Wednesday, 28 July 2010

End of July Evans Review!


A few of you have noticed recently that I have cut down a little on the number of posts I am doing. Yes. I am currently on a film that is seeing me work some long hours, but I haven't forgotten you. I am reading blogs every day and also keeping thoughts chugging along about what I can show you next... I bought an Anna Scholz dress on Monday (that arrived Tuesday - whoa for AMAZING delivery), which is STUNNING and will feature here soon. Also, I have some ASOS Curve items coming and am also tempted by Carmakoma and Simply Be right now. GOTTA LOVE SALES.

This post is one of my Evans reviews. The first pic (above), is what I wore shopping on Monday and is actually a very good representation of my style. You all know I LOVE colour too, but you can see my structured look, emphasis on curve and a little leg. I love a little leg. Before anyone suggests I use an iron - I will say that it was a crazy humid day and every time I sat down on the tube my dress crinkled up. This is my sexy crinkled humid look...

The bolero and tights are City Chic, the dress is Carmakoma.




This is an online exclusive (which are always available at Marble Arch). This is the first dress I tried on and easily my favourite. You can see my black bra poking through a little, but effectively, this is a really stylish, comfortable, light dress with a slight plunge in the neckline, a rouched waist and flowing skirt. I am not wearing any shape-wear and you can see that there is no issue with tummy bulge in this little number. I would NEVER usually go for animal print - but this is great and I think it wears really well.


This is a longline tunic that, as per my usual trick with Evans, I sized down in. I liked this because of the sleeves... it feels like there are so many options without sleeves at the moment and I kind of liked that this one had some extra coverage. This was an exceedingly light top which is great for hotter days and it sits nicely on my curve. I have issues with the placement of the design on this top. The eyes... You see, if I am sitting down, those eyes are going to get swallowed under my breasts a little too much. I wish the design was a smidge higher as I think that would have been more practical. As you can see from the closer shot of this top, there are small diamante details across the design. This is a great, light top (both fabric and colour) for warmer days.


LOVE. Maybe it's my old goth fashion instincts, or maybe this is just a hot top, but I LOVED this. This is light to wear and a bit see-through without being overt... I also LOVE the stud detail across the collar. This falls nicely and although I (again) had to down-size, fits well!

Ack. I hate to say it, but I had so many more hopes for this dress. This IS a beautiful garment and IS made with delicious silk... BUT - at £150, I don't feel this is "worth" it. The comfort level on this dress is not as high as it should be and it doesn't feel lovely once you get it on. I actually felt a little like a Gypsy Matron. You can see that it looks pretty on me, but it FELT awkward. The waist area was tight by comparison to Evans other sizings (I am in my usual size 20 here) and although it LOOKS like it was made for my body/shape - it didn't feel that way. This really is a garment you need to try because otherwise, at £150 a pop - you may feel disappointed. I would love to hear from other women who have tried, bought and loved this garment?


Even with the ruffle from my Carmakoma dress underneath - this cardigan looks AMAZING. I was skeptical at first, but really like it. I rarely wear cardigans done up completely, so this is shown to you as I would wear it... Cute and feminine and subtle and sexy.


This actually struck me when I saw it, as being a little different to what I am used to from Evans. It is comfortable, light and feminine. While I'd prefer a smaller size - you can see that this fits my form well - AND it follows the current popular Parisian theme. It would look better with different leggings (my lace once are not right, at all!) or some jeans - Easy!

Sequins, frills, a little pink and a flattering shape. There is just one word to say - LOVE.

Thanks for reading. xxx.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Fashion Flashback: Fiji


So, I have been craving the ocean lately. When I grew up, I was never one to go to the sea much. My family, like many in Adelaide, had a swimming pool, which was our best way to combat the seriously debilitating, dry heat. At 14, I got caught in a rip which scared the living daylights out of me and I didn't swim in the ocean again. Until 13 years later. I wanted an island holiday. Ludicrously, I was afraid of the ocean and I wanted to go on an island holiday...

I wanted blue ocean, simplicity, beautiful culture and freedom. I decided to island hop Fiji.


Such a fun time and a great idea. For the first time in years, I basked in the ocean. It was clear blue, full of fish, sting rays, starfish and everything else - and I loved it. I am not sure what it was exactly that made me face and embrace a fear, but it was well worth it.


