Saturday, 28 August 2010

A little black and white...

Anna Scholz,White Label,Dress,Curvy,fatshion,fashion,plussize,plus-size,review,Black Label

If I am really honest I would never pick this up usually to try... Not because I don't like it, but because (as I mentioned in an earlier post), I very rarely wear tops. When I saw this on the rack at the Anna Scholz Studios, I could not resist it. There is something about the spots, fabric and design that really appeals to my femininity. I mean, just look at the gentle and gorgeous nature of this piece, from the pin-tucked pleats to the ruffles and buttons, this is just such a lovely garment. The silk in this top also feels so light to wear. I can actually imagine this being worn with either jeans or leggings - and the woman wearing it looking both pretty and stylish. This top could have been done in such a way that it was over-designed and fussy - but it ISN'T. There is a lot going on with this garment, and I am pleased to say - it works!


Anna Scholz,White Label,Dress,Curvy,fatshion,fashion,plussize,plus-size,review,Black Label

OH MY GOSH. This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever worn. You see this dress NOT ONLY looks stunning, but it made me FEEL stunning... How GREAT is it when a piece of clothing can make you feel like that? I don't know how else to describe it. I have tried to show you a picture that emphasises the SHAPE of the dress and how it sits against your body and form. This dress loves CURVES! Look at how it FITS my breasts, but then also skims down over my high waist and then round my hips.

Now in the shot above, I am not quite wearing the "sleeves" properly, in that I have them both up on my shoulder... Effectively, this dress has a double strap in place, one for over your shoulder - and the other to fall over the top of your arm. It allows and ENABLES confidence through the illusion of arm coverage - which you can see a bit more of, in the video below. If you have confidence issues as regards your arms - this dress would look just as stunning with a sheer black shall or perhaps a pair of Anna's "sleeves" which are her high-end take on a bolero/shrug. This dress is also long and the bottom curves in a little fish-tail - for me, at 5'5" - heels would be a must.

Frankly, I love this. And when I had it on, I literally kept running my hands down the curve of my waist, stomach and hip - because it FEELS SO RIGHT. LOVE.

I have just one more post left in this Anna Scholz series that I have been doing here on my blog - through August. It will be up next week.



Tuesday, 24 August 2010

OOTD: Wedding Blues...

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Not the sad kind of BLUES... the STUNNING kind.

(Find the dress HERE!!)
As part of my blogging for City Chic (I'm not quite live on their blog - yet, but soon!), I was sent this gorgeous Ruffle Tiered Beaded Eva Dress...

city chic,dress,plus-size,london,wedding,liverpool,uk,review,curvy,fashion,fatshion,plussize

When this dress came through I was immediately enamored with it's detail. The chiffon layers are light and dreamy, while the beading is elegant but also kind of edgy. Knowing I had a wedding to go to in Liverpool (home of the Beatles, baby!) I knew THIS was the one. My boyfriend was planning to wear a deep blue suit and lighter blue shirt... I kind of felt whimsical and lovely about the fact we could match a little!

city chic,dress,plus-size,london,wedding,liverpool,uk,review,curvy,fashion,fatshion,plussize

The wedding in Liverpool was spectacular. The couple were good friends of my man and had their special day at the gorgeous Palm House in Sefton Park. What an amazing venue! It was a pretty day and inside the conservatory it was warm and beautiful. The palms and flowers were blooming and fragrant and the wedding itself was very English - straight out of Four Weddings... but with a twist. The couple had incorporated tradition with elements of hilarity - which made for a gorgeous and relaxed wedding - there was a lot of laughter and I REALLY enjoyed myself.

My outfit details:
Dress - Courtesy of City Chic
Shall - AdditionElle Canada (but given to me as a gift).
(Incidentally - I always find shalls a little tricky, so, to ensure mine didn't irritate me or move about too much in the day - I strategically pinned it to my bra. Seriously. I am a BIG believer in the power of the SAFETY PIN. NO adjustments necessary - just pin it where you want it. DO IT!!)
Cardigan - Courtesy of City Chic.
Handbag - Gift.
Stockings - Marks and Spencer.
Shoes - Wittner Australia.


Friday, 20 August 2010

Digital Darling breaking all the "Rules"

"Anna Scholz",fatshion,fashion,curves,plussize,plus-size,"body con",dress,"defy rules",boombands,em,woman,gorgeous

Okay - I adore this Anna Scholz print. The fact of the matter is, Curvy Girls do NOT have to adhere to rules. If YOU have guidelines you've made for yourself about what feels good on your body, how to dress and what makes you feel confident - that is fine, and probably quite normal... however, if you buy into body shaming pressure and think - "well, I'm not supposed to wear prints, or colours, or body con..." because of magazines, some idiot on TV or something else... THINK AGAIN.

