Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Simply Beautiful Tribal Prints...

As mentioned in my last post, Simply Be sent me three dresses to review... You have already seen the African Beat Floral Maxi Dress in a post, earlier this week. This is the second dress. x.

Now, my usual photographer, Mr Darcy, was not available to help me in the last couple of days - so I got a bit creative with the mirror (well, I did a standard reflection shot) and then remembered:

I own a tripod! THANK GOODNESS!

Simply Be,Review,Plussize,Plus-size,Dress,Dresses

This is a great dress... I might re-hash a couple of things from the video element of this post, but effectively, the dress consists of two parts, I nice form-fitting slip as well as the dress element which is a really light, sheer, georgette fabric. I love that these two pieces are separate as it means I can use the slip with other clothes or even find a lower cut slip to wear with the dress. Also, the slip ends BEFORE the dress does, meaning that your hem line is a little sultry and sheer.

Simply Be,Review,Plussize,Plus-size,Dress,Dresses

As mentioned in the intro video, I wore this dress on two separate days - today being quite wintry and then also, earlier in the week when the sun was shining. It is light - which means perfect for summer OR easy to layer on an overcast Wednesday. Now, this dress has elesticised sheering under the bust, meaning your waist is cinched in at the empire line - I wore the belt as that's my personal preference - you could easily wear it without one.

The neckline was a bit different for me. It is actually very rare for me to wear such a deep v-neck but then also have a slip, peep through. I know this is a very popular look and I like it, but I am going to need to get used to it.

The garment quality is excellent and the dress is available in sizes 12-32 (although the 26 has sold out). I am wearing a 20 and at 5'5", the dress stops right below my knee.

The dresses I chose to review from Simply Be are all dresses I liked the look of, but are a little removed from my regular purchases. This is good for me as it makes me branch out, but it also makes me look more critically at the garment - as it is something I don't usually see myself in. I liked seeing myself in this dress... if that makes sense!

Simply Be,Review,Dress,Plussize,Plus-Size

My final dress might wait for the sunshine again, it is Anna Scholz - and it will be FABULOUS.

All images and text remain the copyright of the author.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Simply Beautiful Summer Maxi

Simply Be is an amazing store and something I have found since arriving in the UK from Australia - it has some of the most beautiful, flattering and colourful dresses - and some designers (ah, hello - Anna Scholz and Joe Browns!) on board to boot. I am also excited by the arrival of new designs by Ruby Rocks - my favorite dress sold out in my size before I even managed to THINK about buying it.

Something else exciting? Simply Be is set to launch in the USA sometime in the Summer... making this store even more accessible.

The blog-o-sphere was abuzz last week with the amazing NEW collections out from Simply Be. Christina, of Musings of a Fatshionista did an amazing round up of those collections aptly titled AFRICAN BEAT and HOT TROPIC... Simply Be have sent me the gorgeous African Beat Floral Maxi dress to review - SPOILER ALERT: I LOVE IT!

SimplyBe,Review,Simply Be,Floral Maxi,Dress
Basking in the London Sunshine on my way to St. James' Park...

These last few days have seen gorgeous sunshine in London and what better way to enjoy it than in one of the city's gorgeous parks. St James' Park is right in the heart of the city and one of my favourite places.

SimplyBe,Review,Simply Be,Floral Maxi,Dress

This dress is amazing. It is made of a Jersey fabric making it just so soft and it feels perfect to wear. This is my first ever Maxi Dress - I felt sexy, summery and breezy. The cut of the dress is extremely flattering with a high empire line, back-ties and a drape the compliments curve - it doesn't hug the body - it kind of glides over it.

SimplyBe,Review,Simply Be,Floral Maxi,Dress

Another thing I like about this dress is that it has a high usability factor. I could happily wear this for a walk along Bondi Beach in Sydney (or indeed for a Summery long weekend in Spain) just as easily as it could be worn out to a nice dinner.

I really liked this dress when I saw it on the site (the pinks just grabbed me), but was even more excited to put it on and wear it after it arrived. If you go for this dress, - you will need to think about bra choice. I wore a plunge bra, but it could easily be worn with something a little more conservative too... certainly my "girls" saw some sun.

