting and combined with the cut, this is easily going to be one of my favourite go-to dresses for Summer here in the UK. Can you see the straps underneath my little macrame shrug? They are plaited... I swear, it is these little bits of attention to detail which help define the CARE that goes into crafting this. 

I didn't just buy this dress, I scooped it up and ate it with icecream - it's THAT fantastic. 


PS. I BET I blog this dress again before Summer is out. LOVE IT!


  1. Beautiful! As you say the fabric in the center of the breasts gives it great structure -- looks so feminine - LOVE it! The other similar dress is just as beautiful. I hope you do feature them again! :)


  2. you look beautiful and have all week.
    great posts.

  3. Love these posts, and love Anna Scholz. Her stuff is so fantastic. You look great! Come on over and check out my blog:


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