Thursday, 29 April 2010

What?!! What?!! More Evans!

It seems stores are doing 20% these next couple of days. City Chic in Australia are doing it - AND they have free international shipping to boot (ends Friday evening in Australia). Evans also has 20% off right now... which means it may be time for another change room post...

I get so much great feedback off these posts that I will do them as regularly as I can. It is EASY for me to get to a store and try some clothes so if there is ever anything you want to see - let me know! All clothes in this post are a size 18 and I am showing you standard T-shirts, Tea Dresses and Unstructured LongLine Tops so you have a good look at how these clothes work on the body..

This is a pretty cool T-shirt, and although I don't wear T-shirts much anymore, with summer so close - I knew it would be remiss, not to highlight a couple. It is interesting to note that I have dropped an Evans size in T-shirts this year. Last year, I was a size 20. Now, I haven't lost weight and my measurements ARE still the same ( I do own a tape measure!). If it's a case of the over-size trend causing things to get made a little bigger - I am not a fan. This T-shirt feels nice on, and the sequins over the print make for interesting detail. I am not too keen on how this print looks over my breasts - but the fit is good.

Pink T-shirt...
No longer available on-line but a good example of a coloured Evans T-shirt. I only tried this on, on Monday, at White City - so there may still be more instore.

This dress is great. It feels light and easy to wear and has waist ties at the back to accentuate/compliment shape. I really like this dress, green is not a colour I regularly buy - but this print, combined with the construction of this dress really works. Well worth considering, ladies!

LOVE. Oh heck, I was truly skeptical about this dress - I thought the print, ruffles, texture etc. might all be overdone but this WORKS. Evans is currently pushing this in their advertising and I can see why. This material feels lovely on the skin and while I might team it with a belt - you can see how well it also works alone too. Just a note that this 18 felt a little tight in the chest for me... as a more heavily constructed piece, that isn't surprising, so I would likely purchase this in my regular 20.
Hmm. Maybe I needed a smaller size to make this work, but frankly - this feels a little dowdy. The next top is exactly the same size and is cut so much better for my shape. I am not loving this pattern either... even with all the colour and stripes and floral pattern - it feels a little bland for me. I love the concept but don't think it necessarily works. What do other people think?

This is the kind of top that shows me how getting out of my style zone can really work. I rarely go for LongLine/Unstructured/White/Stripes. In fact - I may do ONE or TWO of these things from time to time, but never combine them all. This top really surprised me - I expected not to like it but it was my favourite thing I tried, perhaps due to the fact it caught me so off guard. I took a closer shot so you can see that even with curves and bumps - the stripes and Paris print work. Really nice.

And so ends another review. I am excited by the upcoming Ruby Belle collection and will get instore as soon as I can after release to help any international customers who are keen. I am also excited by the prospect of Beth Ditto working with Evans again too... I wasn't crazy about all the items they released together last year - but the ones I loved, well, I bought TWO of each. Serious!


PS - It is a long weekend here in the UK - so I will likely be offline for a couple of days, enjoying sunshine (fingers crossed)!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

BGM Models and Aussie TV. Yeah!

BGM Model Natalie Wakeling

I have to say that I am SO, SO proud of Australia at the moment. Many of you will have seen my posts inspired by the Australian paper - The Sydney Morning Herald - a paper that covered the Elena Miro show, as well as discussed the popularity of plus-size models recently...

Thanks to a tweet by Madison Plus - I was directed to their blog post about The Morning Show in Australia. I again, feel so proud.

The Morning Show has assembled representatives from "plus size" model agency BGM Models as well as a fashion commentator, to discuss the comments by Garrance Dore.

This is a very Australian style interview and I want to let you know that the Morning Shows are extremely popular in Oz... (I believe that another morning show aired the Layne Bryant advert a few days ago too). Now, while I don't agree with everything that's said by everyone present in this interview - I think that the representatives from BGM Models (Director, Darianne Donnelly and model, Natalie Wakeling) do a great job. I love that this is such a passionate debate - happening on a popular (and influential) TV show. Take a look at the interview through the TV show site...


My favourite part is right at the end where Darianne reveals that one of the BGM Models - Laura will likely be in the next shows in Milan. Laura Wells is the current model for Evans and ASOS Curve. I adore Laura - and this is freaking awesome news!

Laura in Elena Miro might just drive me crazy!

BGM Model Laura Wells for City Chic.

