Monday, 17 May 2010

LA Woman - Fashion Flashback 2009

Last year I had the amazing fortune to travel to Los Angeles for work. I went with one of my close female friends from when I lived in Canada... It was SO MUCH FUN.

Being that I was there for work, as well as traveling with a friend, my timetable was jam packed - long days followed by entertaining nights. I was so grateful to travel with someone, as it made me more daring. We went to The Rainbow Room, Viper Room, Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Sunset Boulevard and Chateau Marmont (where we got seated before David Hasselhoff! LMFAO).

I was looking through my pics and came across the two in this post... this was a night where we ate a cheap mexican dinner before heading to Karaoke at The Rainbow Room...

I sang my little heart out and Beth would have been proud!

Oh, how I love a Quesadilla.

This outfit is an all time favourite because the dress's stain-glass pattern, teamed with the lace shrug as well as the necklace is an active mash of colours and textures... AND IT WORKS. I love that about fashion, when you jam lots of stuff together that doesn't quite make sense, but the outcome just rocks. Not just a great night for me, but one of my favourite fashion moments.


Dress: Evans - Ditto Collection, Lace Shrug: City Chic, Necklace: Mimco


  1. You looked fabulous in that dress, sounds like you had a good time in LA! I've always wanted to go there...

    Check out my blog and follow please :D


  2. You are beautiful ALWAYS!

  3. Ah sad I didn't know you or your blog when you were in LA. I so would have partied with you! LOL If your ever back in my neck of the woods let me know! Loving the lace shrug, its too cute! Glad you enjoyed your trip to LA!

  4. I love this dress! It looks lovely.

    I also LOVE LA. I was just thinking this AM how I could quite happily live there, being a hippy on Venice Beach! GLad you had a lovely time xx

  5. Playing with textures is so much fun!


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