Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Simply Flattered


SimplyBe have featured me on their blog this week...

In fact, they featured Lauren, Devon and I as bloggers/women who aren't models - but have recently rocked the SimplyBe clothing range.

You all know I LOVED the items, well, I also think this is a great, fashion forward way for the brand to think. I have had a LOT to say about companies who don't use models who can actually wear the clothes they sell, (hello, ASOS CURVE)... which takes me to another thing going on at SimplyBe...

Are you in the UK? Do you want a chance to be the new face of UK fashion? Well, if you're a female and sized 14+, get your curvy little butt over to SimplyBe and enter their model competition. Not only does the winner win £10,000 worth of SimplyBe clothes, but also a photo shoot AND a magazine spread. Ah - ENTER!!! There are NO height restrictions.

You know the model, Courtney, over at the City Chic site? She got the gig after coming second in the Australia wide model search. So, if you're in the UK - not only will you win heaps of clothes - but you'll give yourself a shot at something big! Yeah! SimplyBe!!

Hmm - what else? ... OH - yeah, if you're in America and haven't done this yet - check SimplyBe out HERE!!! They launched in the states! Flipping awesome!

SimplyBe is a great store, and one I have discovered since being in the UK. Love it - and, I feel very flattered to have been featured. Thanks!

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