Smooch. x.

Thanks to Madison Plus for letting me know about this through their blog. Video from The Morning Show, Channel 7 - Australia.

Images sourced from BGM Models and Blog - A deed without a name.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Like a little Cherry Blossom.

It's so beautiful in Hyde Park at the moment. I'm constantly amazed at just how big the park is and how it can feel like you aren't in London at all.

I went out recently wearing an Evans purchase which is untrue-to-style for me (slightly unstructured and a little over-sized). You've seen this dress/tunic before during my March Evans Review, but as I've since gone back and bought it, I wanted to share!

This dress is still currently avaiable online...

This is an extremely light dress to wear. Even though it's warming up, I still needed my tights, but I went out without a jacket and it was nice to feel sunshine and a light breeze against my skin. This dress does have a slightly strange shape to it because it has a weird choice of divide across the breast (as opposed to under or right below the breast)... it may not work for everyone, but I love it.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Links à la Mode : Fashion Has Brains

links a la mode

Fashion has Brains

Edited by Ashe

Every week I am always surprised by the selection of posts we receive here at IFB. I think back to before I started my blog, the discrimination I felt working in retail and adoring fashion, because it was shallow and it wasn’t academic. Now I look at the community I am a part of and think– how could anyone accuse fashion enthusiasts of being shallow? Or fashion designers, lovers of style? Indeed, like any frowned upon medium or niche, fashion has brains; it has ingenuity, it has controversy, it has creativity, and it has depth.

This week I want to celebrate those putting fashion and intellect together, to show that there’s more than meets that glittering eye…

Oh, and if you’re looking for something to do this summer… IFB is looking for interns!

Links à la Mode : April 22

  • Agent Lover: – On The Search For The Perfect Retro Bathing Suit!
  • Alice in Stilettos: – Interview with Edgy, Up-and-Coming Designer Chelsea Sutrisno
  • Bay Area Style File: – Interview with Model turned Eco Friendly Beauty Brand owner Josie Maran.
  • Bobbins and Bombshells: – Fashionable History: Lilly Dache – A True Fashion Success Story.
  • Denim Debutante: – Meet US-Made NAEM Denim and Win Your Own Pair
  • dramatis personae: – Back to the Future
  • Fashion Pulse Daily: – Cynthia Rowley for Roxy Spring 2010
  • For Those About to Shop: – Crystal Renn’s inspiring story of transformation may make you think twice about modelling industry:
  • krameymartin: – Being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your fashion sense. Check out this post to learn how to jazz up simple maternity pieces.
  • La Chanelphile: – “The Allure of Chanel” by Paul Morand with Illustrations by Karl Lagerfeld
  • M.I.S.S.: – The Rag Trade: The Sale Mentality. This week’s article looks at how we will get consumers to break the sale mentality and pay full price again.
  • Night Watch: – DIY Tutorial: Burberry Prorsum F/W 2010-11 Inspired Blazer
  • Oh, the Places You'll Go!: – ASOS Curve Models – Plus, or not plus enough?
  • Oranges and Apples: – Some thoughts on weight, fat activism and health
  • Poetic & Chic: – Hamish Bowles, European Editor at Large for Vogue, visits the de Young in San Francisco to announce a new Balenciaga retrospective slated for spring 2011.
  • Retro Chick: – Made To Measure – Dresses for those who aren’t a standard size
  • shrimp salad circus: – DIY Spring Flowers Headband/Belt for Under
  • The Coveted – Craving Miu Miu Clogs?
  • the fashionate traveller: – Discovers the emerging Japanese fashion trend Dolly Kei, as seen through a visit to Grimoire, Shibuya’s premier vintage store.
  • The Fashionista Lab: – I gave up shopping and gained a new perspective on using and building my wardrobe (hint: shoes are important)
  • True Queen: – Warning: Men In Skirts – Examining a taboo trend that attempts to go mainstream

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Anna Scholz at Harrods Review

(For the latest on my Anna Reviews - please head HERE)

Going into Harrods with my Mr Darcy this weekend, we headed straight for the plus-sizes... Ever since I started blogging, Mr Darcy has been extremely supportive (he's my amazing photographer) and we both felt a little covert post from one of the poshest stores in London could be fun.

The plus section in Harrods is kind of snuck in a pocket at the back of women's fashion - but it is clearly sign posted and holds quite a few designers. Hitting the Anna Scholz section, it was clear where we were - silk and colour and prints! Oh My! I was so excited.

