Friday, 4 February 2011

Laura & Jennifer for Plus Model Mag.

Plus Model Mag,Laura Wells,Jennifer Maitland,Plus Model,Curves,Curvy

I can barely contain the hotness of this post.

Plus Model Mag,Laura Wells,Jennifer Maitland,Plus Model,Curves,Curvy

I know many of you already read Plus Model Mag, well the latest issue almost defines plus-size gorgeous. Cover girls and plus size models Laura Wells and Jennifer Maitland not only feature in a completely hot picture editorial but are also interviewed by editor Madeline Figueroa Jones.

If you haven't seen the issue yet - take a look, because it really is something else.

Plus Model Mag,Laura Wells,Jennifer Maitland,Plus Model,Curves,Curvy

Oh - and if you haven't already entered - head HERE for the Simply Be Competition currently running on this blog.

Smooch. x.


  1. wow! again, wow!!!
    these two girls are fab!
    Actually, I did not know about the plus magazine, thanks for sharing!!!!!

    come and follow me! ;-)

  2. I drooled a little when I saw the new issue, so hot! Love these girls so much!

  3. Yowza's!! Hot.muchly.

  4. When you say plus size a person with fat person (sorry for the word) Now a days, many models now using plus size dresses and i was so amaze with that when i see this post.

  5. Yes I was a little short of breath looking at that editorial! Thanks for posting :)

  6. They are gorgeous! There should be more magazines like this, reminding women they don't need to starve themselves to be sexy! Great post!



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