You KNOW I am a size 20. Now, when I organised to go in and see the Anna Scholz collection - they knew that too. Most of what I had to try on was a size 20. Some garments were a size 18. THIS is a size 18. This digital print jersey dress, with it's loud print and body-hugging cut is a size smaller than what I wear - and I STILL could not resist it. BAH! To "Fashion Rules".


"Anna Scholz",fatshion,fashion,curves,plussize,plus-size,"body con",dress,"defy rules",boombands,em,woman,gorgeous

The dress has an asymmetrical neckline which extends (as a line) down the body and then has pleats which gather into either side of this line. This creates a line INWARDS, so while being a body hugging print dress - it actually has an effect that draws the eye and seems elongating in nature - THIS dress seems to DEFY all those daft rules I dislike so much! Not only is this funky and vibrant - but it is COMFORTABLE too.

I adore this. This is an EMPOWERING dress to wear and I tell you, if you buy it - you WILL feel like you can conquer the city.

Flipping AMAZING.

"Anna Scholz",fatshion,fashion,curves,plussize,plus-size,"body con",dress,"defy rules",boombands,em,woman,gorgeous

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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The Model and her Mannequin

Laura Wells,Mannequins,myer

The BGM Models page added a few more photos to their Facebook, that I had to share as an extension of my post from yesterday.

Above is one of the Berlei commissioned, size 16, D-Cup mannequins BASED on model Laura Wells' body - with Laura Wells.

Flipping awesome!!!

For more information - in yesterday's post - please CLICK HERE!!

*photo courtesy of BGM Models and COPYRIGHT to them.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Laura Wells Model Mannequin!

Laura Wells,Mannequins,myer
♥♥♥♥ Laura Wells ♥♥♥♥

I just saw this on the BGM Models page over on Facebook. Laura Wells' body has been used to carve out the new mannequins about to hit the lingerie sections at department stores Myer and David Jones in Australia. The mannequins - BASED on Laura (that is STILL thrilling me) are an Australian size 16 and D-cup. They have been made for Berlei's new Full Figured Curve range. Berlei also produces maternity and post-surgery bras. I love their line for the fuller figured woman, and ESPECIALLY love they are using a curvy bodied mannequin to promote it. Other retailers - PLEASE take note!!!

Also - WELL DONE Laura, I am sure this was a flattering request from Berlei to yourself - but as it is something you have had to agree to - I hope you realise how much this will do to inspire confidence in women who will be seeing mannequins - indeed, partially NAKED mannequins that are more relative to their own shape.

Congratulations and WOW!

PS - NEWSFLASH - Anna Scholz has written below and Laura is booked for their September shoot! Wow, way to combine some of my favourite things!!! x.


*photos courtesy of the BGM Models facebook page.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Divine Feelings.

Anna Scholz,Review,fatshion,fashion,plus-size,plussize,white label,black label,autumn,winter,2011

When the Anna Scholz team invited me into the studio, I didn't know quite how to react. In many ways I wished I could have brought you all in - sat you in a grand stand and played dress up with you all there to share it with me... this will have to do(!!).

In fact - it makes me feel like a woman. Such a nice feeling... some outfits made me feel feminine, others made me feel like a goddess, some made me feel rock chic and even like a funky babe (wait until you see the Digital Print Dress I tried in a later post!)

These items are crafted with care and curves in mind. I have thought a lot about the studio asking me to come in to look at, and try the garments. I am no model. At 5'5", I wear a size 20. I have F-cup breasts and wide hips. I LIKE and APPRECIATE that I was asked in for a look-see. One of the smartest things stores do (Simply Be, City Chic and We love Colours (coming soon) have also done this with me) is ask curvier women to wear and review their clothes - and the Anna Scholz label is no exception. I process my thoughts the same as many of you and look at clothing and outfits in a similar way. I take this seriously - I know you do too.

Anna Scholz,Review,fatshion,fashion,plus-size,plussize,white label,black label,autumn,winter,2011

This feels divine on, and almost feels like it was made specifically for me. This double silk dress is really light and feels almost like it is floating on my skin. I know patterns appeal differently to each person, and I must admit - I usually don't wear much animal print... however, this specific print did appeal to me for the depth of the reds and the seeming subtle nature of the design.

Anna Scholz,Review,fatshion,fashion,plus-size,plussize,white label,black label,autumn,winter,2011

I rekon this dress will appeal to many people. It could be worn a few different ways, the empire waist is a classic for curves, and the sleeves are full (but again, LIGHT). I also love almost any dress with a waist tie at the back, and this is no exception.

Anna Scholz,Review,fatshion,fashion,plus-size,plussize,white label,black label,autumn,winter,2011

I feel so pretty!

