Thursday, 29 April 2010

What?!! What?!! More Evans!

It seems stores are doing 20% these next couple of days. City Chic in Australia are doing it - AND they have free international shipping to boot (ends Friday evening in Australia). Evans also has 20% off right now... which means it may be time for another change room post...

I get so much great feedback off these posts that I will do them as regularly as I can. It is EASY for me to get to a store and try some clothes so if there is ever anything you want to see - let me know! All clothes in this post are a size 18 and I am showing you standard T-shirts, Tea Dresses and Unstructured LongLine Tops so you have a good look at how these clothes work on the body..

This is a pretty cool T-shirt, and although I don't wear T-shirts much anymore, with summer so close - I knew it would be remiss, not to highlight a couple. It is interesting to note that I have dropped an Evans size in T-shirts this year. Last year, I was a size 20. Now, I haven't lost weight and my measurements ARE still the same ( I do own a tape measure!). If it's a case of the over-size trend causing things to get made a little bigger - I am not a fan. This T-shirt feels nice on, and the sequins over the print make for interesting detail. I am not too keen on how this print looks over my breasts - but the fit is good.

Pink T-shirt...
No longer available on-line but a good example of a coloured Evans T-shirt. I only tried this on, on Monday, at White City - so there may still be more instore.

This dress is great. It feels light and easy to wear and has waist ties at the back to accentuate/compliment shape. I really like this dress, green is not a colour I regularly buy - but this print, combined with the construction of this dress really works. Well worth considering, ladies!

LOVE. Oh heck, I was truly skeptical about this dress - I thought the print, ruffles, texture etc. might all be overdone but this WORKS. Evans is currently pushing this in their advertising and I can see why. This material feels lovely on the skin and while I might team it with a belt - you can see how well it also works alone too. Just a note that this 18 felt a little tight in the chest for me... as a more heavily constructed piece, that isn't surprising, so I would likely purchase this in my regular 20.
Hmm. Maybe I needed a smaller size to make this work, but frankly - this feels a little dowdy. The next top is exactly the same size and is cut so much better for my shape. I am not loving this pattern either... even with all the colour and stripes and floral pattern - it feels a little bland for me. I love the concept but don't think it necessarily works. What do other people think?

This is the kind of top that shows me how getting out of my style zone can really work. I rarely go for LongLine/Unstructured/White/Stripes. In fact - I may do ONE or TWO of these things from time to time, but never combine them all. This top really surprised me - I expected not to like it but it was my favourite thing I tried, perhaps due to the fact it caught me so off guard. I took a closer shot so you can see that even with curves and bumps - the stripes and Paris print work. Really nice.

And so ends another review. I am excited by the upcoming Ruby Belle collection and will get instore as soon as I can after release to help any international customers who are keen. I am also excited by the prospect of Beth Ditto working with Evans again too... I wasn't crazy about all the items they released together last year - but the ones I loved, well, I bought TWO of each. Serious!


PS - It is a long weekend here in the UK - so I will likely be offline for a couple of days, enjoying sunshine (fingers crossed)!


  1. I actually really like the top with the stripes and flower on you! :)

    I am so tempted to order but having major problems with Evans for the moment. :( Two packages still have showed up and customer service isn't much help. *sigh*

  2. I looked at that paris top ! No surprise but i found it really long it didnt seem to suit me ;-( . Love your post x

  3. Thank you! thank you! thank you!!! that's what I needed to know if I should order or not that Floral Print LongLine Top! So cute!

  4. Hey there -

    Ha Ha! It is funny what objective eyes see! I bet I just don't like it because it is so different to my usual style!
    I have spoken to you about these woes with Evans, plus seen them on Twitter and FB... If I am really honest, I often find in-store service a little lacking at Evans too - it completely sucks that you are in Belgium though and have to deal with that internationally.
    I hope they work it out for you soon. x.

    MatronJo - I knew you would know it was meant for you! Lol, I literally put it on and though of you... funny! x.

    Vanoue - As I said, I LOVE doing these posts - so if you ever want to get anything in the future - let me know! x.

  5. I too find Evans customer service a bit, well, below average in some stores... Think it depends on the store though.

    I love the floral longline top in the blue/green, the colour really suits you!

  6. I also really like the stripey floral top on you! As well as that blue dress and the pink tee which are both very slimming in my opinion! How much was the pink tee going for? xxx

  7. Hi Katkins - Thanks hon! I like these posts because I push through my own fashion boundaries a bit - green isn't usually for me - so thank you! x.

    Hi Fushball - I rekon around £23.00 but as I look up things (for linking) when I get home, I don't usually write that info down - so can't be sure. I am going to take a pad next time actually - three of the things I tried instore are not available online right now so I didn't post them all... maybe I will ask Evans if they have it online somewhere, but hidden... x.

  8. Fushball - Someone on FB just suggested that pink top is about £16. x.

  9. You look lovely, so jealous we don't have Evans here in sweden, it's too bad, to see your review. The blue flowery dress is my fav.! :D pretty!

  10. Love the dresses, they look great on you :)

  11. Looking great, Em.
    I can see what you mean about that patchwork dress, I think I'll have to try that on for myself.

  12. Love the floral godget! So cute! You rock Em we need to plan a visit!

  13. I love that patchwork dress - you look great in it! It complements your hair :) Also, the Paris top looks brilliant.

  14. Ma cherie, the top avec Paris is great! :) I love that you are taking a fasion plunge, stepping out of the comfort zone can def bring new fashion loves !
    xx Anika

  15. This is great! When I was out of work last year, window shopping like this is pretty much what kept my blog going!

    The brown patterned dress looks great, it suits you so well - hope you bought it! :) x


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