I actually didn't see much of Anna's Black Label (the "less expensive" clothes), but there were plenty of White Label pieces to choose from. One of the things I was really excited about, were the silk wrap around dresses - I grabbed two of those, as well as a flowly black number and a bright green Kaftan. I don't wear Kaftan's but Anna makes loads of them - so it was worth a try.

The change rooms at Harrods are big and there are seats in them for someone to sit with you... We were actually very lucky as we managed to sneak in with no one seeing us, I didn't want people to ask me if I needed any help - especially since I planned to take photos!

This is a WOW dress. It took me a second to figure out how the wrap worked - but once I had it, I was impressed. This FEELS great to wear and it is made perfectly for a curvy body. I have quite a chest on me, and due to the wrap construction of this dress, I imagine it would work equally well on a smaller pair of curves. The silk is so soft and flattering.

Now, I had to play with the wrap a couple of times before I was completely satisfied - and certainly, this is a dress to wear with a plunge bra or one that compliments the colours of the garment - but WOW! Probably a little longer than I expected when I saw this dress online, but then again - I ain't no 5'8" model, more a 5'5" fatshionista. x.

This is the same style as above, but, as I fell in love with this style when I saw it online - I had to try both colours. This dress only improved for me in the Black and White, I felt feminine and sexy.

I never wear Kaftans, because as most of you know, I like more structured clothing. Trying this top on, I had to put my anti-Kaftan wearing bias aside and take a look. I am impressed. While a little too flowy for my taste, the silk makes this a pleasure to wear and the long tulip cuffs are a delightful touch. Interestingly, the sequins on the top match really nicely with the bold green print - it feels like it might have been over-designed, but no!

Crepe Dress (I can not locate this online)
I loved the look of this dress on the rack and while it IS my usual size, from the empire line down it was a little billowy for me. (I couldn't comfortably have gone to a much smaller size with my chest though). This dress was pretty lovely to wear and heavier than I expected it to be... this only ensured it sat properly and I bet that with its flowiness the weight helps maintain shape while you walk. I didn't think to photograph them, but the straps on this dress (it is sleeveless) are self tie which I never wear, but really liked. The "Crepe Sleeves" were the perfect compliment to the dress but nothing too new or amazing on the "shrug" front.

All in all, this was a pretty fun time. I only took these four pieces into the change room and when Darcy and I walked out, we were set upon by sales people which made me inclined to retreat!

Hmm... as I was leaving, I suddenly spied - The Elena Miro section. Future Post?

OH Hell Yeah!

Smooch. x.

PS - Someone asked in an email how sizing runs, I wore a size 20 in all these clothes, but for more information the Anna Scholz website does have a size guide. x.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Workin' it... on the tube.

There is nothing quite like jumping on the Tube and heading into Central London... This weekend, there were major rail works on almost every line, so the journey was a slow one... I thought, why not post from the underground? I dressed to blog - so why not blog from here:

I love this dress. It has a spotted, ruched top and a silky back-tie before dropping down into a floral skirt, cutting from right below the empire line. I usually wear this dress with a lace bolero just to mash in another contrasting piece of fabric - but it was a little cold this weekend. This is one of my favourite summer dresses - you will likely see it without tights and teamed with lace in a future post. x.

Despite being on the tube for over an hour, I think I really "worked" the environment. Ha!

When I finally reached my destination - Gok was waiting (well, I bumped into him). Not my best photo - but he thought I looked fabulous. Oh yeah!

I rocked the Tube in a Torrid dress, Peacocks shrug, BHS tights and Wittner shoes. All pieces are from previous collections.

Smooch - Em. x.

Winner of the Daisy Eve Ring!

In the Daisy Eve Ring giveaway, there were 15 comments in all... I went to the "Random Number Generator" at Random.Org and got the result... 3!

Beth of Pretty in Plus is the lucky winner! Beth - just email me through your details, or FB them, or Twitter! and I will send you the ring.

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who entered.

Smooch. Em. x.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Blog Update!

Hey there all my fellow Bloggers and Readers,

This is quite simply a blog update. If you are a member of the Independent Fashion Bloggers, I created a group on there a while back for "Curvy Fatsionistas and Plus Size Bloggers" and I want to encourage you to join. I can see a lot of bloggers already have (there are 23 members) but if there are any others on IFB - I think it could be cool if we were all members. I also regularly submit my links to the Links A La Mode which is a great way to increase traffic to your site. I had one of my links published a while back and suddenly got a surge in new & random hits.

