Thursday, 30 September 2010

September Recap & Reader Feature!

I have had such a lovely month. I have also had quite a few new people visit the site and have received a lot of link love from my fellow bloggers in the last 30 days, so thank you. If you are cruising by, looking for the gorgeous girls of plus-size fashion... check my blog roll a little lower down, on the right. I LOVE these blogs!

In the last month, I have been to Paris in City Chic, talked about Miro in Milan, been excited about the Beth Ditto Range and then REVIEWED said range, I have also RAVED about my latest underwear purchases from Simply Yours (and seriously feel all women should try a Banger Booster!). My first post for September closed out my Anna Scholz AW 2010 Collection reviews and I ended the month just like Molly Ringwald - Pretty in Pink.

I have LOVED blogging through September.

I have been thinking and would like to start featuring some of your fashions on my site. If I talk about a particular designer or item of clothing - I would love you, the readers of this blog, to email me, so I can see YOU & then SHARE you and your style with people. This may or may not work, but I would love to give it a shot. I will continue doing all my regular posts... but if you have something you would like to share, I want to try and generate some reader content.

The Theme for October is Curvettes in LBDs.

That's right, send me a picture of you in a Little Black Dress that you wear through October, and I will post it in my LBD feature at the end of the month.

If I am serious with you for a moment - this blog is a pretty empowering thing to do, I would love to share some of that empowerment with you.

The first reader feature though, for September, is someone I managed to convince to send me a picture of her in the Beth Ditto Blue Velvet Drape Pocket Dress. This is Rachie. Rachie is a reader of this blog and via email has kindly agreed to be featured - I am so pleased she is letting me share a photo and some of her fashion with everyone! The thing I like most about this - is the pairing of the dress with the Green Cardigan and Gold Chain - it looks pretty and elegant - and the best thing about it? I KNOW this is a comfortable dress. So Rachie looks classy and great, but I bet she feels pretty awesome too. LOVE:

Reader Feature,Beth Ditto,Velvet Dress,Evans

(If I am really honest, I never tried this dress on with a cardigan... I found it just didn't work on my body after I tried it on AS IS... This pic makes me really wish I had tried it with a cardi or bolero... DANG).

So come on Curvettes! Ante up and send me ONE pic for my LBD feature at the end of October (send your favourite)! There are no rules here either! I want anyone who wears an LBD and wants to contribute, to contribute - fashion shouldn't discriminate and I certainly won't.

UPDATED - And, finally - I have codes for you... Evans has a 20% off code right now - use EVESSTWE or get free shipping on purchases over £40 - use EVXM36! OH YEAH!

(The ASOS code listed turned out to be bogus for a few people, so has been removed - apologies).

See you through October and don't forget to email through those LBDs - boombandsblog (at) googlemail (dot) com!


*I only affiliate with companies whose products I actually use and love.
**All items on this page are Copyright - to me, except for the one gorgeous reader photo - that belongs to Rachie.


  1. I'd love to send in a LBD photo... would it be ok if I did? I'm not sure I fall under the category of 'curvette' but I'm not skinny either! c: xx

  2. Hi there, I would love to submit an LBD. I will have to get pictures! I would be a little embarrassed, so hope everyone would like my style ok. It is a little "different!".
    I like that you introduced this with a reader already involved. I think she looks great and like the side profile of the dress - I haven't seen many of them.
    I will take a picture to send. Thnaks!

  3. Rai - I am a big believer in all women feeling empowered and awesome. I don't discriminate against girls bigger or smaller than me... this is a plus-size, curvy, fatshion - fashion blog - it is about MY fashion and loves and thoughts ... but my readers are the focus for the feature - and EVERYONE - no matter what size is welcome - so get your LBD on and send me a pic! xxx.

    Carol - Yeah, Rachie is awesome! Don't feel embarrassed either - you will look great! xxx,

  4. LOVE this post! I`ll be sure to send you a pic :) does it have to be all black? LOL

    love what youre doing with your blog hon!


  5. I finally HAVE a LBD! I'm not sure how I've survived as long without one! Its going to be my too nice for everyday challenge outfit for this week!

    Oh and I bought the velvet dress - gonna wear it to my birthday!

  6. This is a lovely idea. Lve the dress and light reflects on the Rachie photo.

  7. Heyyy Em, I just tried to use that ASOS code and it no longer works :( xx

  8. Hey loves... That discount code for ASOS still works for me... If anyone else has problems, let me know and I will remove it.

    SORRY MessyCarla!!! Xxx.

  9. Hi Em,
    I love your blog and when I saw the photo of the navy velvet Beth Ditto at Evans dress worn by your reader with a cardi I had a rethink. I had ordered the dress but returned as I didn't like it on, the sleeves were a bit short and I thought it was too dressy for day wear but when I saw it with a cute crop cardi I thought it looked lovely so I re-ordered it with the gold lurex heart cardi from the same range and I love it! I wore it to a course I attended at the weekend and it felt so lovely. Comfortable, trendy and flattering so thanks for the advice and pic, it is now my favourite outfit! Amanda xxx


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