Monday, 28 June 2010

Sports Babe.

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So - anyone who ever says "fat girls are lazy", CLEARLY didn't see me out in the park this weekend. My curvy butt ran all about playing, kicking, punting and throwing an American Football. It was so much fun and completely invigorating... By the way, I have MAD SKILLS.

I have a lot of gym wear at home, but I felt like wearing a light top and skirt - maximum movement, air flow and comfort... I went for my ASOS CURVE Forest Top - this is literally one of the lightest tops I have ever worn. It is a perfect fit for my body - with loads of room for my boobs, but also figure-flattering around my hips. While no longer available online there are a LOT of t-shirts from CURVE on sale - my top is soft and easy to wear - GREAT value too.

summer,sport,football,nfl,curves,fat,plus-size,plussize,asos curve,city chic,review,fat girl,fashion,fatshion

My skirt was courtesy of City Chic and made for a comfy and easy choice to play about in. Lots of you know that denim skirts are part of my fashion uniform, so as one of the most comfortable and loved items I own - it made for an easy item to run about in. The biggest mistake I made? FLIP-FLOPS. Next time, it will be sneakers - all the way... especially if I plan to kick the ball and not hurt my lovely feet like some sort of doofus!

summer,sport,football,nfl,curves,fat,plus-size,plussize,asos curve,city chic,review,fat girl,fashion,fatshion

All in all, it was a beautiful weekend here in London... and my freckles basked in sunshine and... SPF (Do it!!)

summer,sport,football,nfl,curves,fat,plus-size,plussize,asos curve,city chic,review,fat girl,fashion,fatshion

Friday, 25 June 2010

Long Time, No Blog...

city chic,dress
Out and about in London: dress by City Chic.

Hey there people...

I have had the week off with my mum who has been in London. So much fun! We did all this wonderful stuff like go to Hampton Court Palace (Home of Henry VIII), walk through St. James' Park and also - trowel the outskirts of London so I could purchase a car. It has been an intense week. But I am back, and just as fashionable as ever. If you are a blogger - I have loads to catch up on through all your blogs.

Firstly though - A Winner. In a recent post, I created a competition to win a gorgeous pair of movie camera earrings - and the winner, as chosen by is...

LaCara of Oh La La Curves!

Congratulations! Please send me your details and I will get them posted to you. x.

Secondly - apart from coming back next week with another gorgeous outfit, I will be relaunching the Links over at the I LOVE FATSHION network. If you are a curvy/fat blogger - DO submit your links. If this is going to work, we need to support this community. Many of you have signed up to contribute articles on the site, but please - get to the forums and submit your best links too.

Big smooches. xxx.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

YES Debenhams

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Earlier this year, UK High Street retailer, Debenhams, used size 16 mannequins in the shop front of their flagship store on Oxford Street - Now THIS.

YES - they are getting press for this, which is always good for them... BUT ultimately - no more airbrushing. Look at the image above and how MUCH lines get changed. No wonder so many men and women have to deal with so many issues about their body and self acceptance.

They released before and after pictures for emphasis...



Photos via the Daily Mail.

A moment to pause...

This is not an outfit or fashion oriented post... so if you only love those - why not look here, otherwise - read on. xxx.

I was at a coffee shop today buying a "UK flat white". This is a regular thing for me, and a regular place I go to... as I was standing, pouring in my TWO sugars - brown and EXTRA yummy - I heard the following exchange:

Josie: Lisa, I'm looking at this cake and I really want it.
Lisa: No, Josie, you don't want to eat that and be the biggest girl there.
Josie: It's just a cake and the party isn't 'till tomorrow night.
Lisa: Well, don't do it - it will make you fatter.
Josie: But it looks really yummy.
Lisa: Well, don't spend all tomorrow night telling me you look fat.

I estimate Lisa was about a size ten, and Josie was a size 12 or a 14 - at most. Initially, I was a little outraged by this conversation. It took me back to highschool where one of my friends gave me a diet book for my 15th birthday... Awesome. I was never a girl at school to ask my friends if I looked fat. I was aware, from a very young age, that I WAS the chubby girl. The fat one. The "bigger friend". That, is one of my facts - always "chubby". I actually used to walk down the street and look at the bigger/curvier/chubbier/fat girls who I thought were fashionable and think, "I want to be like HER one day..." (I have, of course - like almost everyone, struggled with body issues and self acceptance, but that is not for this post... I am very aware that what I have just written is a very lucky thing to have started thinking as a young girl). Although I lifestyle changed about six years ago, I have never dieted. I have thought about it, but never wanted to - so haven't. As I looked at these girls, it got me thinking.

I was so outraged initially at Lisa. I thought she was being quite rude and bitchy - and, really - she was. But then I thought about her last comment... "Well, don't spend all tomorrow night telling me you look fat." And it made me think. Clearly Joise has body issues which she projects and clearly Lisa is not sensitive to how deep such issues can go. I actually had this strange sense as I left the coffee place that maybe Lisa, in her own special, insulting way - was trying to help Josie. PROBABLY - she was just being insensitive... but that last comment has given me pause...

Tonight, I was so happy to finally meet up with the AMAZING Vanessa Reece from (she took a pic and has posted details!) and we got chatting about it, all about perceptions and self awareness and feelings.

It was a good discussion (heck I LOVE thoughtful discussion).

