Thursday, 31 March 2011

How sexy is your arm?

Anna Scholz,Black Label,White Label,Curves,Couture,Curvy,Plus-Size,Plussize,SS11,Spring,Summer,2011,dress,review,reviews


Okay. Lovers of coverage. Or, girls who want a little sexy on their biceps and triceps...

Meet the Black Label Lace Cropped Jacket by Anna Scholz.

Anna Scholz,Black Label,White Label,Curves,Couture,Curvy,Plus-Size,Plussize,SS11,Spring,Summer,2011,dress,review,reviews

I don't even know how to write and do this piece justice. I mean that. This is light lace which crops just above the hip and is tailored to fit your body perfectly.

Anna Scholz,Black Label,White Label,Curves,Couture,Curvy,Plus-Size,Plussize,SS11,Spring,Summer,2011,dress,review,reviews
You can wear this lace jacket done up or undone. You could wear it over dresses or over a plain little cami - like I have... The tailoring on this jacket is completely spot on and the detail in the lace is really delightful.

Put simply, this jacket is just a STUNNING piece of clothing. If you want coverage, want to feel feminine and need a piece that can transition between both class and sexiness...

THIS is the item.



You want more? Okay...

(Can you tell I'm having fun?!!)

Anna Scholz,Black Label,White Label,Curves,Couture,Curvy,Plus-Size,Plussize,SS11,Spring,Summer,2011,dress,review,reviewsYou know, when I initially asked for a sample of this shift dress, I requested the Aztec Paisley print... Winnie, one of my delightful contacts at Anna Scholz let me know my size was unavailable and so sent me this Parrot print instead.

These pictures are fabulous but do not quite capture the fact that in sunshine, this dress kind of glows. It radiates a vibrancy and energy of colour that literally made me keep looking down at my body and going, WOW.

I love this. I bet it's the Double Silk. Or maybe the fact that it hugs my curve, or perhaps because it has a drape that also let's my shape breathe. Maybe I love it because of the side pleats... pleats which let the material run flat, but flow from your high hip-line in a graceful, flattering fashion. Hmm.

I was very excited to try this dress. In fact, I was excited to try this shape. Last year, I put on a Classic Anna Scholz Wrap dress in Harrods and marveled with you at how precisely Anna designs her clothes with a curvy body in mind... Since then, I have tried many of her garments - but never one of her Double Silk Shift Dresses. This is a shape, that feels MADE FOR MY BODY. It caters to my breast, pulls in for a high waist and then flows from the hip. If you are new to Anna Scholz and want to jump straight in the deep end for style and class - this is the way to go!


  1. The lace jacket is pretty amazing! I never say no to lace and on a jacket? It's divine!

  2. Stunning! Em, All of these pieces you've been featuring are just SO pretty on you! I couldn't even pick a favourite (though that parrot print dress is right up there!)


  3. I LOVE that dress! It's really is quite flattering even with the loud print.


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