Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Here comes my Purple...

winter autumn purple evans biker jacket

OMG. I am still so unwell. Grotesque Chest Infection ahoy!

Mind you, I'm still at work and looking glamourous... well... sort of (no new photos today!).

I am in a great mood though, because this change in the air and my winter cold has prompted me to go through and get out my autumn and winter jackets. I'm so excited! I forgot what nice choices I made last year - purple was my main jacket colour and while I do have a sweet, sweet black jacket too... I can not emphasise what an impact purple had on my wardrobe.

winter autumn purple evans biker jacket

What are you most looking forward to digging out and wearing this winter?

PS - More of my "old" posts are up at City Chic Online... I didn't cross post everything to this blog - so, while I am a little "out of action", go take a look! xxx.

Recycled Photo 1 - Evans Biker Jacket 2009 Collection
Recycled Photo 2 - BHS Italian Wool Blend Coat 2009 Collection

1 comment:

  1. Aww, get well soon!

    My main wool coat is in the post right now so I can have it here in Canada - it's boring black but I love it because it has giant kimono sleeves and a really dramatic collar. I have like 3 other coats though that are staying in the UK - I'll miss them!


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