Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Little Taste... Little Comp...

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This week I have is a little taste of one of my outfits that I am blogging for City Chic. I went to a bar in Kensington with one of my best friends, (B from Gourmet Lovers Blog) and we both went for fairly vintage looks. I wore the City Chic "Lace Corsage Emma Dress" with the "Ruffle Shoulder Shrug". I never try for vintage looks so enjoyed trying it out, very much.

In other news, I was thinking about my last post. A reader I'd never heard from before, Rachie, made a really flattering comment - completely unsolicited and genuinely nice. Thank you Rachie, you made my week. Lovely, fellow bloggers responded too... and then, I also heard from one of my best friends via email from New Zealand commenting on the post... and it got me thinking. I value everyone who reads this blog and don't take you for granted, so - one of you can win a pair of those earrings.

There are a couple of ways to enter, constituting individual entries....

1. Follow me on Google Friend Connect.
2. Follow me on Twitter.

Then to actually be eligible, leave a comment under this post letting me know you have done either or both of those things - that helps me know you read the post - and this competition is a THANK YOU for doing just that.

The earrings are made from Pewter, they aren't too heavy to wear. The ear stems are sterling silver... and the position of the legs seems to vary from pair to pair... all very cool!

Rachie, you inspired me to go ahead with this competition, so if you would like a pair - just go ahead and email me your details...

Everyone else - GOOD LUCK!

PS. Entries close 23rd June at Midnight (GMT)


  1. The dress was fab I for one think you look great rocking the vintage look, and the evening as usual FABULOUS!

  2. How exciting, can't wait to see the dress in full! Also you already know this but I follow you on the Google friend thing and Twitter! Yay! xxx

  3. I think you look lovely from what I can see! I can't wait to see it in full length! I follow you on Google and Twitter! :D <3

  4. you made me blush - i was so not expecting that when i opened the link!

    i've not got the stamina to maintain a blog day-in-day-out but i admire those of you who do. keep up the good work!

  5. rachie - i meant it. x.

    email me your details, if you like - boombandsblog at googlemail dot com

    and i will send the earrings. x.


  6. Honey I love the outfit most of all the ruffle shrug - super cute!!

  7. Adorable earrings. I have little telephones that have the receiver hanging from a little chain. Found them at a tag sale. Beautiful as always!

  8. cute earrings :D and you look even cuter! :D

  9. Those earrings are super adorable and you look great!

    I follow you on google connect/blogger :)


  10. I do love those earrings.

    I've followed, you'll find me @fatheffalump


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