Now ladies, this dress is selling FAST - still (mostly) available in sizes 12-32 - if you want it, go and get it...

SimplyBe,Review,Simply Be,Floral Maxi,Dress

PS - For those who want the stats - I wear a size 20 and the size was TRUE! Also - I am 5'5" and the Maxi was a great length for me.

PPS - Simply Be sent me two other dresses to review - so you'll see those soon too. Yeah! x.

All images and text remain the copyright of the author.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Model, Pinup, Plus-Size Babe: Teer Wayde.

Teer Wayde,Model,Australian,Curves,Interview,plus-size,plussize,pinup,pin-up

Teer Wayde is a model and a pin-up. She is a woman with striking curves and beauty to match. Recently I asked Teer to interview for my blog - she could not have been nicer or more accommodating. You have seen Teer previously on the Pinup Girl Clothing website, on the cover of SKORCH, as a model profiled in Plus Model Magazine and currently she has another HOT editorial featured in SKORCH.

At 5'8", 175lbs and measurements of 42-33-44, Teer is a sexy curvy woman. Add to this the fact she has a lot of spirit and her answers to my questions are considered, honest and (at times) passionately feisty - this is a woman well worth talking to...

So please enjoy - Teer Wayde:

Teer Wayde,Model,Australian,Curves,Interview,plus-size,plussize,pinup,pin-up
1. You started as a Pinup model, how did you get your start?
I started with one Pinup based shoot just for fun and joined Model Mayhem as I was always interested in modeling. I then become friends with the lovely Paula Delley* and the rest was history. Paula introduced me to every aspect of Pinup and some of my most beloved images were shots taken with her.
[Blog note: *Paula was a leading Pinup Photographer in Australia]

2. How did you move from Pinup modeling into more Plus-Size modeling?
I like to be a chameleon whenever possible and I've tried with every shoot to put forward a different look and aspect of my personality. Designers realized that I was versatile and started to work with me on more mainstream/commercial shoots. Being on the cover of Skorch in December 2009 catapulted this even more.

3. What do you like about being a model? Do you have fun?
I love to evoke emotions in shoots, tell stories and be characters. From art to editorial I love every aspect of photo shoots. With fashion modeling I love showing off garments and showing women with curves just how good they can look in the items I'm wearing. I always have an amazing time and lots of fun. I've been very lucky to work with some many creative and amazing people.

4. How do you look after your skin?
Currently I'm using a very cheap brand in Australia called Simple (found at Priceline). Its all natural and I use the whole range. For the body I exfoliate every day and my newest trick in mixing Bio Oil into my St Ives body lotion and using it all over day and night.

5. What is your personal fashion style?
It changes from day to day but I’m a real sucker for the shapes and tailoring from the 50's. Wiggle dresses, high waist skirts, jeans and pants have my heart. I'm also very into Military details on Jackets, my wardrobe is very mixed which I love. If i feel it I wear it!

6. Where are you favourite places to shop?
Pinup Girl Clothing, Torrid, ASOS, City Chic and I give into Ebay far to often, I love a bargain!

7. As a curvy woman, what are your fashion tips or tricks for the other curvy girls out there?
Never be afraid to wear fitted and well tailored clothing. No matter what size you are, no one looks good in a sack. A high waist skirt teamed with a waist belt makes curvy figures look fantastic. Wear that same belt with many other options as it draws your eye to the smallest part of your figure and gives you an hourglass shape. My other trick is that I can't live without SPANX and other smoothing undergarments. They give a flat base for garments, sitting on and hiding anything you wish to be hidden.

8. What self-indulgences (fashion or beauty) do you allow yourself?
Shoes, far too many shoes. My obsession this year is collecting Iron Fist shoes. They make the most loud and crazy horror inspired footwear and I adore every pair.
Teer Wayde,Model,Australian,Curves,Interview,plus-size,plussize,pinup,pin-up

9. You are in the current issue of SKORCH - tell me all about that! The shoot, how you got into the mag! It must be so exciting...
It's fantastic, I adore the spread. I was the cover girl for Skorch back in December last year so I've always loved the teams and had contact with the editors since then. I noticed how many fans of Skorch were also plus sized women who loved Pinup Girl Clothing so I suggested an editorial and they loved it. The amazing Laura Byrnes and Vanessa Cheatwood provided me with the garments to feature and the rest is history. The shoot was on a chilly day in Melbourne, we were rained on, waited 20 minutes for sunlight only to have it last for 2 minutes. The shoot was set at the Docklands and The Hilton with the city as our backdrop. I was so happy they liked the images and used them.

