Monday, 6 September 2010

Beth Ditto Collection heading to SELFRIDGES!


I nipped into Evans at Marble Arch for the latest Beth Ditto Collection news today... I spoke to one of the staff members, who despite having a rostered day off, was still there working. What a nice guy!

The collection is due for release in about two weeks time, making it available from about the 19th of September. I asked if there was any possibility the collection may get pushed (like what happened with Ruby Belle), and at the moment, it looks like that is HIGHLY unlikely - meaning Ditto goodness should/will be available in TWO WEEKS.

The most exciting news I heard (besides the collection being at Evans really soon!) is that the collection will ALSO be available in SELFRIDGES. I think this is a SCOOP! For anyone who doesn't know, Selfridges is one of the Luxury Department Stores here in London and sells a lot of high-end/luxury and boutique items. To be honest, I don't think Selfridges has a plus-size department any more, but the addition of this range is still very exciting. It is nice to see and it will probably make the collection accessible to a different group of consumers... it is also great that women who shop at Evans, who may not have the opportunity to buy clothes at Selfridges usually, will be able to enjoy that experience too.

(I must add, I LIKE that this collection will be available at Selfridges - but the fact they closed their plus-size department does completely suck...)

I am counting down the days and will get into Marble Arch as soon as I can after release to give you a change-room look... mind you, I bet LOADS of bloggers will do this - I can't wait to see!


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  1. Have you seen any looks from the collection? I am really looking forward to it.

  2. Good news for the plus size world! I've been holding off ordering any A/W stuff from Evans until the Beth Ditto line hits, I'm so excited! I can't believe I haven't seen any previews though, I could name almost every item in the collection at this point before her first line came out.

  3. That's kinda awesome about Selfridges. Maybe if the range is successful there, they will realize there is a potential to reopen a plus size section. It was great when they had Rinaldi, Anna Scholz, etc

  4. I am so excited, but just like Beth says, it's strange that there hasn't been any preview. Last year you could read about it in magazines and on almost every blog.


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