Anna Scholz,Review,fatshion,fashion,plus-size,plussize,white label,black label,autumn,winter,2011

Okay, let's remember this is HIGH-END DESIGNER wear. And just as it should, this coat felt warm and comfortable. The thing about this baby - is that it's made of wool - almost entirely (79%) and it fits well.

Anna Scholz,Review,fatshion,fashion,plus-size,plussize,white label,black label,autumn,winter,2011

Being new in the UK, from Australia two years ago - I had no idea about what kind of winter coat to buy or how to buy the right thing. I wanted it to be pretty, unique, feminine - but also - fitted and have the RIGHT arm and body length. This coat has ALL those things. The design points are also amazing - from the waistband to box pleats - I mean, look at the gorgeous button, there, under my neck (above). Fantastic and flattering. If you are a woman umming and ahhing over this one - just put it on - you will be sold - and so will it.

(PS - I wondered how the buttons would do up over my F-cups - and I can tell you it was a smooth fit!).

Anna Scholz,Review,fatshion,fashion,plus-size,plussize,white label,black label,autumn,winter,2011

I rarely wear tops. Yup. I mean it. As someone who almost exclusively wears dresses, I almost never wear tops. When I do, it is usually a part of my fashion uniform - that is a black singlet top over a denim skirt. It is always strange for me to wear tops - let alone, mustard ones.

Anna Scholz,Review,fatshion,fashion,plus-size,plussize,white label,black label,autumn,winter,2011

This top, made from double silk, is soft and light and skims the curve of your body down to the hip. The cap sleeves may not suit everyone (personally, I love 'em) so a light cardi / bolero - or even a sexy business jacket, will work a treat.

That is all for today... BUT there is a little more White Label to come... I haven't even started on the black label yet... but here's a sneak peak!

Anna Scholz,Review,fatshion,fashion,plus-size,plussize,white label,black label,autumn,winter,2011

SMOOCH! xxx.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Harrods Responds...

(If you're looking for the Anna Scholz post I did this weekend, scroll down - or click HERE to get taken straight there! PS - there will be more later in the week!)

I wrote to Harrods last week after hearing about the changes they were making as regards Plus-Size clothes and the closing of that department at Harrods - I wrote:


And they replied on Friday...

Dear Em. x.,

Thank you for your recent email regarding our Designer Plus department.

I would like to reassure you that Harrods will continue to stock four Plus size brands within our newly refurbished Dress Circle location. These brands have been specifically selected as they are the most popular brands that we sell. We believe that Marina Rinaldi, Basler, Elena Miro and MYBC offer a diverse range to our customers. The decision to relocate the current department was taken to raise the profile of our collections, and to relocate the very best of what we offer in a brand new surrounding.

The Dress Circle is a contemporary space that will showcase the product beautifully in newly created designer boutiques, offering a more luxurious experience to the customer. The collections will sit adjacent to the internationally recognised St John, which runs to a size twenty, and creates a stylish and comfortable space for our customers to shop in.

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly should you have any further queries.

Yours sincerely


Feels like a press release, huh?

So, effectively - the response is that while they ARE getting rid of the plus-size department and reducing the number of lines - they are keeping four popular brands and creating special designer boutiques... I wonder if the words "Plus-size" will be associated with those brands, or labeled anywhere in the store. No doubt Harrods will argue they are creating a designer experience - something wonderful and exclusive for their customers... and I can see that happening, to a degree... BUT - the things is, there will be a reduction in high-end brands being sold and offered to plus-size women. There will be the removal of the "plus-size" department and signage within the store and let's face it, probably just brands being sold... and it is doubtful those brands will be blazened with the words "Plus-size".

If I am honest about my thoughts, I doubt this is about creating a better customer experience - and more about the store's image. Both the image of being exclusive and designer based, but also catering to a particular type of customer - not someone easily identifiable as plus.

If true, that is so disappointing... after all, during this last year there have been strides made for curvy girls and plus-size fashion. We have featured in Vogue, Elle, Glamour and V. Crystal Renn has worn Chanel, not to mention her and Tara Lynn posing naked!

It will be interesting to see if in five years, or maybe even two - those four brands have not done that well - resulting in a "profit line" excuse for their complete disappearing act at Harrods. I'll visit the new sections when I can in the next few months. I'll let you know how it feels, what it looks like and how obvious it is, if at all, that these are brands for curvier/fatter/plus-size girls and women. Here's hoping I come back sheepish and telling you it's amazing.


Saturday, 7 August 2010

Visiting a Fashion Studio...

