Monday, 17 May 2010

Highs and Lows...


Last week, as many will know, the AMAZING (stunning, informed, beautiful, caring, relevant) Gabi Gregg of Young Fat and Fabulous did an interview with the Australian TV show - The Morning Show. This was a great interview and the direct link is HERE. Gabi did a fabulous job and remained eloquent and fun during a live interview... in fact, I was proud watching Gabi and also proud that an Aussie TV show had picked her up to interview.

As many of you know, I will always write when the Aussie press are praising us curvy babes... well - I will write when the press doesn't get it quite right either.

Looks at this image - at the girl on the left...

Australia's Next Top Model contestants (L-R) Alison Boxer, Sophie Van Den Akker, Ashlea Monigatti, Megan Jacob / Foxtel

Apparently - Alison (16), who weighs 55kg is too fat, being told by a guest mentor on the program to lose "centimetres from her thighs". While the show has yet to air (it starts in July) a spokesperson has confirmed that Alison was told to shed weight...

NOW - before too many people write in my comments about how competitors all over the world need to deal with these issues on Top Model - I think that telling a 16 year old GIRL who weighs 55kg that she is too fat IS all kinds of screwed up... I mean, this is a national TV program that MANY 16 year olds at home will be watching. Modeling show or not - I think a network has more of a responsibility than that. It's not like they suggested a little toning, the instruction was to lose "centimeters" off her thighs. This is PARTICULARLY strange considering that LAST YEAR's winner, Tahnee Atkinson is a size 10 (5'8" & 60kg) and therefore BIGGER than Alison.

Tahnee Atkinson

Another crap thing about all this... the host of the show, Sarah Murdoch sat on the Australian Government's National Advisory Group on Body Image... This group last year devised the "Proposed National Stratergy on Body Image" a report that encourages advertisers, the media and fashion industry to "promote more positive body image messages" and recommends the use of "healthy weight models" as well as "realistic and natural images of people".

Sarah Murdoch

In a 2009 interview about the series Sarah was really positive about finding a plus-size model and making sure such a model embrace their size. As someone who is a representative in Australia for positive body image, I hope Sarah Murdoch speaks out about these comments - it is one thing to berate fellow judge, Alex Perry, when he makes disparaging comments on the show but to allow a guest "mentor" to say such things to a CHILD is just unfathomable.

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  1. Gabi is making an impact in the world I'm happy to call her a spokeswoman for the curvy real women in the world

  2. I love sarah, she looks so elegant and her face is rare. She's a true beauty and that face mirrors brain.



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