Tuesday, 26 January 2010

ASOS Curve...

So, last week we saw the launch of ASOS Curve. The latest buzz is that the items are of excellent quality and provide a true-fit for the size guide. Looking at the items, I am both excited and disappointed... I know, those seem like conflicting emotions huh? They are...

For the plus - The items seem to be great staples, with a couple of really lovely pieces thrown in, like the Floral Waisted Dress (RRP £28), pictured. Online reviewers seem very pleased with the pieces and let's face it - they look really hot on the women they were designed for. In fact - to take a look at gorgeous curvy women in ASOS Curve gear head to Saks in the City, Young, Fat and Fabulous or Musings of a Fatshionista. These women look fabulous and with little effort sell these clothes. They make them look hot and the clothes really do fit them well. Which brings me to the minus side of ASOS Curve.

I really dislike this model. According to ASOS employees on the ASOS Curve community the model is a size 20-26. I think that is a bit rich. Maybe, MAYBE she is a tall plus-size girl, but it just seems so unlikley she hits a 20. The clothing is billowy on her in a lot of the catwalk videos and frankly, I find this choice of model disappointing and she leaves me uninterested. I mean, thank goodness the bloggers listed above have posted their curves in these clothes... they sell these clothes much more effectively and make them look pretty and highly wearable.

I am also a little disappointed that there aren't that many really innovative items. I think ASOS prides itself on really cutting edge, relevant and up to the moment fashion - these pieces feel far more basic than that. Granted, some are great classic pieces, I mean, elegant can be very sexy - I think the Pontiroma Seamed Pencil Dress (RRP £38), pictured is just lovely, but I guess I expected something more. A little "WOW" factor, I guess. Apparently, the forums for ASOS Curve are indicating that the range will be updated a couple of times each week... so let's just wait and see if they can really WOW us yet.

Smooch. x.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Aussie Curves.

This is certainly worth a look ladies. Last night in Australia there was an editorial on one of the Current Affairs shows on plus size models and the face of Australian fashion and where they anticipate fashion, models and "real women" heading this year. The story takes a little while to get going, but it does eventually punch up towards the end. The amazing City Chic was featured, but in the story it also comes to light that some other labels in OZ have just upped their size range.

Charlie Brown doesn't look to have the greatest online store - but if you are in Australia, why not head in and see what the fuss is about... apparently the store now caters to a size 16... while the amazing (and expensive) Leona Edmiston boutique now offers some designs up to a size 24. That is fabulous!

Also - keeping in Australia, there is a great article on ninemsn from last week about Aussie plus size models and their increasing demand. I love that models like Abby Valdes (pictured above) are doing so well! AND I find it heartening that fashion culture is catching up.
Take a look at the Editorial from A Current Affair - as I mention it limps at first but feels like it packs quite a punch as plus size fashion hits it's stride toward the end.

As an aside City Chic has just released a whole heap of really lovely, feminine items for the Australian Summer, like the Top "Frill Front Stripe" (RRP $49.95 AUD) - so why not get online and support fashion from down under. City Chic is my favourite Aussie plus-size store, and certainly is of an excellent quality - why not check out their sale too!

Smooch. x.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

ASOS Curve to go live next Friday!

ASOS posted a small preview on its message boards of the above looks for new plus line, ASOS Curve. I am very curious to see what else they have on offer - I think they have posted some nice, if conservative/safe pieces here (love that blue dress though!).

So don't forget, get your butt over to ASOS on January 22nd to see what else they have!

Inspired by Crystal Renn

Last year when browsing through the web, I came across this great article on Crystal Renn from the UK newspaper, The Guardian. It is a pretty amazing article, with a lot of insight into Crystal, her upbringing, struggles with weightloss and her current take on her current "fuller" figure. My favourite paragraph is as follows:

"The irony, of course, is that Crystal Renn is really not fat. She's not even chubby. She's 5ft 9in. Her vital statistics are 38-31-42. She's slight enough to get away with not wearing a bra. The idea that she's plus size seems daft, I suggest. But she resents the idea that everyone has an opinion on the breadth of her thighs. "If they judge me for not being big enough, is that not the same as judging me for not being thin enough? When do we stop? My size shouldn't matter," she says. "Let's get rid of straight size and plus size. It's bullshit. Just say model. Full stop."

I like that, I like the definition of her as being a "model", defined as plus or no - the lady is hot.
In my last blog, I wrote about V Magazine doing the Size Issue and a part of that is to compare designer-wear on different body types, they place Crystal in the same outfits as new Spring sensation, model Jacquelyn Jablonski. There is an obvious size difference there... but as I flick through the pages, I can't help but think Crystal looks prettier, healthier, sexier and far more feminine. Now, before anyone thinks that is me criticizing Jacquelyn, let me stop you there - I just like Crystal and her curves MORE is all I am saying.

Crystal Renn is a stunner. She has been used in campaigns by Evans and Torrid as well as been in many Vogue editorials and a cover girl for magazines like Harper's Bazzar (Russia) and Elle Italia. As you can see in this article by the New York Post, Crystal Renn is THE INSPIRATION for the V Magazine Size issue. That is amazing.

To read more about Crystal online - Wikipedia has a nice base article that compliments the links I have already posted... otherwise, if you enjoy paperbacks, why not pick up Crystal's book "Hungry".

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The Size Issue...

There is no doubt that in the world of fashion, plus-size and curvy women are just completely under represented. I am so excited by the online fashion spread in the current issue of V Magazine. It centres around women with curves - and while these women are by no means huge they are certainly breaking the modeling mould.

What absolute stunners. I mean, check out this video preview!

I'm deliberately not posting the information on what the models are wearing, as there are six glorious pages and photos to look through - and I want you to do just that. The fact is - the more people who take a look at the site will increase traffic, not just to V - but to that particular page... that can only encourage the editors to do more layouts with curvier girls!

The image of the models in bathing suits at the top of this blog is my absolute favourite, I think the girls are styled just beautifully, but also - those costumes are lovely, I am not sure how I would go in a nude bathing suit - but certainly, I would totally rock that blue one.

The hardcopy of the magazine will hit newstands on the 14th of January, until then - check it all out online at V Magazine: Curves Ahead! as well as see other previews of the issue at models.com - both here (for sexy model shoot) and here (for Coco-a-go-go by Karl Lagerfeld)!

Seriously - HOT!

Monday, 11 January 2010

It is time to buy!

Well - sales!

In my last post, I wrote about the stunning gear from Carmakoma. Well, the ladies have everything at 50% off and with shipping newly reduced to a mere 20 or so bucks - it is worth buying. Indeed, I am so happy with the dresses I bought previously, I am going to buy at least one of them again. Now, I know that the final clearance for Carakoma usually goes to a 70% reduction in the full price stock, but if you are new to this brand and may have issues with sizing or fit stick to the current sale - where refunds and exchanges are still possible. Final Clearance sales do not allow them!

Also exciting is that the ladies have published their latest Look Book for Spring 2010... and although items are not yet available to buy - they are also worth a look. The image in this blog is the dress "Republic" and will be available to purchase soon. It also comes in black... HOT!

Other places having sales right now:

City Chic Online store. The "Kiss it Goodbye" sale has some lovely pieces from the Australian store's Summer 2009-2010 collection.

Evans has reductions which are up to 90% off on many of their styles.

Torrid has just added another 375 items to their clearance section!

Nordstrom has a 40% sale on loads of their great clothes right now too in a multitude of sizes!

I love the sales and always find I go a little crazy (especially after christmas). No matter who you are or how curvy you are, I bet you can find something flattering, hot and hip at at least one of these sites!

Happy Shopping!