10. And when you look at yourself in an editorial, like the one in SKORCH (where you look completely stunning) - how does that feel?
It makes me proud of myself and proud of my shape. Every tear sheet I get makes me feel like I'm getting close to where I want to be in my career and that people are knowing my name.

11. I've read online that you want to change the face and shape of beauty... tell me what you mean?
I want to make my mark on the world and nothing will stop me. I might be a little different from other mainstream plus models but this will not hold me back. I want to promote positive body image and make people love their shape just as I love mine
Teer Wayde,Model,Australian,Curves,Interview,plus-size,plussize,pinup,pin-up

12. What do people see when they look at you modeling?
Every day I get amazing comments and compliments about my work. I think people see something they can relate to when they look at my images. A girl that has their shape and has the confidence and ability to show it off with pride.

13. I read that Velvet d'Amour and Mia Tyler are two of your favourite curvy models, what is it about them that you love?
They are stunning women with such strong looks and amazing style. Each breaking through barriers and making the world know just how amazing they really are. Each inspire me to achieve more and set my goals higher and higher.

14. You are not afraid to shoot nude! That's very empowering - what do you feel being shot nude can say to other women?
I have shot nude in the past but it’s not something I do regularly. It’s a very empowering and amazing experience when it’s with the right team. My first experience was in an abandoned building so it was a little scary to bare all but once we started the fear quickly passed. If done correctly nudes can be wonderful works of art and if your body confident enough I say do it.

15. You've just got the call to board a plane... you're going to Milan and are invited to all the Fashion Shows! FRONT ROW and Anna Wintour will be there! You have two hours before you have to get to the airport - what do you pack?
Firstly I'd need some time to do a little happy dance then I’d pack: A little black dress, black pumps, bright peeptoe pumps, vintage inspired wiggle dress, leather jacket, spanx, two hand bags, all my make up and far too many accessories. As many choices as I could fit into an suitcase!
Teer Wayde,Model,Australian,Curves,Interview,plus-size,plussize,pinup,pin-up

Want more Teer?
If you would like to book Teer - you can contact her via her management:

All images sourced and used with permission via Teer Wayde.
Final question devised via inspiration from Curves and Chaos

I Love Fatshion Network Links


Compiled by Em. x.

This is an exciting week and hopefully will see the start of something new and amazing. The I Love Fatshion Network is designed to bring about the spirit of community and one of the best ways for this to happen is through publishing some of the best links which are submitted to the forums each week... (inspiration taken from the amazing IFB's Links A La Mode). This week, our first week - we have published them all. As this grows in popularity it will become a wonderful way to showcase the best of what our fatshion network has to offer each week.

If you would like your Fatshion Links included next week - please submit your post to the official thread on the forum.

Smooch - Em. x.

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Oh, The Places You'll Go! - Can't wait for SATC 2? First, Love the Outfits... Every single one of them!

Pretty In Plus - Spring Cleaning: A lesson in Ruthlessness.

The Pale and Pallor Princess - I'm so vain, I probably think this song is about me.

Vanessa Reece - Be a "Cool Curvie" by finding your own style.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Ruby Belle to the Max(i)!

boombands,ruby belle,evans,dresses,plus-size,review

Heading into Evans today for a May round-up of the Ruby Belle dresses - it was exciting to see a pretty display and everything available to try. And try, I did...