BUT - I have not resolved this in my head. I would love opinions. As I said, my initial outraged reaction was that Lisa was being rude, and ultimately - she WAS being quite mean, negative, insulting... but I would love to know people's thoughts on that last line?

I once heard a daughter say, "Shit mum, you look like a fat pig"... and I was equally mortified. Thoughts?


PS - If you want to enter my comp for the GORGEOUS film earrings - you must leave a comment under this post and follow me on either twitter or google connect (full details in the post!).

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Little Taste... Little Comp...

city chic,dress,vintage

This week I have is a little taste of one of my outfits that I am blogging for City Chic. I went to a bar in Kensington with one of my best friends, (B from Gourmet Lovers Blog) and we both went for fairly vintage looks. I wore the City Chic "Lace Corsage Emma Dress" with the "Ruffle Shoulder Shrug". I never try for vintage looks so enjoyed trying it out, very much.

In other news, I was thinking about my last post. A reader I'd never heard from before, Rachie, made a really flattering comment - completely unsolicited and genuinely nice. Thank you Rachie, you made my week. Lovely, fellow bloggers responded too... and then, I also heard from one of my best friends via email from New Zealand commenting on the post... and it got me thinking. I value everyone who reads this blog and don't take you for granted, so - one of you can win a pair of those earrings.

There are a couple of ways to enter, constituting individual entries....

1. Follow me on Google Friend Connect.
2. Follow me on Twitter.

Then to actually be eligible, leave a comment under this post letting me know you have done either or both of those things - that helps me know you read the post - and this competition is a THANK YOU for doing just that.

The earrings are made from Pewter, they aren't too heavy to wear. The ear stems are sterling silver... and the position of the legs seems to vary from pair to pair... all very cool!

Rachie, you inspired me to go ahead with this competition, so if you would like a pair - just go ahead and email me your details...

Everyone else - GOOD LUCK!

PS. Entries close 23rd June at Midnight (GMT)

Friday, 11 June 2010

Latest Jewelry Find... LOVE


I always love little, quirky jewelry finds. These are my new favourite earrings after I bought them from the National Portrait Gallery in London.
I had to share them with you immediately and will post them with an outfit soon. x.


LOVE them. x.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Simply Beautiful ANNA SCHOLZ!

simply be,anna scholz,plussize,review,london,uk,dress,plus-size,USA

I am in a great mood today and back with a beautiful garment post, reviewing an item from Simply Be, specifically, ANNA SCHOLZ for Simply Be.

The dress is the Anna Scholz Print Dress.

I have vlogged the review for you right below and the pictures are all here too.

I spent a summery Saturday in Richmond, down by the water. It was hot and humid, but this dress was a great choice! As I mention in the video (which effectively comprises my review), this dress is stunning and light and has a cut and drape that is built for curves:

Simply Be,Anna Scholz,plussize,plus-size,dress,woman,curves,review,london,uk,Simple Be USA

simply be,anna scholz,plussize,review,london,uk,dress,plus-size,USA

Simply Be,Anna Scholz,plussize,plus-size,dress,woman,curves,review,london,uk,Simple Be USA

I actually wore this dress in to Covent Garden on Monday with a cardigan when the sun was shiney but a little less hot... I felt great and comfortable and it fit really nicely into the city scene.

This amazing Anna Scholz Print Dress for Simply Be is available at Simply Be to purchase now.

Simply Be will launch in the USA in July 2010.

I wear a size 20, and am 5'5".

All images, text and video remain the copyright of BoombandsBlog

Monday, 7 June 2010

Real Women Revolution...

Teer Wade, Janine Mison and Harvest Powell will all be involved with The Real Women Revolution

As so many of you Stateside are excited for Full Figured Fashion Week next week, I thought I would also just mention a smaller, but similar event gearing up in Australia for 2011. The Real Women Revolution is an event happening in Oz in March 2011, aimed ENTIRELY at women size 16+. The Revolution will consist of an all day event and Gala dinner and will include workshops, panel discussions, prize draws, a keynote speaker, fashion parades and scrumptious food. I found the information during my regular troll through Australian newspapers - but you can see more in the Sydney Morning Herald or via the The Real Women Revolution website.

I must say, I always feel so happy when I come across the plus-size and curvy girl news in Australia.


The image above was sourced from the article linked here via the Sydney Morning Herald
While I appreciate the use of the term "Real Women", I fundamentally believe the term excludes women and so try not to ever use this term myself.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

SPF - DO IT!!! x.

Just a quick vlog today lovelies...

♥ I rekon you should look after your skin and your body however you like, but I'm advocating you think about a little sun protection (if you don't already). No one likes to be bright red... it hurts and makes you look like a HOT mess.



See what I did there?!!

♥ Smooch. x.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

When did June start?

Hey there!

Just to let you know, I am gearing up for my big start with City Chic as one of their official bloggers - I'm so excited and have been out and about in London taking some awesome snaps. Have you seen BBM's Blog? She has just done a five day posting series on City Chic which got me extra excited!

That being said, I know you are still owed pictures of my AMAZING Anna Scholz dress for Simply Be. I want sunshine, so I can give you the best pictures possible. It is stunning!

Thanks also for the great blog feedback through May - I know that lots of you liked my Evans Ruby Belle Review post in particular, so thank you for sharing it amongst the web - I don't take that for granted.

In any case - big hugs to you all. I am in a great mood this afternoon and hope you're having a great day too.

Smooch .

Em. x.