Monday, 7 June 2010

Real Women Revolution...

Teer Wade, Janine Mison and Harvest Powell will all be involved with The Real Women Revolution

As so many of you Stateside are excited for Full Figured Fashion Week next week, I thought I would also just mention a smaller, but similar event gearing up in Australia for 2011. The Real Women Revolution is an event happening in Oz in March 2011, aimed ENTIRELY at women size 16+. The Revolution will consist of an all day event and Gala dinner and will include workshops, panel discussions, prize draws, a keynote speaker, fashion parades and scrumptious food. I found the information during my regular troll through Australian newspapers - but you can see more in the Sydney Morning Herald or via the The Real Women Revolution website.

I must say, I always feel so happy when I come across the plus-size and curvy girl news in Australia.


The image above was sourced from the article linked here via the Sydney Morning Herald
While I appreciate the use of the term "Real Women", I fundamentally believe the term excludes women and so try not to ever use this term myself.


  1. It rocks! We rock! I can't wait till March 2010 its the perfect birthday present for me!

  2. Ah why can't we have anything like this here! Jealous. have a blast! xo

  3. I'm really glad that there is progress happening in Australian fatshion... but did they have to refer to "real women"? It really sticks in my craw. ALL women are real women!

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one who hates the 'real women' term. It's exclusionary and bugs the ever living !@#$ out of me.


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