Anna Scholz,Review,Autumn,Winter,2011,dresses,clothes,plus-size,plussize,curves,curvy

As many of you are aware from my last post, I have declared August - Anna Scholz month here at "Oh, The Places You'll Go!". I have previously wished for MORE when I've seen bloggers visit places and talk to designers - I always want to know more about Monif C, for example - more about the woman, the shop and mostly - the experience. So because I like to be indulged by fashion - to it's complete extreme - I have decided to REALLY share this with you. I also want to clarify quickly, that I was simply invited to look and try the new collection - the choice to do a month long profile is completely my idea - based on a desire to share. x.

Introduction Video from Anna Scholz Studios!

Anna Scholz,Review,Autumn,Winter,2011,dresses,clothes,plus-size,plussize,curves,curvy
Some of the pieces from the new collections I decided to try on (they'll be posted soon!)

Anna Scholz,Review,Autumn,Winter,2011,dresses,clothes,plus-size,plussize,curves,curvy
There were clothes and colours and fabrics EVERYWHERE!!
Anna's studio is in a big warehouse-style building in London and when you walk in - certain things IMMEDIATELY hit you, firstly - FASHION IS EVERYWHERE. EVERYWHERE. There are designs on the walls, fabrics waiting to be sewed, mannequins, sewing machines, dresses and clothing hanging on racks and generally - a feeling of freshness and creativity (mind you, I arrived at about 7pm - in the middle of the day, I bet it is buzzing and probably a lot more frantic).

Anna Scholz,Review,Autumn,Winter,2011,dresses,clothes,plus-size,plussize,curves,curvy
Style boards in Anna's Office

I met a few of the lovely staff and then sat and chatted with Anna herself. It was so clear, on chatting, that Anna is inspired by women, curves and beauty for her fashion. She told me about coming to London in 1990, designing at college, selling straight sizes into the japanese market and then getting her big break when Layne Bryant came to visit in 1996 (her living room served as show room). Another thing that was clear, was that fashion is Anna's passion. Anna isn't someone who half-heartedly came to designing and had success... she has had to work hard and she has deserved to do well.

Anna Scholz,Review,Autumn,Winter,2011,dresses,clothes,plus-size,plussize,curves,curvy
The beautiful Anna Scholz with Frida.

Anna Scholz,Review,Autumn,Winter,2011,dresses,clothes,plus-size,plussize,curves,curvy
This is the rack of clothes Anna Scholz Studios gave me access to try on!

The latest collections I previewed are beautiful. In fact, when you watch the videos I made during the visit - Beautiful is the KEY word. Literally everything I tried on - whether a dress, top or leggins felt like they were made with attention and care. The fabrics are divine... the silks are precious, while the wools are soft and warm... There were obviously items in the collections which were very much my style, but also items that I would unlikely usually try - but in my usual fashion, I have tried a mix of everything - so you can enjoy a real preview. Before we get into the guts of it - I will say that there is nothing I didn't like or understand as something for women with curves. It all made sense for curvy/plus-size and larger bodies. We are in for a treat. ALL MONTH. xxx.

This is a classic black dress and the kind of thing that can easily translate from a day at work - to a friday night drink. I LOVED this. For me, it is the kind of structure that my curves LOVE. Fitted beautifully around the breast and over my hip - which is accentuated by the high waist and tapering to side of the garment. The skirt falls nicely and feels thick enough to hold shape, without being restrictive. As you can see, the sleeves have a little puff and while not long - give a nice look and feel great for coverage. If you have arm worries, this may not be the best piece for you, although - the sleeves aren't too puffy - so you could team this with a cardigan or similar and thereby get your coverage - while still wearing this dress and rocking it's shape.

Anna Scholz,Review,Autumn,Winter,2011,dresses,clothes,plus-size,plussize,curves,curvy

Anna Scholz,Review,Autumn,Winter,2011,dresses,clothes,plus-size,plussize,curves,curvy

More soon. LOTS more soon!


PS - I wear a size 20! xxx.

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*Disclosure: I am a link partner to Anna Scholz studios, however have received and will receive no compensation (monetary or clothing) from this post. Nor have I previously. Oh. I received an Anna Scholz bear... but I already showed you that. x.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Anna Scholz Month!


YUP! You read right, it's Anna Scholz month here at Oh, The Places You'll Go!

Last week I got an email which invited me to head to the Anna Scholz Studios in London to preview the latest White Label and Black Label collections, which launch later THIS WEEK!!! I am literally just back from that preview and I am impressed, happy, excited and feeling oh, so feminine!

Anna Scholz,high-end,plussize,plus-size,curvy,review,designer,collection,white label,black label

This month, along with my regular updates and fashion shots, prepare to be spoiled, as I was tonight, by Anna's curve LOVING designs. This is gorgeous fashion and I can not wait to share it! Of yeah - just to confirm, there will be OUTFIT posts!!!

Anna Scholz,high-end,plussize,plus-size,curvy,review,designer,collection,white label,black label

Stay tuned!


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