I am also a contributor to the SKORCH Magazine Fashion Blog and will now submit all my content to them, as well as pop it up here on my blog. "Plus Size Model Mag" decided to take some inspiration from something I posted last week, so to make sure my ideas are credited and acknowledged, you will see a lot more of my posts on SKORCH. Indeed, if you are a blogger - you might want to look into finding a magazine/blog affiliate - lots of bloggers are doing this and it is also a great way to increase your site's traffic and protect your ideas for content!

Just a quick reminder that you can add me on Facebook and Twitter, if you haven't already done so. AND you can follow me through "Friend Connect" - I can't recall why, but I took this off my site for a while... it is now back up if you would like to FOLLOW ME!

Two new outfit posts coming this week!

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

Smooch. Em. x.

Friday, 16 April 2010

ASOS Curve Models...

EDIT - January 2011 -

I just wanted to update this post. I look at fashion a wee bit differently than I did when I first started talking about the Model choices at ASOS. I think that ALL the women modeling are stunning. My earlier frustrations, looking back on these posts is more that they were not always a great representation. It is clear ASOS, with the amazing current choice of model has made a huge effort. All the clothes look amazing on the current models, and I think the women - who all look different and healthy and curvy are a great representation. I especially think this as it looks like the "sample" sizes are being MADE for their curves too - thereby better representing the shape on them, AND the shape on us. That, or the clthes are pinned VERY well.
I love the girls - Laura, Justine, Bree, Amy etc. are amazing! Stunning. I think they are great choices and beautiful women.
In fact, I have interviewed one of them (as of May 2011) - Bree Warren - HERE... She is amazing.

I thought about taking my earlier posts (below) down, but I know they brought up a lot of debate and indeed - responses from ASOS. I have a great deal of respect for their responses as well as your responses. Clearly - I have posted several ASOS Curve outfits on this site since writing these pieces and do love the clothes... These posts will stay, but if you read them, please note that my blog has organically changed in the last year. I believe in a complete celebration of fashion and curves - I respect what ASOS do and how they provide for us. I think they have made strides from the first early steps they made and think the clothes they make are beautifully represented... I haven't always loved the clothes or how they have showcased them... but I do now.


Rant. Rant. Rant. You've read me bring this up before...


I just got a really good and honest reply on the ASOS Live Community about the choice of models for Curve... I am posting what ASOSFi said in reply to the posts (including mine)... I suggest though, that to maintain the integrity and context of what ASOSFi said, that heading to the actual, original post which contains 12 posts in all (at the moment) is the best idea.

The original topic was:

Is the Model featured a Plus-Size Model?

ASOSFi Wrote -


Thanks for your reply.

I understand where you are coming from, but in the world of modelling plus size is considered anything over a size 12 - I know that sounds completely insane but it is just the way the industry works.

I have spent the last 6 months pouring blood, sweat and tears into finding an appropriate Curve model, literally, it's very close to my heart and it saddens me to hear you aren't happy with our choices.
Unfortunately, the plus sized model industry isn't that large, and it's extremely hard to find a model that would be right for ASOS that is also a size 20. It's probably the hardest challenge I have faced in my two years working here. I have met every plus sized model in London.

The issue is, when we're casting we take so many things into account, we really need the creme de la creme of the model scene here because it's very full on - every model has a certain number of shots they need to get in a day, quickly. Also not everyone photographs well under our lighting, the model needs to be in proportion otherwise they aren't showing off the clothes well. We need girls with good hair and skin, because we don't have time to keep doing their make-up. These are all things we need to consider, which makes finding a model extremely difficult.

I also have to say we are following the same path as every other plus sized retailer, and in many cases we have bigger models than them. One of our plus sized girls has told me stories of her having to wear a fatsuit for shoots, whereas another has told me about her being digitally enhanced to look bigger - ASOS would NEVER ever hop on this bandwagon. We'd prefer to be truthful to our customers.

Doing a model comp is something we have discussed but these sorts of things take a lot of planning... so keep looking!



I find this answer very interesting and honest, but there are other thoughts swirling about in my head too... what do other people think? It is clear that ASOSFi is very passionate and her response says a lot.

