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Model, Pinup, Plus-Size Babe: Teer Wayde.

Teer Wayde,Model,Australian,Curves,Interview,plus-size,plussize,pinup,pin-up

Teer Wayde is a model and a pin-up. She is a woman with striking curves and beauty to match. Recently I asked Teer to interview for my blog - she could not have been nicer or more accommodating. You have seen Teer previously on the Pinup Girl Clothing website, on the cover of SKORCH, as a model profiled in Plus Model Magazine and currently she has another HOT editorial featured in SKORCH.

At 5'8", 175lbs and measurements of 42-33-44, Teer is a sexy curvy woman. Add to this the fact she has a lot of spirit and her answers to my questions are considered, honest and (at times) passionately feisty - this is a woman well worth talking to...

So please enjoy - Teer Wayde:

Teer Wayde,Model,Australian,Curves,Interview,plus-size,plussize,pinup,pin-up
1. You started as a Pinup model, how did you get your start?
I started with one Pinup based shoot just for fun and joined Model Mayhem as I was always interested in modeling. I then become friends with the lovely Paula Delley* and the rest was history. Paula introduced me to every aspect of Pinup and some of my most beloved images were shots taken with her.
[Blog note: *Paula was a leading Pinup Photographer in Australia]

2. How did you move from Pinup modeling into more Plus-Size modeling?
I like to be a chameleon whenever possible and I've tried with every shoot to put forward a different look and aspect of my personality. Designers realized that I was versatile and started to work with me on more mainstream/commercial shoots. Being on the cover of Skorch in December 2009 catapulted this even more.

3. What do you like about being a model? Do you have fun?
I love to evoke emotions in shoots, tell stories and be characters. From art to editorial I love every aspect of photo shoots. With fashion modeling I love showing off garments and showing women with curves just how good they can look in the items I'm wearing. I always have an amazing time and lots of fun. I've been very lucky to work with some many creative and amazing people.

4. How do you look after your skin?
Currently I'm using a very cheap brand in Australia called Simple (found at Priceline). Its all natural and I use the whole range. For the body I exfoliate every day and my newest trick in mixing Bio Oil into my St Ives body lotion and using it all over day and night.

5. What is your personal fashion style?
It changes from day to day but I’m a real sucker for the shapes and tailoring from the 50's. Wiggle dresses, high waist skirts, jeans and pants have my heart. I'm also very into Military details on Jackets, my wardrobe is very mixed which I love. If i feel it I wear it!

6. Where are you favourite places to shop?
Pinup Girl Clothing, Torrid, ASOS, City Chic and I give into Ebay far to often, I love a bargain!

7. As a curvy woman, what are your fashion tips or tricks for the other curvy girls out there?
Never be afraid to wear fitted and well tailored clothing. No matter what size you are, no one looks good in a sack. A high waist skirt teamed with a waist belt makes curvy figures look fantastic. Wear that same belt with many other options as it draws your eye to the smallest part of your figure and gives you an hourglass shape. My other trick is that I can't live without SPANX and other smoothing undergarments. They give a flat base for garments, sitting on and hiding anything you wish to be hidden.

8. What self-indulgences (fashion or beauty) do you allow yourself?
Shoes, far too many shoes. My obsession this year is collecting Iron Fist shoes. They make the most loud and crazy horror inspired footwear and I adore every pair.
Teer Wayde,Model,Australian,Curves,Interview,plus-size,plussize,pinup,pin-up

9. You are in the current issue of SKORCH - tell me all about that! The shoot, how you got into the mag! It must be so exciting...
It's fantastic, I adore the spread. I was the cover girl for Skorch back in December last year so I've always loved the teams and had contact with the editors since then. I noticed how many fans of Skorch were also plus sized women who loved Pinup Girl Clothing so I suggested an editorial and they loved it. The amazing Laura Byrnes and Vanessa Cheatwood provided me with the garments to feature and the rest is history. The shoot was on a chilly day in Melbourne, we were rained on, waited 20 minutes for sunlight only to have it last for 2 minutes. The shoot was set at the Docklands and The Hilton with the city as our backdrop. I was so happy they liked the images and used them.

10. And when you look at yourself in an editorial, like the one in SKORCH (where you look completely stunning) - how does that feel?
It makes me proud of myself and proud of my shape. Every tear sheet I get makes me feel like I'm getting close to where I want to be in my career and that people are knowing my name.

11. I've read online that you want to change the face and shape of beauty... tell me what you mean?
I want to make my mark on the world and nothing will stop me. I might be a little different from other mainstream plus models but this will not hold me back. I want to promote positive body image and make people love their shape just as I love mine
Teer Wayde,Model,Australian,Curves,Interview,plus-size,plussize,pinup,pin-up

12. What do people see when they look at you modeling?
Every day I get amazing comments and compliments about my work. I think people see something they can relate to when they look at my images. A girl that has their shape and has the confidence and ability to show it off with pride.

13. I read that Velvet d'Amour and Mia Tyler are two of your favourite curvy models, what is it about them that you love?
They are stunning women with such strong looks and amazing style. Each breaking through barriers and making the world know just how amazing they really are. Each inspire me to achieve more and set my goals higher and higher.

14. You are not afraid to shoot nude! That's very empowering - what do you feel being shot nude can say to other women?
I have shot nude in the past but it’s not something I do regularly. It’s a very empowering and amazing experience when it’s with the right team. My first experience was in an abandoned building so it was a little scary to bare all but once we started the fear quickly passed. If done correctly nudes can be wonderful works of art and if your body confident enough I say do it.

15. You've just got the call to board a plane... you're going to Milan and are invited to all the Fashion Shows! FRONT ROW and Anna Wintour will be there! You have two hours before you have to get to the airport - what do you pack?
Firstly I'd need some time to do a little happy dance then I’d pack: A little black dress, black pumps, bright peeptoe pumps, vintage inspired wiggle dress, leather jacket, spanx, two hand bags, all my make up and far too many accessories. As many choices as I could fit into an suitcase!
Teer Wayde,Model,Australian,Curves,Interview,plus-size,plussize,pinup,pin-up

Want more Teer?
If you would like to book Teer - you can contact her via her management:

All images sourced and used with permission via Teer Wayde.
Final question devised via inspiration from Curves and Chaos


  1. Teer is a beautiful woman and always seems so adorable. And I particularly adore her because she's tattooed!

  2. wow, she's absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!! <3

  3. This is a great read. Thanks for posting. VERY pretty model too - I like the alternative edge she seems to have. That peacock picture is especially great and as a girl who loves her vintage - I am LOVING that blue outfit (is it swimwear? - amazing).

  4. Casey that is indeed a swimsuit, don't you just adore it!!

  5. Sarah AlbrightMay 24, 2010 9:54 am

    Hi there - Just found this through a comment on the City Chic facebook page. Really like your blog and this is a great interview... I am sure I have seen Teer before. LOVE that she is local.

    I like that you are Australian but live in London but still have Australians on your site. I see that you are also gong to blog for City Chic. That must be amazing. I like that you keep Australian flavour.

    Thanks. Sarah!

  6. teer is absolutely STUNNING. omg, her editorial in this month's skorch was so amazing! love her!


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