Wednesday, 5 May 2010

France + Fashion = Love.

Way to Glam it up, Dior...

I was going through my Paris photos from New Years and caught some images that needed to be shared. I am a lover of France. I have always loved it. I studied French for five years at school and although am not particularly fluent now - enjoy reading my way through french blogs from time to time. :) I loved my recent trip... As you may imagine, Paris at New Years is pretty amazing - especially when romance is hanging in the air. My Mr Darcy and I walked all over the city and things that struck me from my visit included:

Window displays.
Of course. In a city which helps define the very nature of fashion, window displays are always going to draw the eye. One of the things I actually LOVE about the photo (above) of the Dior shopfront is how effortless it is - and how, even from a distance the word DIOR drew me in...

It was zero degrees in Paris and at Galleries Lafayette, the mannequins wore mesh. Mesh body suits for winter. You can't see it, but this goddess was surrounded by hundreds of miniature soldiers. They love mesh body suits too.

It says Chanel - and the display smacks of elegance and class. It looks so effortless, but is executed magnificently. This is a poor picture - but believe me when I say that the objects suspended over the models held my eye for ages. That was before I even LOOKED at the clothes!

My Hotel Room.
This may not seem so straight forward. But look:

The walls are covered in FABRIC. That isn't wall paper - but fabric. Look Again:

These walls held me fascinated! The French even seem to dress their walls!

And... finally - France, I love your ART.
Now, that being said, it would be very easy for me to post a picture of me in The Louvre by the Mona Lisa and leave it at that.


BUT - that isn't really the art I'm talking about. One of the things I LOVED about Paris was window shopping. My Darcy, who had been to Paris many times before, was generous enough to walk me through the streets and play guide - leaving me quite free to keep open, alert eyes. There is art work everywhere in France. Some being sold by painters on the streets, LOTS at the Artist's Quarter near Sacre Couer and many being sold as "originals" at stalls, on the side of the road by touts.

The amazingly vibrant Artist's Quarter by Sacre Coeur.

I love all the old shops in Paris and how walking down a street can see a mix of old school bazaars next to stores which exude contemporary sleekness... and it was in the window of one such sleek, contemporary Art Gallery, that I saw this beauty:

She is so pretty and so chic and she has gorgeous curvy hips. BUT - if she doesn't run to taste, if perhaps, you like a little MORE curve in your art couture... why not look right behind her:

WOW. This piece of Art held me CAPTIVE. Much like the Eva Hannah art I've posted before, this piece exudes the same kind of confidence and style evident in so many plus-size fashion blogs. I love her, and just like the gorgeous, slimmer (but STILL curvy) piece in front of her, this Artistic Beauty is stunning and radiates style. She is french - I saw her in Paris and SHE was the more expensive of the two!

Today, over at Gabi's site, I see that three Fa(t)shionistas are featured in a Pictorial for French Glamour Magazine and then some other GORGEOUS curvy bloggers are also featured - seriously, head to Young Fat and Fabulous for full coverage because the post is amazing. You know, I constantly post when I see media coverage of plus-size girls in Australia - but it is clear, that as far as the Plus-Size Fashion movement is concerned - it is the European Fashion magazines REALLY pushing boundaries in the media. They are paying attention! Now, I'm not diminishing the work of any other countries (there have been amazing editorials out of the USA and UK etc.), but considering French Elle, Vogue (Italia) Curvy and now French Glamour have all featured and continue to feature beautiful curvy women in their Fashion pages - they are setting the bar.

So today, France... I love you more.

Vive Les FATSHIONISTAS, indeed.

All photos belong to the author of this post, except the final image which was sourced from Young Fat and Fabulous.


  1. Absolutely love your post, and Paris, where I grew up! Thanks for sharing! bisous!! xx

  2. oh man - you make me want to move to France!! I love the wall fabric and art work- and yayy curvy world wide domination <3

  3. Nice pictures!!! :) France sure is a beautiful and great place!
    ps. thank you so much for the great shopping tips! :D

  4. Nice pics! Man. I can't wait to go to France.

  5. aaawww em! thanks so much for sharing these photos! france is such a dreamy place! oh and that glamour feature is AMAZING! so empowering!


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