I just want to mention that I do like a lot from the ASOS Curve range and check their new items often - I also think the models are stunning.

For more ASOS Curve Action - I also always check what Devon is wearing from ASOS Curve - she is a more faithful representation of what the clothes will look like... I also love checking out the ASOS Fit Model Vanessa Reece's blog where she posts recaps of Fit Sessions as well as pictures of her in the clothes too! There is now a fanpage group that you can join on Facebook too!

Oh, and how cool is a search for a model idea? I would love to see an actual size 20-26 rocking the Curve. Thoughts?

Smooch. x.

PLEASE NOTE: Since this original post ASOS has actually pushed this debate further by advertising the thread on both twitter and their "Community Home Page" - it is all worth a look, no matter what your opinion and certainly, it is great to see such a healthy and live venting of thoughts online.
This has also been discussed on Facebook at the "I love ASOS Curve Club" fanpage which are where I posted my final comments... the same text is in the comments section below.

PS - Am I mistaken, or is the ASOS CURVE model (above) Australian Laura Wells? I posted a picture of Laura here sending love to BGM Models... same girl, right?

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Headless/Invisible Women.

There are two blog posts that have really caught my attention in the past few days and they touch on similar topics... I think they make interesting observations about curvy/plus-size/fat/large people (be they men or women) in the media. I wanted to point these posts out because I keep going back and reading them, as well as mulling the topic over in my head. They pose interesting questions - so take a look:
Incidentally - you will see I have commented on Mezzo Fashionisto's article as well as sent the photo featured in this post to Sarah of Return to Sender for her Non-Headless-Fatty project.

I have a feeling I will return to these posts in the next couple of days - and would love to see any more comments anyone might have.

(I am wearing the AMAZING Golden Dreams dress by Carmakoma with a Shrug by City Chic, oh and despite the prominence of the logo in recent posts, I'm not sponsored by Motorola!).

Smooch. x.

Some Model Love

If you follow plus-size fashion you certainly know who Crystal Renn and Lizzie Miller are. Today, I've been doing some research on Lizzie Miller as I thought it would be cool to do a post on another plus-size model, having already looked at Renn, as well as Canadian Justine Legault. I was on YouTube, looking for Miller and seeing if I could find some cool quotes when I stumbled across this great find... you may have seen it, but I don't care - gems are worth sharing and looking at again and again...

This is Crystal Renn and Lizzie Miller backstage for Elena Miro (my favourite!) during her Spring/Summer collection in Milan for 2010. The women aren't just strutting their stuff either - these babes are talking - giving insights into their careers and showing that they are some pretty awesome/lovely women too.

I really love how these women, who have done so well - look so great modeling and being photographed together.
I love that one is a blonde and the other a brunette too.
Just beautiful.

Another great Elena Miro video from the F/W collection which features both Crystal and Lizzie modeling as well as Lizzie talking again also needs to be posted.

And finally - I can't embed this last video, but here is the clip from when Crystal, Lizzie, Kate Dillon etc. were all on ELLEN last year. Enjoy it here! x.

I will do some more outfit posts soon, as well as post my fave pics and finds from my Lizzie Miller search. Don't forget to enter the give-away from my last post!

Smooch. x.

Images sourced from Google via 100Moda.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

April Evans Review and Mini-Giveaway!

Last week, Evans had Cosmopolitain UK contribute to their blog and as part of that collaboration, Evans held an Event Night on Thursday (4pm until close) with 20% off in selected stores. I went along so that I could tell you about it, as well as take advantage of the discount!

This was a pretty great event. I walked in and was immediately given the flyer explaining everything...
  • 20% off EVERYTHING (!!)
  • Exclusive Cosmo subscription offer
  • Complimentary Drinks - water and champagne
  • A chance to win an outfit styled by the Cosmo Fashion Director
  • A Nail Bar
  • PLUS a Goody Bag if you spent £50 or more.
I got my bottle of water as soon as I walked in. I appreciate the effort that had gone into these. Cute little bottles with custom labels ARE very cool and make for clever marketing. I then made a bee-line for the nail bar. Okay people, confession? I have been a serial nail-biter these last thirty years. Three weeks ago, for the first time in my life - I made a choice to stop. I have "tried" to stop before - but never just thought - "I am going to stop this now". And I have stopped. I need to keep colour on my nails to resist the temptation to bite (even that gross tasting stuff won't stop me) - and I have done okay so far...