I am starting with the below image so you can get a fair idea of the shape of the dress. I rocked my usual size 20 in all these styles. The sleeveless flamingo dress is the same shape.

boombands,ruby belle,evans,dresses,plus-size,review

This was my favourite dress when the Ruby Belle collection came online. I like the colour and the pattern very much. The dresses are all lined and both the sleeveless dresses have gentle straps that feel delicate but are sturdy enough! I love that this dress cinches in a bit before the waist pleats give the dress a 1950s feel... I'm not a fan of the waist position though. I know we are all different shapes, but I like MORE of an empire line than this - that being said, because almost all the Ruby Belle dresses have a lower waist than I like, you will see me wear them plain and then also with belts. I rock a black cardi too... I know - stylish!

boombands,ruby belle,evans,dresses,plus-size,review

boombands,ruby belle,evans,dresses,plus-size,review

Okay, so white never looks very good on me due to my skin tone, that being said, I much prefer this dress (on me) with the cardigan forward and the belt involved. I NEED that strong definition.

boombands,ruby belle,evans,dresses,plus-size,review

I truly feel that this is a bit of a weird cut on my body, but it works well with the belt. That being said, I have a chest BUILT to fill tops, so the fact the top of this dress has a little extra room in it, and it IS my perfect size - is a little strange. The nicest feature of this dress, not mentioned on the Evans site, is the TULLE layer. YUP. The dress is lined, then has a layer of light tulle, then the dress flows over that. With the pleats and tulle, the vintage style girls should LOVE this.

boombands,ruby belle,evans,dresses,plus-size,review

This is the same style as the last dress - but heck, I rock red HEAPS better than white! x.

boombands,ruby belle,evans,dresses,plus-size,review

boombands,ruby belle,evans,dresses,plus-size,review

Love. This was one I actually felt NO affinity for on the web, but LOVED wearing. The top half is jersey knit, it has a waist in the right position for me and back-ties. I also think this is so simple and gorgeous. The shape is VERY curve hugging and a much tighter, form loving fit than the other styles:

boombands,ruby belle,evans,dresses,plus-size,review


After Ruby Belle, I then moved on to Maxis - I tried two to investigate length, I know people have been wondering how they might wear maxis as "shorter" femmes... I am 5'5" and really think that I would need to wear both these dresses with a heel:

boombands,ruby belle,evans,dresses,plus-size,review

These are my first Maxi Dresses ever. This one is a little too flowy for me, and I might find it hard to walk up stairs - but still, this test for length resulted in my trying something very new!

boombands,ruby belle,evans,dresses,plus-size,review

I really like this. It is a little better for my shape because it is a much more fitted style than the Rainbow Maxi. If I ever decide to flex my Maxi-Mojo, this is a definite contender for purchase!

I hope these shots and mini-reviews are helpful. I know a few international bloggers and readers were keen for this round-up, so I hope this helps you with your purchases. All in all the Ruby Belle dresses are pretty lovely - they are made with care and feel nice on... I think the key will be shape. I was certain the two sleeveless dresses in plaid and flamingo would be the best on my body, but really - the sailboats win the day.

Smooch. Em. x.

*Please note that all images and text in this post belong to and are the copyright of the author.

Monday, 17 May 2010

LA Woman - Fashion Flashback 2009

Last year I had the amazing fortune to travel to Los Angeles for work. I went with one of my close female friends from when I lived in Canada... It was SO MUCH FUN.

Being that I was there for work, as well as traveling with a friend, my timetable was jam packed - long days followed by entertaining nights. I was so grateful to travel with someone, as it made me more daring. We went to The Rainbow Room, Viper Room, Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Sunset Boulevard and Chateau Marmont (where we got seated before David Hasselhoff! LMFAO).

I was looking through my pics and came across the two in this post... this was a night where we ate a cheap mexican dinner before heading to Karaoke at The Rainbow Room...

I sang my little heart out and Beth would have been proud!

Oh, how I love a Quesadilla.

This outfit is an all time favourite because the dress's stain-glass pattern, teamed with the lace shrug as well as the necklace is an active mash of colours and textures... AND IT WORKS. I love that about fashion, when you jam lots of stuff together that doesn't quite make sense, but the outcome just rocks. Not just a great night for me, but one of my favourite fashion moments.


Dress: Evans - Ditto Collection, Lace Shrug: City Chic, Necklace: Mimco

Highs and Lows...


