Monday, 19 April 2010

Workin' it... on the tube.

There is nothing quite like jumping on the Tube and heading into Central London... This weekend, there were major rail works on almost every line, so the journey was a slow one... I thought, why not post from the underground? I dressed to blog - so why not blog from here:

I love this dress. It has a spotted, ruched top and a silky back-tie before dropping down into a floral skirt, cutting from right below the empire line. I usually wear this dress with a lace bolero just to mash in another contrasting piece of fabric - but it was a little cold this weekend. This is one of my favourite summer dresses - you will likely see it without tights and teamed with lace in a future post. x.

Despite being on the tube for over an hour, I think I really "worked" the environment. Ha!

When I finally reached my destination - Gok was waiting (well, I bumped into him). Not my best photo - but he thought I looked fabulous. Oh yeah!

I rocked the Tube in a Torrid dress, Peacocks shrug, BHS tights and Wittner shoes. All pieces are from previous collections.

Smooch - Em. x.


  1. You are stunning miss Em! I adore you and your style! Such a great dress too!


  2. u look amazing in ure photos and u have the best skin ever! wats ure secret hmmm? u look great my love!

  3. Thanks Stiletto - It took me years to decide on/find this style (I went through grunge AND goth first!), so that compliment means a lot. ;) x.

    BBM - Thank you! I am hyper with moisturising and SPF - I grew up in a very hot part of Australia, so always adhered to sunscreen... even now. Mind you - my freckles do come out these days when I see some sun. They remind me of being a kid - I love them (I didn't always). x.

  4. I miss the tube...but not being on it for hours. haha

    - S

  5. Gok! wow wee.. you could totally collaborate with him :) where was your destination?

  6. I think you look 100% adorable. Too cute!

  7. GOK!! Ahhh I love him. I love the floral print on the dress and these pictures are too cute.

  8. You look amazing sweetie! I love your sense of fun and adventure and you kinda need that on the London undergound. LOL. V x

  9. omg Gok... he has my heart! Sooo lucky xxx


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