Saturday, 10 July 2010


These women, plus a couple of others, are amazing and varied. They are meeting right now in New York... Apart from getting glimpses of next seasons clothes, meeting retailers (goody bags!) and doing a meet and greet - they are discussing fat, fashion and blogging. Go to YFF Conference site now for more info. I can't wait to read about what happened, but for now -there are great images to browse.


  1. Looking good! This must be such great event, really wish I was there :) let`s do something in Europe! xx

  2. I was there (*^_^*) I sat in traffic for more then 1 and a half hour, and walked 10 blocks sweating to find the place, 2 hours late I made, and...I didn't talk or take any pictuers together with the ones there. :( which I regret. my BF introduced me to the owner of the store, hehe, she was really nice.

  3. I wish I was there to Anika!!!

    Jennifer - at least you went! So lucky. I can not wait to actually read about what the girls got up to and talked about! x.

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