Thursday, 17 June 2010

YES Debenhams

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Earlier this year, UK High Street retailer, Debenhams, used size 16 mannequins in the shop front of their flagship store on Oxford Street - Now THIS.

YES - they are getting press for this, which is always good for them... BUT ultimately - no more airbrushing. Look at the image above and how MUCH lines get changed. No wonder so many men and women have to deal with so many issues about their body and self acceptance.

They released before and after pictures for emphasis...



Photos via the Daily Mail.


  1. Whuut? Her stomach doesn't even look real on the airbrushed one! :/

  2. That is so crazy! They airbrush and make the person they want. Why don't they just use animated models. LoL.

  3. :S she was skinny enough before, she looks kinda lollipopish in the aftr. wtf.

  4. Thanks for posting this, because we need visual proof of this kind of thing! She didn't need any retouching! God!

  5. Buh! She looked fine before!! No one can live up to air brushed photos! It's crazy!

  6. She has ended up looking a tad wierd freaky alien-like in the airbrushed pic. How would anyone look at that image and think it was "better"?

  7. Hi Em, glad to see you highlighting this issue, very disturbing, and important to spread awareness of. As a councellor to teens and a woman/person this is one of the saddest aspects of our soceity I think. xx!

  8. She looked better in the pre-airbrush picture! xo

  9. I'm a first time visitor to your blog but I'm totally in love with all the beautiful dresses you model in your blog. You look great and the posts are very educational. Thanks!

  10. I have been visiting your blog for a while now, you always look lovely!

    As for the above I sort of get why they might aribrush spots and pimples, but she looks so much better in the before! I have a friend of a friend who saw herself in the professional photos of a wedding she had been to, she commented that she looked really good that day, the friend who's wedding it was said that the photographer had airbrushed her! How crazy is that! fancy being airbrushed in a friends wedding photos, I wouldnt be impressed!

    p.s. just got brave enough to start a blog too!


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