Last week, as many will know, the AMAZING (stunning, informed, beautiful, caring, relevant) Gabi Gregg of Young Fat and Fabulous did an interview with the Australian TV show - The Morning Show. This was a great interview and the direct link is HERE. Gabi did a fabulous job and remained eloquent and fun during a live interview... in fact, I was proud watching Gabi and also proud that an Aussie TV show had picked her up to interview.

As many of you know, I will always write when the Aussie press are praising us curvy babes... well - I will write when the press doesn't get it quite right either.

Looks at this image - at the girl on the left...

Australia's Next Top Model contestants (L-R) Alison Boxer, Sophie Van Den Akker, Ashlea Monigatti, Megan Jacob / Foxtel

Apparently - Alison (16), who weighs 55kg is too fat, being told by a guest mentor on the program to lose "centimetres from her thighs". While the show has yet to air (it starts in July) a spokesperson has confirmed that Alison was told to shed weight...

NOW - before too many people write in my comments about how competitors all over the world need to deal with these issues on Top Model - I think that telling a 16 year old GIRL who weighs 55kg that she is too fat IS all kinds of screwed up... I mean, this is a national TV program that MANY 16 year olds at home will be watching. Modeling show or not - I think a network has more of a responsibility than that. It's not like they suggested a little toning, the instruction was to lose "centimeters" off her thighs. This is PARTICULARLY strange considering that LAST YEAR's winner, Tahnee Atkinson is a size 10 (5'8" & 60kg) and therefore BIGGER than Alison.

Tahnee Atkinson

Another crap thing about all this... the host of the show, Sarah Murdoch sat on the Australian Government's National Advisory Group on Body Image... This group last year devised the "Proposed National Stratergy on Body Image" a report that encourages advertisers, the media and fashion industry to "promote more positive body image messages" and recommends the use of "healthy weight models" as well as "realistic and natural images of people".

Sarah Murdoch

In a 2009 interview about the series Sarah was really positive about finding a plus-size model and making sure such a model embrace their size. As someone who is a representative in Australia for positive body image, I hope Sarah Murdoch speaks out about these comments - it is one thing to berate fellow judge, Alex Perry, when he makes disparaging comments on the show but to allow a guest "mentor" to say such things to a CHILD is just unfathomable.

The text in this post remains the copyright of the author.
Images sourced from (Sarah Murdoch), (Top Models), (Tahnee), (Gabi Gregg still)

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Oh So Chic!

City Chic, in fact. A couple of months ago - the ball started rolling and I'm pleased to tell you that I'm going to be one of the contributers to City Chic's blog; Inside Chic!

You know how much I love Australia - well, City Chic has LONG been my favourite place to buy clothes since I discovered the Penrith store back in 2002... In fact, when I moved to the centre of Sydney (Surry Hills - LOVE it!) I used to catch a train over 30 minutes each way, just to get my fashion fix! Today, my fashion staples include my City Chic denim skirt, singlet top and shrug - I consider these items part of my fashion uniform, actually!

I'm further excited by this opportunity because I can't wait to work with fellow blogger - Fashion Hayley who writes for City Chic too. Also, Gabi of Young, Fat and Fabulous mentioned on twitter that she'll be blogging for City Chic soon as well! It looks like things are going to amp up over in Australia and online!

I am proud to be working with City Chic - a brand that's passionately committed to curvy girls and fashionable clothing - not just in Australia but internationally (they are sponsoring the YFF Conference in New York in July). City Chic successfully creates garments for curvy girls who want to "look hot with what they've got!" I'm so excited to be on board and will let you all know when my first post goes up!


Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Crystal and Tara for The London Times

Curvesmart on Twitter tweeted about Crystal Renn and Tara Lynn in the London Times Fashion Supplement section - Take a look at the video and article here. x.

Info and links via Curvesmart on Twitter

SATC 2 - Fashion Book Release May 18th

Photo spread from the first SATC Movie book

Following the wildly successful release of the Sex and the City Movie book when the first film was released in 2008, The LA Times is reporting that ANOTHER photo-driven tome is being released for the latest film... and get this - the book will feature a break down of EVERY SINGLE OUTFIT from the film. This includes accessories, brand names and fashion inspirations:

Carrie Bradshaw outfit breakdown from the SATC 2 Movie book.

