Friday, 26 February 2010

Oh, the places...

I was thinking about the inspiration behind the name for this blog... "Oh, The Places You'll Go!" It is entirely inspired by a Dr. Seuss book. It is an amazing book which basically rhymes its way through life's ups and downs. It is the kind of book that keeps you grounded and makes you appreciate things, but also gives you a lift when you need one. That is basically what I want my blog to be like. I want it to be positive and lovely... the line on my banner "You'll find the bright places where Boom Bands are playing," is fabulous to me. It is how I live life - with excitement and energy, because you never know where all those Boom Bands are - so you should try and embrace and enjoy everything.

I wanted to post some of my favourite things for you. I want to show you the things I particularly love and enjoy - it took me a while to understand myself in fashion, but now that I do, I could not be happier or more confident when I leave the house.

A favorite dress. I bought this in Australia, last time I was home. I bought it in Myer and it is part of the store's own plus-size range, Estelle. This is such a stunning dress and I wear it here with a shrug bought at H&M and necklace from Mimco. This dress is just perfect for my figure as it cuts under the bust and then shapes the rest of my body really nicely. The dress came with the thin black belt you can see, and is made of a heavy cotton, so the dress (which is also lined) feels really well-structured. This is a dress I always feel really confident wearing and it fits just so well! I always love discovering how great a retailer's own plus-size brand can be. I must have tried on about ten dresses the day I bought this one, but this was my fave! Depending on how I accessorise, I can wear this dress out for dinner or easily to work. I love it!

Beautiful Accessories. I sometimes think the key to really polishing an outfit is accessories... you can have the most flattering outfit on, but it can sometimes lose its edge without the right shoes. I think an outfit can really shine with the right footwear, jewelry and handbag and sometimes these seemingly simple things are key to really looking fierce. Some of my favourite accessories are featured in the photo above... I have simple items too - classic pieces, but I love statement items... they are the kind of things I will wear on their own - to really let them shine, or I will occassionally wear a bunch of them together so that my outfit and style is eye-catching.

I really believe every morning when I wake up, that although I may have a plan - I never really know where I may end up - I want to be ready and I want to look good when I get there... especially if the Boom Bands are playing.

Smooch. x.

(Brands represented in the image above include: Radley, Mimco, Accessorize).

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Vogue! And not the Madonna kind.

Check out Gabi's great post over at Young, Fat and Fabulous right now!

This is amazing - Gabi (pictured) has the scoop on how Vogue Italia now has a curvy section online and it will feature Gabi as a vlogger, as well as Sakina from another of my favourite blogs - Saks in the City. In fact, Sakina is featured in one of the current vlogs from Paris!

What phenomenal news! Go Gabi and Sakina! Congratulations and I can't wait to see more of you online!

Smooch. x.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The power of Red.

So, I have had a bit of a crap couple of days. The details as to why, are not really needed here - but I thought I would write about the wonderfully superficial things I have done to improve my mood.

I love red lipstick. More accurately, I love Mac Ruby Woo Matte lipstick (Left: I wear Ruby Woo with an old-school Torrid dress). Ruby Woo is a bright red, 1950s style matte lipstick and is the kind of colour Betty Boop would have worn had she been flesh and blood as opposed to illustration... I found Ruby Woo a couple of years ago. I was watching Project Runway and one of the designers had black hair and wore red lipstick everyday. I loved the look, and as someone who has dark dark brown hair (currently dyed brown-black), I felt I needed to get myself some red lips. Mac is my makeup of choice, so was the obvious place to go. My lipstick requirements are pretty simple - the only thing I insist on, is that I don't have to reapply 150 times a day, and that is why I went for matte lipstick. You put it on and it stays on, and VIBRANT. In fact, unless I eat hot food or drink a coffee (which warms the lipstick up and makes it come off a bit), I know I won't have to reapply it at all during the day if I don't want to...

Yesterday, with more than a little angst onboard, I wore my Ruby Woo and decided to head to Oxford Street in London to check out a new fragrance. As I walked through Selfridges, a salesperson at Clinique had me try an eye cream and then right after that, someone from Benefit approached me and asked if she could give me a makeover - for free. Well, I say - you gotta love a mid-week makeover rut, because there were plenty of cosmetics people looking for a girl to primp...

I was that girl.

(When shops are empty and there are heaps of people standing about like lemmings, they are BORED, so trying things on with the possibility you may buy later is a-okay and relatively no-pressure!).

At Benefit, I had all my makeup removed; primers, base and highlights applied and then bronzer brushed on. It was natural and lovely and a wonderfully feminine way to spend a half hour. I approached YSL where they had me try a mascara and then at Chanel I had gloss applied over my Ruby Woo (which I had managed to keep on the whole time). It was lovely and feminine. As I went to leave the store, I was then approached by someone selling hot irons who asked "Would I like my hair straightened?"


