Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The Reasons I Blog...

Boombands Em,Australia,Kangaroo,Summer,City Chic,Dress,Plus-size

There are different reasons why I blog. Certainly, when I started it was a mix of things... boredom was a key aspect of why I started. As a freelancer, I have some considerable patches of downtime and I wanted to be able to be creative and expressive about something I loved. I read other fashion blogs and wanted to make my own. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made. It has been empowering and enabled me to be a part of this amazing sphere of bloggers, readers, designers and brands (not to mention the fact I can showcase "outfits to wear" while feeding Kangaroos!).

Boombands Em,Australia,Kangaroo,Summer,City Chic,Dress,Plus-size

These days, over a year later - I still blog, and I still do it primarily to fulfill this need to talk about fashion and being a woman with curves. One thing I never expected to gain though, was this feeling of trust and friendship that us bloggers and readers seem to share with each other. I trust you. And I love what you give me.

I sometimes get emails talking to me about fashion. Sometimes people ask me about London or what I suggest as an outfit for something. I can get quite profound emails too, emails which remind me of how lucky we are in this online world to be able to connect with each other.

Boombands Em,Australia,Kangaroo,Summer,City Chic,Dress,Plus-sizeRecently, I have started paying attention to bloggers finding their feet... exploring themselves and their love of fashion and how they feel about posting outfits and talking through their fashion choices. I have some absolute favourite blogs which I always study, but I like finding the new ones too. I like that we are different and have so any different things to say.

Late last week, I was reading Blogging for Joy. A new(ish) blog by a woman finding her feet as she talks fashion and works about accepting herself. This is a very honest blog and I found it, maybe a month ago when Joy linked to my site. Well, on Friday - Joy wrote a post for FBFF where she nominated blogs as regards particular headings... Joy nominated my blog, and although I am not part of the FBFF network I wanted to repost some of what Joy said about my site.

From Blogging for Joy:

Renaissance Woman/Man (best all around blogger, fashion, beauty, lifestyle):. I nominate Em of "Oh, the Places You'll go." It's really the first fashion blog I went ga-ga over. Here's a woman whose blog radiates personality, beauty, style, confidence, knowledge about fashion... I should also mention that, "Oh the Places You'll Go" inspired me to pay more attention to my own style, which led to my renaissance -- my rebirth.

This was amazing to read and inspired me to write this post. I love our online presence and how we adore each other. I like that we are honest, embracing, friendly and without judgement.

We are so lucky.


Boombands Em,Australia,Kangaroo,Summer,City Chic,Dress,Plus-size
I am wearing:

Dress: City Chic French Garden Dress
Bolero: Lace City Chic Bolero (circa 2006)
Flip Flops: Havaiana Pink
Sunglasses: Santa Monica Pier
Handbag: Radley "Exclusive" Designs Collection.
(The latest "Exclusive" design Radley collection has just launched, with the "Port of Call" range).

The Kangaroos are wearing sharp claws and their own brand of cute. x.


  1. Hi Em, I was going to email you about nominating you, but I wondered whether I might embarrass you -- make you blush ;)! I'm relieved/glad you didn't mind.
    The FBFF network actually cancelled the awards after the fact (some people in the network didn't feel comfortable with the idea) but I'm very glad I had the chance to tell you how much I love your blog!

    The kangaroos ar so cute!!!

  2. I love your blog. And you. And baby kangaroos.


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