Monday, 18 October 2010

Vlogging It!

Hi there lovelies - Just a quick vlog today to update you on how I am doing. I am marching along with much clearer lungs right now, so will have updates with outfits very soon.

In the Vlog above, I mention my Reader Feature for October. What I would love is for you to send me a picture of yourself in an LBD that I can include in my end of month feature. This is an all-inclusive feature for my readers, with no one being excluded based on size... I have had a couple of smaller girls write and ask about submitting a photo and the answer is - Go Ahead.

YES - my blog is based around gorgeous plus-size fashion, but this feature is supposed to be a showcase of my readers' style... I want to show how stunning my female readers are - all shapes and sizes, and having been excluded from a good portion of fashion for most of my life - I don't plan on excluding any one of my readers! This is a celebration of all of us. And yes, I am aware that last sentence is totally cheesy.

Send me your photos: boombandsblog (at) googlemail (dot) com

Also - a reader asked in the comments section of my last post what size the blonde model from Yours Clothing is and the answer sent to me is that she is 16-18. This model is also featured on other plus-size clothing sites. Incidentally, thanks so much to all my friends, bloggers and readers who got back to me on what it is like to shop at Yours.

Finally - as mentioned on the Vlog - check in at City Chic online to see some outfit posts not previously featured here.

That's it for now. Thanks for your patience during my winter sickness blues! xxx.

PS. To encourage involvement - one person who submits an LBD will win something sweet and awesome. Maybe a gorgeous accessory. It will be a random winner... I will keep you posted! xxx.


  1. You're so pretty Em!
    I'll be sure to send in a pic soon, I know just the dress, in fact...

  2. SOunds like fun! I don't have any recent phots of an LBD but what better excuse to wear a LBD than to submit to your blog!

  3. Can you be any cuter on these vlogs! Great idea for the LBD!


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