Ruby Woo Lipstick by Mac
Purple Biker Jacket by Evans
Hair and makeup by various department store counters!

The fact of the matter is - yesterday, I wore Ruby Woo as a way to cheer myself up and by the end of the day I felt completely made-over... because I was, and for FREE.

Today, I made myself up at home before heading out. Now, in all honesty, I always leave the house looking relatively pretty. I like to glam up a bit (whether naturally or fierce) before going out - but this morning, I went for fierce. And what a difference fierce makes.

I have had an angsty couple of days - but thanks to Ruby Woo and the power of Red, I have felt fierce and superficially a whole lot better... and let's face it - while superficially better, isn't anything like being genuinely okay - it sure beats the heck out of feeling like crap.

Until next time - whether Neutral or Fierce, Stay Glam People, because on those down days - it might be something as simple as lipstick that makes you feel just that little bit better. x.

Lipstick: Ruby Woo by MAC
Dress: Old Season Torrid

Smooch. x.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Justine Legault

Justine Legault is a plus-size model who hails from Quebec, Canada. At 5'9", she wears a size 14, measures 36d-32-45 and has the most stunning blue-green eyes. I have decided that every now and again on this blog, I am going to push forward my style loves and inspirations. I have only recently discovered Justine and wanted to share her with everyone.

I found the shot of her in jeans and a white singlet (pictured below) and wanted to know more about her. What a beautiful face and such stunning curves. I think the most beautiful thing for me about all these shots is just how feminine Justine looks... I also really like that there is a bit of edge in each of the photos below, I think she looks particularly cool in the empty pool shot and just a little "caught-out" in the open door pic at the bottom. Curves and edge. I love it!

Justine Legault is represented internationally by Ford in Toronto and Scoop in Montreal.

UK Street Plus!

Check it out ladies - Debenhams, is using size 16 mannequins in their shop window in Oxford Street in London... and if the models prove popular, they will be rolled out nationwide!

This is amazingly great news for the curves of fashion, as a department store gets realistic. A whopping 42% of ladies clothes sold at Debenhams go to women in size 14 or 16!

In another plus, the mannequins are wearing clothes designed by Ben Di Lisi, a designer loved by Kate Winslet (seen here wearing Di Lisi at the 2002 Academy Awards). The great thing about this choice is that he designs beautiful, high-end garments which work for curves.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Okay - make sure you let Debenhams know how much you love their new mannequins. They have their blog, are on facebook , flickr AND twitter... get posting, pass this on and let's make sure Debenhams know that this is a fantastic move!

Smooch. x.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Winter me This!

I woke up this morning and there was snow on the ground. Light, barely noticeable powder, that will be gone as soon as the sun hits height in the sky. But lovely, magical and like a fairytale. For this Aussie, living in England, mornings like this do make for magic.
Winter has been interesting... first, I had to find the right Winter coat. I bought one last year, but it was bought late in the season and was not really something I loved. This year, I scoured the stores - LOADS of them, looking for the right coat that would work with my curves as well keep me warm... I eventually found this lovely purple wool-blend coat at BHS. My shape likes it when things cut under my breast. I am a little bit of an hour glass (large hips and breasts with a smaller waist) but to make this all work, being a plus - I often prefer a defined line under the bust. I am 5ft 5inches, so I find this definition helps lengthen me (I will always defer to a bolero as opposed to a full length cardigan). Apart from a coat belted under the bust, I also wanted it to cut just above my knee, again, to lengthen me and make my calves look a little longer. I rock that lookregularly too actually - My skirts and dresses always sit between the top of my knee and butt to lengthen my leg and flatter me. I love wearing boots knee-high boots so it all works nicely.

At the moment, sales are on. Proper end of winter sales. Clearance! As someone who is pretty much a steady weight (consistent across the last five years), I know my size won't change much by next season and so I love to look at what everyone has to offer.

Torrid has a pretty good range as does Evans. Carmakoma is also rocking the winter look right now with Dooberry also on sale. BHS has a range of good winter coats that would see you through the rest of the UK winter, or indeed, a great range of Macs that will work well into Spring. The fact of the matter is, right now, if you are a fairly consistent weight, it isn't a bad time to think about woolen coats to use for the rest of this season into next. Woolen coats really do run at a high price and so sales and clearance can be just the thing to counter that. The best thing would be to buy a relatively classic style - mine is a Double Breasted knee length coat... for maximum warmth try for a percentage of wool - and to mix it up - find some hot winter items to team with it... In the pics above, I am wearing a very simple £10 scarf from H&M. It is all about playing with style and having fun - just because it is winter, doesn't mean your outer layer has to be dull - enjoy February and why not grab yourself a bargain in the end of season sales?

My BHS coat glammed up for New Years in Paris with a scarf I got for Christmas and hat I bought in the sales for £8.50 at Accessorize.