The book will come in a deluxe hardback edition ($29.95 USD) as well as paperback ($19.95 USD) and feature commentary from ALL four of the main actors as well Michael Patrick King and the fabulous Patricia Field.

To pre-order your copy you can get it here!

So exciting!

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Curves IN Curve.

Asos Curve Review

Like many other Fatshionistas, recently I've jumped online and checked the sale/clearance section of ASOS Curve. It's great to see so many pictures of curvy women wearing Curve popping up online - just as it should be worn. I can't write about the brand without throwing a shout-out to Devon over at Fat-Nurse who remains my Curve-o-meter for all things ASOS - and also to Vanessa Reece, the awesome ASOS Curve Fit-Model who posts regularly about what it's like inside ASOS HQ.

I bought a couple of things in the ASOS Curve Clearance bin - this is the Ruched Bust Jersey Dress - £12.00.

Asos Curve Review

Being a jersey material, this is an extremely comfortable dress... I'm inclined to team it with a belt for future outings (just to cinch it in a bit), but it does fall nicely without one. I found I had to play with the ruched section across the breast before I was satisfied it was sitting correctly, but, am happy to report - the fit was true.

Asos Curve Review

As you can see, I teamed the dress with a full-black look (leggings and boots), but added red highlights to my lips, nails and feature handbag. YUP - That's my favourite Mac Ruby Woo lipstick again!

Asos Curve Review

Many of you have read my opinions on the ASOS Curve model choices (here and here), but that's never taken away from the fact that the clothes are pretty fabulous (and dare I say it - they look even better on the people they were made for too! Check out more fashionistas wearing Curve in the I Love ASOS Curve Club). It's clear that the designers of the Curve range are really loving their work, just as much as many of us are loving their clothes.

Asos Curve Review

Smooch. Em. x.

All images are owned by the author of this post.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Protesting Fashion Week!

Wow... The agency BGM Models is literally setting Australia ablaze right now. After featuring on Aussie TV last week - Darrianne Donnelly, the founder and Agency Director at BGM has AGAIN hit the presses with her curvy models to stage a protest - because - this year at Rosemount Australia Fashion week... not a single plus-size model was booked! Last year plus-size models were featured at the SYDNEY FASHION FESTIVAL*, City Chic did a show there and it was amazing (See the YFF coverage of the event here!).

I've been reading up on plus-size models in Australia quite a bit lately and feel passionate about the protest staged by BGM in response to the exclusion (or non-booking) of curvy models during Fashion Week. I came across some recent comments I thought you'd all be interested in... In the first video attached below, I am absolutely confounded by the comments by Australian Designer Alex Perry (left)... I've always thought he was a bit of a knob, NOW he graduates to a callous knob. He states that he is "so over" the whole plus-size model debate and goes on to explain what he likes to see on the catwalk - "tall, thin and beautiful". What irritates me the most about Perry, is his delivery - like people should just shut-up about the whole issue...

More upsetting though are the comments by model Tahnee Atkinson (pictured left), the 18 year old who won Australia's Next Top Model in 2009. Atkinson, at a UK size 10, was considered quite a curvy contender - but still won the competition. She states that designers choose size eights (in Australia) to walk the runway because, "clothes do look better on a size eight girl with no curves or bumps in the way" (by the way, those curves and bumps she mentions are natural parts of the female form - she's not even talking about fat). She then continues, finishing with "that's just the way it is" (in reference to Designer model choices). I'm dismayed by Tahnee's comments and am hoping it comes down to her being quite young - because if not - someone is feeding her a load of crap. I hope that she's okay to embrace her own curvy fabulousness - because, well, she HAS curves and she's the kind of young, beautiful model I love and NEED to see. Hopefully someone will teach her that curves and bumps are feminine, healthy and beautiful. She's a size 10, for goodness sake - Crystal Renn ebbs between an 8 to 12 and she's just slammin' - maybe Tahnee needs to listen to some of the things people like Crystal and Lizzie Miller have to say! Can someone send her a copy of Renn's "Hungry" please?