At Evans, last Thursday - I had someone professional paint my nails for the very first time. I LOVED it and easily, this was one of the most popular features from the night. I was second in line, and literally - before the girl even started my nails - there were five people behind me waiting. Such a great touch by Evans! My nails were filed, cleaned, coated with base, two coats of colour and then a strengthener on top. For free and with no obligation to buy anything. WOW.

The discount on offer, 20% off everything in store, was excellent, so after my nails were done, I grabbed one of the complimentary glasses of Champagne and wondered about... As a compulsive buyer I also spent over £50 gaining access to a pretty cool goody bag which had:
  • This months Cosmo UK (worth £3.40)
  • Subscription offer to Cosmo UK
  • A hotel offer
  • A bag of Maltesers
  • A pretty Daisy Eve ring (worth £8)
  • A gorgeous, buttery soft scarf (probably worth £10-£12).
All of this came in a nice, big cardboard Evans bag.

Now, my only gripes from the evening really would be that having spent £50, I had to ask the man who served me for my Goody Bag: he finished the sale and walked away... I then waited for him to come back before I asked. I actually saw that happen to a few other women too - who also had to ask; I think that's a bit poor. Secondly, I saw nothing anywhere about how to win the outfit styled by Cosmo - and, I think my biggest issue was that the dress worn by Crystal on the promotional flyer wasn't available (I asked). I don't get that.

All in all though, it was a fabulous night... I tried on clothes and here they are for you - REVIEWED... (I am noting sizes as I go - I still think there are some inconsistencies with the clothing sizes between structured clothes and non-structured clothes).
This is a lovely dress. It feels nice, is lined (Evans dresses are certainly not always lined) and sat really well on my body. I love the sleeves and it feels ultra feminine. I bought this... BUT, I am going to return it. For me - the pattern isn't quite right (indeed Beth, of Pretty-In-Plus thought the same). It is a kick-arse design though and if you like the pattern - GO FOR IT!
This is great and feminine, if I was into long-line tops, it would be a definite purchase. This has some baby pleating from the bust to help it sit really nicely over your chest.

This grey face top is a pretty lovely item. I rekon I could have gone down to a 16 in it though, the cut is a little TOO generous, it looks great on though and the sequin embellishments really work well. I like that the face is so low, meaning the eyes and proportions of the image don't get distorted by my chest.

I LOVE this waterfall cover-up. What a PERFECT find for summer. Feminine and amazingly light. I can imagine wearing this with dresses, but also my more edgier looks. I adore it and if you're into cardigans or boleros, I recommend it!

I can't find this online (so let me know if you see a link!)... size 16.
This is a very cutesy, feminine dress which feels nice on... for me though, it has nowhere near enough structure and hangs from my breasts in a way I don't like. If I am honest, I think it looks okay in this shot - but wearing it is a bit too much like wearing a sack for me.
This is made very well. It sits wonderfully across my chest and subtly works with my waist and cuts perfectly above my hip. The 3/4 sleeves make this a perfect spring jacket as does the light denim used. As for the studs? Well, they add a dose of awesome. I didn't buy it because I can't quite justify another jacket but I do recommend it!

I am not into Blazers, but I know a lot of people are so tried this Lace item. Like the denim jacket above, this is made for a curvy body. It isn't quite as soft as the Lace Cover-Up but it would be a superb addition to a spring/summer wardrobe.

These seem to have disappeared from online, so I have linked to the grey version which is available in a few sizes only. There were LOADS of peach ones instore! This is a great, sleeveless top with a lace yoke. If you can find it, try it on because it would be a great summer addition.

Now, I have tried this Blazer and the Top with my dress underneath (Golden Dreams Dress by Carmakoma) because Evans STILL doesn't have any little skirts to team their tops with. What's that about?

And now... My first giveaway...

In the Goody-bag I got from Evans there was a Daisy Eve ring (RRP £8.00) that isn't quite my style so I thought giving it to one of the readers of my blog was the best plan! It's an adjustable ring and quite cute with its love-heart petals and pink centre - if you'd like to win this ring please just leave a comment below and I will use a random number generator to select a winner on Monday 19th April at midday (GMT)*.

Good luck!

Smooch - Em. x

*Please note that any comments I make WILL be included in the total number of comments and if the number generator selects one of my comments, I will run the generator again
*The first comment will be number 1, second comment will be number 2... etc.
*You may enter from anywhere in the world.