Saturday, 28 August 2010

A little black and white...

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If I am really honest I would never pick this up usually to try... Not because I don't like it, but because (as I mentioned in an earlier post), I very rarely wear tops. When I saw this on the rack at the Anna Scholz Studios, I could not resist it. There is something about the spots, fabric and design that really appeals to my femininity. I mean, just look at the gentle and gorgeous nature of this piece, from the pin-tucked pleats to the ruffles and buttons, this is just such a lovely garment. The silk in this top also feels so light to wear. I can actually imagine this being worn with either jeans or leggings - and the woman wearing it looking both pretty and stylish. This top could have been done in such a way that it was over-designed and fussy - but it ISN'T. There is a lot going on with this garment, and I am pleased to say - it works!


Anna Scholz,White Label,Dress,Curvy,fatshion,fashion,plussize,plus-size,review,Black Label

OH MY GOSH. This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever worn. You see this dress NOT ONLY looks stunning, but it made me FEEL stunning... How GREAT is it when a piece of clothing can make you feel like that? I don't know how else to describe it. I have tried to show you a picture that emphasises the SHAPE of the dress and how it sits against your body and form. This dress loves CURVES! Look at how it FITS my breasts, but then also skims down over my high waist and then round my hips.

Now in the shot above, I am not quite wearing the "sleeves" properly, in that I have them both up on my shoulder... Effectively, this dress has a double strap in place, one for over your shoulder - and the other to fall over the top of your arm. It allows and ENABLES confidence through the illusion of arm coverage - which you can see a bit more of, in the video below. If you have confidence issues as regards your arms - this dress would look just as stunning with a sheer black shall or perhaps a pair of Anna's "sleeves" which are her high-end take on a bolero/shrug. This dress is also long and the bottom curves in a little fish-tail - for me, at 5'5" - heels would be a must.

Frankly, I love this. And when I had it on, I literally kept running my hands down the curve of my waist, stomach and hip - because it FEELS SO RIGHT. LOVE.

I have just one more post left in this Anna Scholz series that I have been doing here on my blog - through August. It will be up next week.



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  1. BEAUTIFUL DRESS it is perfect for you!


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