Saturday, 19 March 2011

Asos Curve, Justine Legault and MY Hips.

Boombands,Em,Boombands Em,ASOS,ASOS Curve,Curve,Plus-SIze,Clothing,Fashion,Dress,Curvy,Girl,Curves

I had a reader post a comment under one of my previous posts... It told me to check out the curve Justine Legault is rocking in the ASOS Curve dress I am wearing in this post. I was instructed to specifically look at her hips in the catwalk video. You know what, I LOVE Justine Legault and when I clicked the link and looked at the video, I was like - WHOA.

And I thought, I HAVE hips. I CAN rock this dress. 

Boombands,Em,Boombands Em,ASOS,ASOS Curve,Curve,Plus-SIze,Clothing,Fashion,Dress,Curvy,Girl,Curves

This is a great dress and I think it was specifically made with the Plus-size Hour Glass in mind. It is a definite form fitting dress (I am wearing a pair of SPANX in this one) and while I think most figures could work it, for me, with my heavy breast and round hip - this is a fabulous cut.

I have bought a few items from ASOS Curve but this is only the second item I have REALLY loved. The cut of the dress reminds me (very much) of the shape Anna Scholz found so easily in last season's Digital Print Jersey Dress (and that dress suited every single person who put it on - no matter their shape or size), in fact, the side pleating is highly reminiscent of that dress.

I love the print and colour of this dress... it is called The Floral Workwear Dress but I think this is really a Girls Night Out dress. I feel flipping fantastic and sexy AND I think the dress might give me a little wiggle while I walk.


Boombands,Em,Boombands Em,ASOS,ASOS Curve,Curve,Plus-SIze,Clothing,Fashion,Dress,Curvy,Girl,Curves

This baby is on sale and even though I bought it full price and it went on sale THE NEXT DAY, I don't feel like a sucker. I love it. Justine ROCKS this dress on the site. I ROCK this dress in real life.

PS - I am 5'5" - about 165cm. I think some people are seeing this come up short, so hopefully my height helps!


  1. You look AMAZING! love the dress x

  2. That dress looks FAB! I wasn't keen on it when I saw it on the website but now I'm reconsidering...

  3. So good! You rock that dress! I've been eyeing that dress because I find the print fascinating, but it's one of those dresses I'd like to try on before buying.

  4. Thank you lovelies!

    I got the dress and put it on and thought, this WORKS. Love it.

    Natalie - I know what you mean. I actually coveted this dress for a while before buying it, but am so pleased I did. I wondered if the print would be to light for my fabulously english skin tone (I am a lot paler than I used to be). It is on sale right now and well worth the plunge. Make sure you check your measurements against the sizing. This item does fit a little snug.

    But it also fits a little awesome! xxx.

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Work that wiggle!

  6. Just found your blog, love it!

    The dress look gorgeous on you!

  7. I've been dying for this dress! How's the length? It look almost to your knees, which is exactly what I'm looking tall are you?

  8. That looks great - you look so lovely in red. <3

  9. Thanks Ladies. I adore this dress and shape.

    Ariana - I am 5'5" (about 165 cm).

    Now everyone watch as I wiggle away! x.


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