Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Weighty issue - Crystal and I.

Crystal Renn

It is constantly a topic on so many plus/curvy and fashion/fatshion websites. It's not always bloggers who bring it up either - it can be written in comments as well as in posts... it is the question of the gorgeous Crystal Renn and her weight.

Crystal is a woman who has endured an eating disorder trying to remain a teeny-tiny model - only to bounce back and become one of the world's most famous plus-size models. In an article in the Daily Mail today, Crystal addresses her weight loss.

Crystal is amazing with and without an abundance of curves. I adore her... From the curve of her breasts when she carries a little more weight - to her current slender/toned figure - she is stunning. Fierce. Gorgeous.

I am a blogger who has always been curvy. Always been fat. I LOVE myself. I LOVE our fashion. I DO have great curves and I DO know how to wear them. I have never considered myself any more "real" than any other woman (for example, models). We are ALL real women. Recently a website forum in Europe decided to focus on some plus-size bloggers and pegged me as looking okay... not "too" fat. This perplexed me. To be put up next to other bloggers and described as not "too" fat. It's just fat. Curvy, Round, Plus-size - whatever you like... And it's okay with me. I am beautiful and it is okay for me to be beautiful and be fat. Those words CAN be used in the same sentence.

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When I started my blog, it was to look at fashion. For curvettes. Simple. Oh, The Places You'll Go does occasionally dip into the realm of fatshion and fat acceptance too. But just one site mentioning my weight - and then comparing me to other people - my blogger friends - perplexed me. I accept I put myself forward for that - to a degree, what with having this blog and all... but I don't have to enjoy that aspect of running a blog.

Goodness knows what it must be like for Crystal Renn - being constantly compared to herself.

The issue of Crystal Renn and her weight, for me, is tired. Whether we agree or disagree she is, as far as the modeling and fashion world is concerned - a Plus-Size model. She is an amazing woman who battled a terrible condition - got through it and she should now be an inspiration.

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PPS - I won't reveal the European website that discussed the bloggers and their weight... they don't deserve the hits and I like my fellow bloggers far too much...

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  1. Thats a strange thing with this comparing blogger. I mean yes I could say that you are thinner than I am, but whats the point anyway? You can't say "She is a fat blogger and she is a less fat blogger and the next one is a middel fat blogger...and so on." Thats just more than useless and stupid People are always trying to find the border where you can say "That is too much fat or that is just too skinny!", but I think they are just searching for a thing like that to put themselves in a kind of zone between this two borders because than they can say "I am normal."
    I hope you got what I meant ^^

  2. Hi Em,

    I agree with you - Crystal does always look amazing no matter what her size. But the thing that annoys me is I feel she's a bit of a sell out. After reading her autobiography I thought that she preferred herself bigger, and that now she has contradicted that. To me I'm now left wondering whether the story she sold us in her book was a farse, and that she just pretended to be happy at a UK 16. I think also that people are a bit annoyed as she has only made a name for herself and got where she is today because she was bigger than most models, and had something different to offer, but now she seems to be buying into the "slim" ideal, just like Sophie Dahl did x

  3. Hi KayTee - I haven't read Crystal's book... so can't comment so much on that. What I can say from my own experience is that while I have struggled like most people with my self-image and self-love at times, I have mostly always been happy with how I am. A few years ago though, I went through something devastating and part of my defense/coping was that I lifestyle changed... I found the energy exerted exercising as well as sweating (would you believe) made me feel better. I lost a little bit of weight and my body changed shape. These days, I exercise on and off. I was happy before this change (with myself physically) and after... but the process of going through all that was more about mentally sorting things out... it was little to do with weight. I was happy before... and then - from a terrible situation, I needed to cope and used exercise as a mechanism. I'm happy now too. I can't speak for Crystal - but for myself... that is how I feel. Happy both ways - although different. xxx.

    Katrin - I agree that that kind of comparisan is stupid and useless. I totally understand what you mean. I hate these "boxes" and the insistence on putting people into categories. I completely understand your point - maybe they are just trying to search for a way to make themselves normal... by making everyone else abnormal! Thanks lovely. xxx.

  4. I saw the forum you are on about. I just hate that they took my quote out of context. When you & Lauren accidentally got linked in the quote, saying "...so you can see the fit on a real body", I didn't mean that plus bodies were more real than thin bodies. I just meant literally on a real body, not a mannequin. >.< I've changed the text now to be more clear. I do not think any one body type is more real than another.

