Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Laura Wells Model Mannequin!

Laura Wells,Mannequins,myer
♥♥♥♥ Laura Wells ♥♥♥♥

I just saw this on the BGM Models page over on Facebook. Laura Wells' body has been used to carve out the new mannequins about to hit the lingerie sections at department stores Myer and David Jones in Australia. The mannequins - BASED on Laura (that is STILL thrilling me) are an Australian size 16 and D-cup. They have been made for Berlei's new Full Figured Curve range. Berlei also produces maternity and post-surgery bras. I love their line for the fuller figured woman, and ESPECIALLY love they are using a curvy bodied mannequin to promote it. Other retailers - PLEASE take note!!!

Also - WELL DONE Laura, I am sure this was a flattering request from Berlei to yourself - but as it is something you have had to agree to - I hope you realise how much this will do to inspire confidence in women who will be seeing mannequins - indeed, partially NAKED mannequins that are more relative to their own shape.

Congratulations and WOW!

PS - NEWSFLASH - Anna Scholz has written below and Laura is booked for their September shoot! Wow, way to combine some of my favourite things!!! x.


*photos courtesy of the BGM Models facebook page.


  1. She is gorgeous! I love her shape, I have yet to see a "plus sized" mannequin in real life! xoxo


  2. And we optioned Laura for our next shoot in September :) She is gorgeous. Anna x

  3. She is SO GORGEOUS!!!! WOW and congrats for the contract

  4. Hi Em! Thanks for posting about our lovely Laura! We are so excited about this bold move by Berlei! It's been a long time coming and the response has been fantastic!!

    We are thrilled that Laura is now to be the Face of the Berlei Curve range!! Launching TODAY!! Keep an eye out!


  5. This is exciting! Its great to know that some stores are jumping on the bandwagon with curvier mannequins :)


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