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ANNA SCHOLZ WEEK Spring Summer 2011 - Reviews!

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Yeah! Welcome to Anna Scholz Week!!!

Anna Scholz,Black Label,White Label,Curves,Couture,Curvy,Plus-Size,Plussize,SS11,Spring,Summer,2011,dress,review,reviewsThe Black Label Utility Button Dressby Anna Scholz is like a floaty dream. The fabric feels parachutey - it is light, airy and completely soft. It has a high waisted tie, which nips the dress in, emphasising a high-waist and the yellow piping is a really elegant touch. Under the waist, the dress falls in an A-line and with very subtle side pleating compliments the curve of your hip.

I put this dress on and could feel the quality in both the cut and the fabric. Another thing I love are the big buttons down the front of the dress... to be honest, I can't remember the last time I bought/owned a button-down garment and I love this one, there are no air-pockets created around the buttons - which sit straight.

Of all the garments I tried for this Anna Scholz week, this was my photographer/boyfriend's favorite outfit I tried. You can see it looks natural and really summery... despite my wearing a double layer, it is also VERY light.

Anna Scholz,Black Label,White Label,Curves,Couture,Curvy,Plus-Size,Plussize,SS11,Spring,Summer,2011,dress,review,reviews

I paired this dress with the Black Label Lime Coloured Silk Cotton Fitted Shruginspired by how good this looks like on the Anna Scholz site. This shrug fit me like a dream. When I was ordering these clothes to sample, I requested a Large, but my size 20 body fit the Medium size sent to me - perfectly. I was actually fascinated by both the perfect cut AND the fabric. Silk Cotton feels GORGEOUS on the skin and is VERY light. This shrug, with its long sleeves will be no problem in Summer, it affords excellent coverage but is breathable and feels more like you're wearing air, than fabric!

Anna Scholz,Black Label,Button Utility Dress,Cotton Silk Shrug,Curvy,Plus-size
To be honest, this clothing combination is a little different for me. I wear prints, but rarely try colour combinations with such a light emphasis, this pairing looks great online and I think really works on my figure as well as my skin and hair.

 I love this as a dress for the season and think it pairs perfectly with the shrug.

The Utility Button Dress (£129)by Anna Scholz and the Lime Coloured Silk Cotton Fitted Shrug (£169) are online and available to buy now...

Remember to check back to my blog EVERY SINGLE DAY this week as I present a different look from the gorgeous Anna Scholz Black and White Label collections for Spring Summer 2011.

All items borrowed & returned to Anna Scholz fashions... despite me wanting to squirrel them away and keep them forever! xx
A huge thanks to Anna Scholz, Cliff and Winnie for allowing me to highlight the Anna Scholz designs this week.
**Please note that because these were loaned samples, ironing was not really an option... the creases in any garment this week represents folding lines only. 


  1. How lucky to be able to try different AS pieces every day!

    This color combination really suits you! The dress has been on my wishlist (as well as the maxi dress dotted one) since it hit the site. Will have to wait a little though. :)

  2. Those colors look lovely on you! I especially like the lime green cardigan, its perfect for this time of year. The dress looks great also. xo

  3. I have the shrug in pink, seriously tempted by the lime...

  4. I love this look. The colors are very pretty on you! Fresh and very spring-like. Can't wait to see what else you'll be modelling this week!


    (I'm the opposite -- rarely wear prints, so this is something I would buy. I'll put it on my wish list!).

  5. I've never seen you in a colour like that green shrug but its amazing. It suits you so well, I think you should wear more like that. Theres a brightness to your skin being exentuated by the colour. Lippie colour compliments it well.

    I say go green this summer!

  6. Hi Em -
    Thanks for the write up :) Looking forward to seeing all of them x And yes the lime really suits you - it is my favourite colour at the moment, it suits blondes too ...:)) Anna x

  7. Em - you look so amazing in that green with the pink lippy! Completely gorgeous!! xxx

  8. Hello lovelies,

    Thank you so much for this fantastic, positive input. I must admit that this was an absolute treat for me and trying such gorgeous clothes is something I feel lucky to be able to do!

    I will have to remember to keep my eyes out for lovely bright, warm colours this season. I agree that this shrug works really well with my hair and skin, I feel like it makes me look really healthy and fresh.


    PS - Anna - :) My pleasure, thank you! xxx.


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