So here I am: longer hair and ocean kissed. Fiji Flashback circa 2007. xxx.


Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Simply Flattered


SimplyBe have featured me on their blog this week...

In fact, they featured Lauren, Devon and I as bloggers/women who aren't models - but have recently rocked the SimplyBe clothing range.

You all know I LOVED the items, well, I also think this is a great, fashion forward way for the brand to think. I have had a LOT to say about companies who don't use models who can actually wear the clothes they sell, (hello, ASOS CURVE)... which takes me to another thing going on at SimplyBe...

Are you in the UK? Do you want a chance to be the new face of UK fashion? Well, if you're a female and sized 14+, get your curvy little butt over to SimplyBe and enter their model competition. Not only does the winner win £10,000 worth of SimplyBe clothes, but also a photo shoot AND a magazine spread. Ah - ENTER!!! There are NO height restrictions.

You know the model, Courtney, over at the City Chic site? She got the gig after coming second in the Australia wide model search. So, if you're in the UK - not only will you win heaps of clothes - but you'll give yourself a shot at something big! Yeah! SimplyBe!!

Hmm - what else? ... OH - yeah, if you're in America and haven't done this yet - check SimplyBe out HERE!!! They launched in the states! Flipping awesome!

SimplyBe is a great store, and one I have discovered since being in the UK. Love it - and, I feel very flattered to have been featured. Thanks!

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Punk Chic.


My boyfriend and I were out on a Date Night last weekend and I came across these punks hanging out in Picadilly Circus. I LOVED their look, so wanted to share. I wear a cute little LBD, they wear punk chic.

I hope everyone has a beautiful week!

I dyed my hair black today... I wonder how many people at work notice!

Smooch - Em. x.

They wore Punk Chic... my dress courtesy of City Chic. x.

Saturday, 10 July 2010


These women, plus a couple of others, are amazing and varied. They are meeting right now in New York... Apart from getting glimpses of next seasons clothes, meeting retailers (goody bags!) and doing a meet and greet - they are discussing fat, fashion and blogging. Go to YFF Conference site now for more info. I can't wait to read about what happened, but for now -there are great images to browse.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Measure me up...


I am a size 18-20. I enjoy being this size. I have a KILLER wardrobe, that I LOVE. My tag line - "I have GREAT curves and I KNOW how to wear them" - is based around finding my style, truly embracing my curves and then going for it!

Recently, when talking with online retailer, SimplyBe about reviewing their clothes, I decided to re-take my measurements to double check and ensure my size was right. I had lost 1-2 inches off my boobs (2 inches), hips and waist (1 inch each). My FIRST thought was, "Well, that CAN'T be right". So I checked 17 more times. Seriously. And then I was confused. And conflicted.

I am a fat girl who lives a pretty healthy lifestyle. I exercise regularly and eat very healthy foods. Sometimes, but not too often, I drink beer or red wine or coke. I LOVE them. My true vice is caffeine. I am comfortable in my skin and with my size and I am happy. I don't own scales, which is also a GREAT choice... but losing a couple of inches confused me. I don't mind and I know it's probably just my body shape changing a little (I seem to have already found my natural weight a few years go), but this didn't feel like a great thing and to be honest, it made me worry that my clothes may not fit the same. I have been the same weight and shape for a many years now and I like it here. I wonder what may happen next. Hopefully my body will settle with it's inch changing and I will stay in the same size range... because I really do mean it - I LIKE it here.


This is one of my favourite dresses - I wore it on Saturday in the London sun and it made me happy. It is a little bit looser in the bust and waist, but still smashing. This dress has been a love of mine for a very long time and is one of the few pieces I own which predominantly features white.


It is made from Sateen, came with a thin belt and also has lovely thick straps. I love my Paparazzi glasses too - purchased in LA - and I think they work perfectly with this outfit...


I don't wish I was thinner. I only ever want to feel healthy and happy with myself. I feel that way now. But this loss of inches has thrown a little spanner in the works. Time for some reflection maybe as I wait to see if my body settles.

Fingers Crossed... because seriously, I LOVE my clothes, look, self and BODY - just as they are.

Thanks for reading.

Smooch - Em. x.