Thursday, 21 October 2010

Hair we go!

Em. x. boombands blog,pretty

This may seem a little strange... but here goes. I am blogging to tell you that I'm going to grow my hair.

Now, I know you may be, like, WHATEVER! But for me, this is a big deal. You see. I never "grow my hair". In fact, the photo above (taken this morning) is as long as I can actually physically stand my hair growing. I have an appointment booked at my hair salon for a week's time... and I am going to go, but just to get some layering done. Usually, I would go and get the back cropped extremely short (in fact up until recently I had a completely asymmetrical look with it sometimes shaved through the back and then curving into a bob at the front) but not this time. I don't know where this desire to change has come from, but for the last 20 years (I am NOT KIDDING) I have had a cropped or layered bob-cut.

I don't even know how to STYLE my hair at longer lengths. AND I hate hair on my neck. BUT... it gets cold in London in Winter. This morning it was MINUS two degrees when I woke up. While scarves and hats are great, I'm thinking an attempt to grow my hair through winter is good timing. I've always had short hair; I'm going to try it long. This is a big deal for me - and I am a true believer that certain things (underwear, accessories, makeup, hairstyle) effect our fashion. I wonder if this will effect mine!

Let's see! xxx.

(Outfit details see me in a City Chic Ruffle Cardigan, Carmakoma 2009 dress and Accesorize necklace. My hair was straightened using my GHD hair irons).

Monday, 18 October 2010

Vlogging It!

Hi there lovelies - Just a quick vlog today to update you on how I am doing. I am marching along with much clearer lungs right now, so will have updates with outfits very soon.

In the Vlog above, I mention my Reader Feature for October. What I would love is for you to send me a picture of yourself in an LBD that I can include in my end of month feature. This is an all-inclusive feature for my readers, with no one being excluded based on size... I have had a couple of smaller girls write and ask about submitting a photo and the answer is - Go Ahead.

YES - my blog is based around gorgeous plus-size fashion, but this feature is supposed to be a showcase of my readers' style... I want to show how stunning my female readers are - all shapes and sizes, and having been excluded from a good portion of fashion for most of my life - I don't plan on excluding any one of my readers! This is a celebration of all of us. And yes, I am aware that last sentence is totally cheesy.

Send me your photos: boombandsblog (at) googlemail (dot) com

Also - a reader asked in the comments section of my last post what size the blonde model from Yours Clothing is and the answer sent to me is that she is 16-18. This model is also featured on other plus-size clothing sites. Incidentally, thanks so much to all my friends, bloggers and readers who got back to me on what it is like to shop at Yours.

Finally - as mentioned on the Vlog - check in at City Chic online to see some outfit posts not previously featured here.

That's it for now. Thanks for your patience during my winter sickness blues! xxx.

PS. To encourage involvement - one person who submits an LBD will win something sweet and awesome. Maybe a gorgeous accessory. It will be a random winner... I will keep you posted! xxx.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Oh, So... YOURS.


I have lived in the UK for nearly two years. In that time I have adjusted to a couple of things... the weather and layering, for example!!!

I have also been able to find and fall in love with new brands.

I have looked at the YOURS website a number of times, but like Christina from Musings have never really engaged too heavily with the site. There are a lot of really beautiful things on there though and certainly - right now, there are too many gorgeous things to ignore... Sitting here this morning, I've had an email come through with some of the promo shots from the latest collections and I am impressed. Really impressed. I like the vivid nature of the colours, the shape of the cuts AND - the editorial detailing of the shots. What an impression such gorgeous shots can make...

(To be honest, this outfit isn't even my taste - but the shot still floored me for style).

Yours has been around since 1997 and caters to women sizes 14 - 32. While the site IS cluttered, there is a definite emphasis on curve and attractiveness. These are not dowdy clothes... they are gorgeous and on-trend - I especially like the seasonal emphasis on animal print and was mesmerized by THIS jumpsuit... I have never been interested in owning a Jumpsuit ever before - but this one seems to be calling me... Jumpsuits NEVER call me.


Since moving to England, I have truly loved finding and experiencing new brands - I found YOURS a little while ago, but now, which such beautiful images of the clothes at hand, I plan to experience it. Look at them - stunning.

I would LOVE and appreciate knowing what Oh The Place You'll Go readers have thought of their experiences with Yours... ? Maybe I am late on this bandwagon? Let me know!


Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Here comes my Purple...

winter autumn purple evans biker jacket

OMG. I am still so unwell. Grotesque Chest Infection ahoy!

Mind you, I'm still at work and looking glamourous... well... sort of (no new photos today!).

I am in a great mood though, because this change in the air and my winter cold has prompted me to go through and get out my autumn and winter jackets. I'm so excited! I forgot what nice choices I made last year - purple was my main jacket colour and while I do have a sweet, sweet black jacket too... I can not emphasise what an impact purple had on my wardrobe.

winter autumn purple evans biker jacket

What are you most looking forward to digging out and wearing this winter?

PS - More of my "old" posts are up at City Chic Online... I didn't cross post everything to this blog - so, while I am a little "out of action", go take a look! xxx.

Recycled Photo 1 - Evans Biker Jacket 2009 Collection
Recycled Photo 2 - BHS Italian Wool Blend Coat 2009 Collection

Thursday, 7 October 2010

YEAH City Chic Blog!!!

City Chic,dress,plus-size,london

Hey there lovelies - I woke up this morning with and email from the Gorgeous Fashion Hayley letting me know that I have gone live on the City Chic website blog!


I have been blogging in "draft" mode for City Chic for a few months now and those posts are scheduled to go live on the site over the next month... indeed, some of them may be a little old as far as London weather and City Chic stock are concerned, but - you will see some of the awesome things I have been up to in recent months... and posts should be current again in a few weeks time.

I have been shopping at City Chic since the store launched - years ago - and it has long been an absolute favourite place to get clothes - City Chic helped me make new fashion choices, find dresses that fit (for the first time) and feel confident with a little Body Con! I feel really fortunate and proud to be affiliated with such a great, curve-conscious fashion brand, which really has helped shape my style and the choices I make and present to you on this blog each week!

I feel so excited and wanted to share!

Smooch! Em. xxx.