  5. Georgina - Angel... that is NOT a message about you at all in my blog post. It is about them. Completely about the forum. I (in no way) meant that I had an issue with anything you wrote (or write - I LOVE your blog)... it was the way they took the posts and manipulated the words etc. It was THEIR comparisons that perplexed me. You are one of my favourite bloggers and I LOVE what you do. xxx.

  6. I think anyone can be beautiful no matter what size, Crystal included. I could just imagine the pressure she'd be under & I often imagine she'd feel like she can't do anything right. Fat, thin, curvy, what does it matter, as long as you are happy in yourself!

    I'm proud to be plus size, it's who I am, who I have always been. I'm proud to be part of this amazing circle of bloggers. I don't look at other bloggers and see "she's fatter" or "she's thinner", I see amazing plus size ladies who all have their own take on fashion. It annoys me the worls still judges do much on size.

  7. Thank you for writing this honey! I love her too and think exactly the same. I'd rather see her on the runway than super tiny ladies or beth ditto ( I love the woman but please someone dress her right!!!)

    Other bloggers comparing you, that is just horrid. I've had people take what I've written, cut it up and put their own insults on top (all false and never things i said to them) to support their ideas and cause.

    I'm currently on a health kick and getting my body back into its proper shape after winter. I'm always a big girl but I'm just slimming down a little as the weight is horrid for my spine and the issues that come with it. I'm sure this is going to annoy some bloggers out there.

    And do you know what? I'm sure if I had Crystals lifestyle and love for outdoors I'd be super thin too.

  8. Well said, thank you! While I'm on the fence and leaning towards "stop!" in terms of how very much attention gets put on plus-size models (most of whom, like Renn, do not qualify as "plus size" once off the runway) I think that even I still need the reminder that models count as real people, too.

  9. I feel sad when you say you are fat but you are happy with that. It's like you have to justify your size. Sometimes I feel when people say they are happy they are covering themselves to not be attacked. Especially on the net.

    You are not fat.
    People on the internet compared you, but you yourself are judging your very own body.
    You are fat? Compared to who? A model? A teenager in the racks trying on the same outfit at the shops? Your sibling?
    I adore your blog because you are a lovely person. You have fantastic fashion. You are smart and gave me excellent advice about bras.
    I just wish you wouldn't say you are fat. Just say you are beautiful.

  10. Hi Toni -

    I want to do a big clarify! The thing is, I don't write "I am fat, but happy...". I tried, in this post to be quite distinctive in terms of saying I am beautiful... writing...

    "I am beautiful and it is okay for me to be beautiful and be fat. Those words CAN be used in the same sentence."

    I actually DON'T really look at myself in terms of being fat or not. I usually write that I am a curvy - because as a body adjective - that is how I see myself. I LOVE my curves - I have had them a long time and they are pretty much how I have always known myself. I grew up in a very amazing atmosphere where physical appearance was never something that was picked on and my parents always ensured us kids knew we were beautiful. And I am. In relation to that, I don't really look at other people and think "well, she's pretty for a fat girl (or thin girl etc.)." My mum taught me that. In fact, I remember very distinctly telling her one day, "Gosh you're so pretty for your age mum..." and she responded by gently saying to me I should just say she looks pretty... because pretty IS pretty and qualifiers have little to do with that.

    My issues in this post come from a comparison really. The forum, pegged me as being "okay and not "TOO" fat". I HATE that. I take issue with the fact they think I look okay because THEY deem me to not be TOO fat. It is the worst kind of back handed compliment and that is the reason for my response. That and comparing myself to other gorgeous female bloggers. I consider those bloggers kindred spirits and friends.

    I feel lucky for my body, for the most part - it is very healthy and I don't take that for granted. And just as I am happy with my body, I am happy with my personality and soul.

    So please don't be sad.

    I always hope my blog conveys a positive message. Because THAT's how I feel.

    And I have enjoyed writing this to you. x.


    PS - Did you by a Banger Booster? Or did you get measured and try something new?

  11. Natalie, Teer & Diana - I will come back and post to your comments later. Thank you for them. I am pleased you enjoyed and found some value in what I wrote. xxx.

  12. Oh no Em! I'm sorry!
    I think you are very positive. I love it here.
    Thank you for writing back. I hope I didn't hurt your feelings. I'm sorry.
    ps - I got measured properly and I think I even have different posture! Thank you so much!


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