Monday, 22 November 2010

OMG Laura!

Laura Wells,BGM Models,goregous,plussize

I have never made a secret on this blog that I adore the model Laura Wells. Laura is an amazing Australian model taking the industry by storm. Having recently re-located from Australia to New York, if you follow Laura's facebook page, you will see she is taking bookings internationally. Currently one of the faces of both Evans and ASOS Curve - she is a woman who is gracing the Catwalks as well as nailing photoshoots.

I had to share... These shots were taken by Natalie Wakeling and lovingly cherry picked from the BGM Models page on Facebook. There are PLENTY more shots to look at, so get over there! xxx.

Laura Wells,BGM Models,goregous,plussize

Laura Wells,BGM Models,goregous,plussize

Thursday, 11 November 2010

LBDs - Ladies... Beautiful and Divine

I love this.

I love that you have become involved. Four gorgeous readers have sent me their photos. Photos of them in LBDs. They are gorgeous. One of the things I love about my blog and the blogs I read are how diverse they are, but how they are mostly always an absolute celebration of women, curves and fashion. I LOVE that readers have sent me images and they represent women from all over the world. There are different curves here and I love that too. Each woman is gorgeous...

You are helping me start something I hope becomes an integral part of my blog, Thank you.


I love the pink tights as a highlight that are totally working with the dress, cardi and shoes (not to mention, the wall!). So gorgeous and perfect. Sophie got this dress for around £80 from Monsoon a few years ago. That's the thing about the LBD... timeless as well as sexy and awesome! x.

LBD - Nicola (Too Many Cupcakes Blog).


I own this dress. I LOVE this dress. Just like myself, Nicola is an Aussie and she wore this ASOS Curve number to a friend's Hen night. I love this look, it is so cute and happy. Nicola talks on her blog about how this dress made her LOOK like a doll. Yeah. A GORGEOUS doll. x.

LBD - Weesha (Weesha's World)


I love that Weesha submitted a pic. Weesha was a strong influence and support as my blog started out and the girl is a total style power house. The thing I LOVE about these two pics is how EASILY Weesha shows that an LBD can be feminine and girly but also completely sultry. Weesha is one person, and in the exact same clothes and accessories, there are two different looks... amazing. x.


This is my winning reader for the month. Valerie, I will email you and give you details, but you should head to City Chic's website and choose a couple of accessories you like the look of, for me to order and send to you.

Valerie sent in this picture, but it was the words that came with the image that really resonated with me. Here is just a little of what she wrote:

"The story of this dress is that it was one of the first dresses I bought myself. Up until about 6 months ago I wore jeans all the time, even in the summers (I live in a desert!). Now I wear shorts and dresses often, but this was one of, if not the first dress I have worn since I was a child. I can wear it with anything. Here I have layered an all-lace shirt from Torrid over it and a large, sparkly necklace..."

I loved this, because it's actually a fairly similar story to myself - I used to only wear jeans. I rarely wear them now. The first dress I bought is still in my wardrobe and I think I will keep it for a long time, because it has had such an influence over my style and fashion in the last few years. I love that Valerie took the leap out of jeans and into dresses... And what a fabulous thing to make that leap in... An LBD.


This reader feature, and my future reader features will always be about celebrating our diversity and fierce senses of style.

I love how different we all are and how something so simple like an LBD can be embraced and worn - differently and beautifully by all of us. My LBD was posted here...

My next reader feature is Your Favourite Layered Look.



Saturday, 6 November 2010

*Make it Sparkle*

City Chic,Rhinestone,LBD,plus-size,dress,black,gorgeous

Oh my gosh lovelies. The end of last month was crazy for me. I told you that I had a chest infection in the middle of October... well, my Mr. Darcy took my chest infection, turned it into Pneumonia and ended up in hospital for over a week! My poor man is in recovery mode, even still!

I had such delightfully grandiose plans for the month... I was due to take all kinds of outfit shots and go to the wrap party for one of my friend's films; Narnia, and none of that worked out at all... So. In the midst of a whole lot of crap, I decided to add some sparkle to my work-days. YUP. I dressed beautifully and went to work because in the the midst of all that chaos, I needed some sparkle.

City Chic,Rhinestone,LBD,plus-size,dress,black,gorgeous

This is the amazing City Chic Rhinestone LBD that looked absolutely stunning on Fluvia last month in Plus Model Magazine... I LOVE this dress. This fits my body snugly without being too clingy. I LOVE the baby cap-sleeves, mesh and rhinestones. This is subtle and sexy and I tell you what, I got a small truck load of compliments when I was wearing it... and frankly, I was in a place where I NEEDED that!

City Chic,Rhinestone,LBD,plus-size,dress,black,gorgeous

What about you? I have had a few gorgeous women send me pictures of themselves in their LBDs... That post, featuring my beautiful reader Curvettes will go up this week, with one lucky lady winning a couple of accessories from City Chic... just for submitting! THEIR CHOICE.

If you want to submit your LBD, get it through to me by Monday at 5pm (GMT) and I will post you here on my blog.

Smooches and Sparkles! Em. xxx.

PS - Apologies to any readers who would have preferred a fuller photo... with Mr. Darcy off sick - one of my work-mates was kind enough to take these photos - next time... promise! xxx.