Thursday, 15 April 2010

Some Model Love

If you follow plus-size fashion you certainly know who Crystal Renn and Lizzie Miller are. Today, I've been doing some research on Lizzie Miller as I thought it would be cool to do a post on another plus-size model, having already looked at Renn, as well as Canadian Justine Legault. I was on YouTube, looking for Miller and seeing if I could find some cool quotes when I stumbled across this great find... you may have seen it, but I don't care - gems are worth sharing and looking at again and again...

This is Crystal Renn and Lizzie Miller backstage for Elena Miro (my favourite!) during her Spring/Summer collection in Milan for 2010. The women aren't just strutting their stuff either - these babes are talking - giving insights into their careers and showing that they are some pretty awesome/lovely women too.

I really love how these women, who have done so well - look so great modeling and being photographed together.
I love that one is a blonde and the other a brunette too.
Just beautiful.

Another great Elena Miro video from the F/W collection which features both Crystal and Lizzie modeling as well as Lizzie talking again also needs to be posted.

And finally - I can't embed this last video, but here is the clip from when Crystal, Lizzie, Kate Dillon etc. were all on ELLEN last year. Enjoy it here! x.

I will do some more outfit posts soon, as well as post my fave pics and finds from my Lizzie Miller search. Don't forget to enter the give-away from my last post!

Smooch. x.

Images sourced from Google via 100Moda.

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  1. Love these models so much so glad they are getting the recognition they deserve!



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