You can see the video with Perry and Atkinson here: VIDEO: Dropping the curvy model debate

But - I won't end on that - because that footage makes me feel furious/upset/dismayed etc... what I will end on is the great footage and interview of Darianne and her BGM models from their Aussie Fashion Week protest. VIDEO: Plus size protest

(♥♥♥ Where can I get one of those awesome BGM T-shirts! ♥♥♥)

Smooch. x.


*Post edited to correct the location of the City Chic fashion festival.

Image of BGM Models sourced via the Daily Telegraph, picture of Tahnee sourced via, picture of Alex Perry via

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

France + Fashion = Love.

Way to Glam it up, Dior...

I was going through my Paris photos from New Years and caught some images that needed to be shared. I am a lover of France. I have always loved it. I studied French for five years at school and although am not particularly fluent now - enjoy reading my way through french blogs from time to time. :) I loved my recent trip... As you may imagine, Paris at New Years is pretty amazing - especially when romance is hanging in the air. My Mr Darcy and I walked all over the city and things that struck me from my visit included:

Window displays.
Of course. In a city which helps define the very nature of fashion, window displays are always going to draw the eye. One of the things I actually LOVE about the photo (above) of the Dior shopfront is how effortless it is - and how, even from a distance the word DIOR drew me in...

It was zero degrees in Paris and at Galleries Lafayette, the mannequins wore mesh. Mesh body suits for winter. You can't see it, but this goddess was surrounded by hundreds of miniature soldiers. They love mesh body suits too.

It says Chanel - and the display smacks of elegance and class. It looks so effortless, but is executed magnificently. This is a poor picture - but believe me when I say that the objects suspended over the models held my eye for ages. That was before I even LOOKED at the clothes!

My Hotel Room.
This may not seem so straight forward. But look:

The walls are covered in FABRIC. That isn't wall paper - but fabric. Look Again:

These walls held me fascinated! The French even seem to dress their walls!

And... finally - France, I love your ART.
Now, that being said, it would be very easy for me to post a picture of me in The Louvre by the Mona Lisa and leave it at that.


BUT - that isn't really the art I'm talking about. One of the things I LOVED about Paris was window shopping. My Darcy, who had been to Paris many times before, was generous enough to walk me through the streets and play guide - leaving me quite free to keep open, alert eyes. There is art work everywhere in France. Some being sold by painters on the streets, LOTS at the Artist's Quarter near Sacre Couer and many being sold as "originals" at stalls, on the side of the road by touts.

The amazingly vibrant Artist's Quarter by Sacre Coeur.

I love all the old shops in Paris and how walking down a street can see a mix of old school bazaars next to stores which exude contemporary sleekness... and it was in the window of one such sleek, contemporary Art Gallery, that I saw this beauty:

She is so pretty and so chic and she has gorgeous curvy hips. BUT - if she doesn't run to taste, if perhaps, you like a little MORE curve in your art couture... why not look right behind her:

WOW. This piece of Art held me CAPTIVE. Much like the Eva Hannah art I've posted before, this piece exudes the same kind of confidence and style evident in so many plus-size fashion blogs. I love her, and just like the gorgeous, slimmer (but STILL curvy) piece in front of her, this Artistic Beauty is stunning and radiates style. She is french - I saw her in Paris and SHE was the more expensive of the two!

Today, over at Gabi's site, I see that three Fa(t)shionistas are featured in a Pictorial for French Glamour Magazine and then some other GORGEOUS curvy bloggers are also featured - seriously, head to Young Fat and Fabulous for full coverage because the post is amazing. You know, I constantly post when I see media coverage of plus-size girls in Australia - but it is clear, that as far as the Plus-Size Fashion movement is concerned - it is the European Fashion magazines REALLY pushing boundaries in the media. They are paying attention! Now, I'm not diminishing the work of any other countries (there have been amazing editorials out of the USA and UK etc.), but considering French Elle, Vogue (Italia) Curvy and now French Glamour have all featured and continue to feature beautiful curvy women in their Fashion pages - they are setting the bar.

So today, France... I love you more.

Vive Les FATSHIONISTAS, indeed.

All photos belong to the author of this post, except the final image which was sourced from Young Fat and Fabulous.