Thursday, 14 October 2010

Oh, So... YOURS.


I have lived in the UK for nearly two years. In that time I have adjusted to a couple of things... the weather and layering, for example!!!

I have also been able to find and fall in love with new brands.

I have looked at the YOURS website a number of times, but like Christina from Musings have never really engaged too heavily with the site. There are a lot of really beautiful things on there though and certainly - right now, there are too many gorgeous things to ignore... Sitting here this morning, I've had an email come through with some of the promo shots from the latest collections and I am impressed. Really impressed. I like the vivid nature of the colours, the shape of the cuts AND - the editorial detailing of the shots. What an impression such gorgeous shots can make...

(To be honest, this outfit isn't even my taste - but the shot still floored me for style).

Yours has been around since 1997 and caters to women sizes 14 - 32. While the site IS cluttered, there is a definite emphasis on curve and attractiveness. These are not dowdy clothes... they are gorgeous and on-trend - I especially like the seasonal emphasis on animal print and was mesmerized by THIS jumpsuit... I have never been interested in owning a Jumpsuit ever before - but this one seems to be calling me... Jumpsuits NEVER call me.


Since moving to England, I have truly loved finding and experiencing new brands - I found YOURS a little while ago, but now, which such beautiful images of the clothes at hand, I plan to experience it. Look at them - stunning.

I would LOVE and appreciate knowing what Oh The Place You'll Go readers have thought of their experiences with Yours... ? Maybe I am late on this bandwagon? Let me know!



  1. I have ordered a few times from them now and overall I am happy. Usually their Limited range is slightly better quality than the rest I think.

  2. I like them! I placed my 2nd order from them last week! They have some on trend designs at good prices (things I can afford even with the AU$!!). Not to mention the quality is pretty good, for the price!

  3. Has it been two years Em? Already! Cor blimey innit.

    Is it just me or is an angry butterfly attacking that poor woman with no forehead? :)

  4. Hi Em,

    I've ordered from Yours a few times, and I think the clothes were ok for the price, but I found the sizing a bit off. They have got some lovely looking pieces, and that jumpsuit is gorgeous, BUT I fail to see that the model wearing it is a size 14 or above!!!

  5. Val - I will take a deeper look. Thank you. x.

    Natalie - I like that the price is a bit cheaper than some other UK stores, I think worth a try... x.

    Nick - yup. xxx.
    (PS to my readers, Nick and his girl, B (my BFF) run an AMAZING blog about food - delicious food -

    Karen - I will ask what size she is. x.

  6. Yeah size wise they can be a little hit and miss, although they seem to be going from strength to strength more recently.

    They have a few shops around, there's one in Hull so I always go in and have a good old try on when I visit home. The staff are lovely and know their stock really well.

    Last year I was like a kid in a sweet shop when I saw all the Christmas sparkle - bought a lovely pink and black sequin tunic.


  7. Wow! I've only ever bought two items from Yours and never been overly impressed by the style of the clothes however these promo shots make me want to give Yours another chance...I too adore the jumpsuit!! I also love the look of the Military jacket in the last picture!

  8. Em that jump suit is totally cute! I can confirm they are really comfy although a bit annoying when you need to go to the ladies. x

  9. Love that red jumpsuit and alot of the pieces they have too bad shipping is a complete bitch to the US-last year my leather bomber took like 2 months.UGH

  10. I've ordered a couple times from YOURS. My first order was a pair of jeggings on sale for a low price. I wear them often because they are so comfortable and fit well. Since I had a good experience with my first pair of jeggings, I ordered another a couple months later. Unfortunately they were too big and long, even though I followed their size chart, so I returned them immediately. Paying for shipping sucked! It would be nice if they offered free returns. I was happy, though, to get my money back so quickly. Other than that instance, Yours is a good destination for super trendy and affordable plus clothes.

  11. Really like that second outfit especially - all the layering is so cute!


  12. Love Yours they are great and give us girls so much more than others. I agree with Wendy they seem to of raised their game recently and I look forward to ordering more and seeing where they go. Not sure about the size of the model but assume they have to play the game to get noticed.......great blog by the way !


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