Tuesday, 28 September 2010

OOTD: Pretty in Pink.

City Chic,Dress,Pink,Fatshion,Fashion,Curves,Gorgeous,Plus-Size,plussize,review

Someone asked me recently via email, how often I dress up... the answer is, almost never (unless I am off to a wedding...) Put simply and honestly, I just dress, and what you see here in this blog - is literally just a capturing of my style. I always like to look a little edgy and feminine... I love my soft, natural makeup and the pretty touches my jewelry adds. I also LOVE sharing my looks and thoughts on fashion with you... so THANK YOU for reading! xxx.

City Chic,Dress,Pink,Fatshion,Fashion,Curves,Gorgeous,Plus-Size,plussize,review

Recently, on my one day off a week, I went into London with my boyfriend to do a spot of retail therapy... makeup and shoes were on the cards and I wanted to head into town feeling fine. It is such a strange thing; my one day off is so important to me... I like to spend the morning loafing about in pjs or a nightie, eat a lazy breakfast and catch up with the papers - but when I go out, on this one day a week - I want to feel fantastic. And for me, that starts with a good sleep but also covers great company (hello, Mr. Darcy!) and a general feeling of feminine awesomeness.

City Chic,Dress,Pink,Fatshion,Fashion,Curves,Gorgeous,Plus-Size,plussize,review

I really adore this City Chic dress. Many of you will know that I always defer to a high empire line. I like things to cut from under my bust and if a piece of clothing has back-ties - even better. Well... this dress has neither of these things, instead, the material has a gorgeous feminine cut and feels soft with a slight rigidity - meaning it holds shape well. LOVE.

Now, I wore this dress with tights (a current "Here comes Winter!" MUST in London)... and a pair of boots. These boots (which I've owned for over two years) are one of the reasons I went shopping... they need replacing.

As you can see from my photos, the slouch nature of the boot is now pretty much SLOPPY as opposed to slouchy - so a new pair is on the cards... I didn't find any suitable ones though - so UK babes - any suggestions would be great, and international curvettes - if you can suggest online store love - that would be perfect too. I want them to be black, calf boots with a baby heel...


(These are Australian Wittner "Sin City" boots - but Wittner's international shipping rates are a little crazy for my liking).

In any case - shoe slouchiness aside, I DO feel very Pretty in this tiered Pink dress and that is cool for two reasons...

Firstly - I feel great - which is most important... and secondly, my blog post just referenced a fantastic film from the 80s.

I am SO Molly Ringwald, right now!


This dress was released by City Chic and while mostly sold out - you can find the top that matches the gorgeous pink pixel pattern - HERE!


  1. OMG I love this dress Em!!!!!!!!! I have never ordered from City Chic, I am afraid of the size (I hate reading size chart) ;)
    Well I have to take a look!

  2. You look absolutely gorgeous! I love this dress on you!

    As for the boots, I was surfing on Shudoo and saw these: http://www.shudoo.co.uk/new-in/dune-motif.html#Colour_188

  3. Ahhhh YOU LOOK SO RIDICULOUSLY HOT. THere I said it. <3

    - Sarah

  4. Love the dress! And I'm seriously thinking about getting a haircut and sport a short 'do like you, but I'm a lil' bit of a chicken and can't part with my long hair.
    I am loving City Chic, it's one of the things that I enjoy most about Australia!
    You look lovely as usual, and I appreciate that we get a full shot of the dress :D!

  5. I'm so very much in love with that dress! I always eye it whenever i'm in the store.

  6. Hi, If you are looking for nice boots, I recommend Duo boots, who have a range of calf sizes. I have about 12 pairs now and they last for ages! Love your blog!

  7. You look smashing darling! Love this dress on you and yes it is very Molly Ringwald!

  8. Whoa! You are ONE HOT LADY, Ms Bennet!!! Would one care for a dance? Mr Darcy. x

  9. Hey lovelies -

    Vanoue - They are really great, well made clothes. I have loved them for about eight years! Do it! x.

    Bethamint - Thank you doll. x.

    Val - Thank you honey! Great site suggestion, thank you. I always like using online stores (especially for shoes) that people have used before. x.

    Tabayag - YOU KNOW IT. xxx.

    Sara - I MADE sure I had full length shots... as for your hair, well I need mine short. I am a bit crap at looking after long hair as I get stunningly lazy but short does work really well. How long is it? x

    Natalie - I can not wait for our shopping trip. x.

    Lisa Herron - GREAT site. Thank you. I am eyeing up the Vine boots. THANK YOU. x.

    Stiletto - Thank you gorgeous! x.

    Anonymous - Gosh that is nice, I LOVE that you support my site so well. Love you Darcy. xxx.

  10. Well, right now my hair hits a little bit above my waist, but it's layered and quite thin (although I have lots of it)so it doesn't look too long, oh, and the shorter it is, the curlier it gets. Decisions, decisions... ;)

  11. Hi, I don`t know if you got my comment for this post, just wanted to thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, and to say that you look amazing! FAB!

  12. Em, you look ravishing! That dress fits you so perfectly and the color is just perfect for the season!

  13. This dress is great. I second the idea that Duo is a great place for boots. Enjoy tights season. I'm going to miss it here in Aus now that its coming into summer.



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