Monday, 26 April 2010

Like a little Cherry Blossom.

It's so beautiful in Hyde Park at the moment. I'm constantly amazed at just how big the park is and how it can feel like you aren't in London at all.

I went out recently wearing an Evans purchase which is untrue-to-style for me (slightly unstructured and a little over-sized). You've seen this dress/tunic before during my March Evans Review, but as I've since gone back and bought it, I wanted to share!

This dress is still currently avaiable online...

This is an extremely light dress to wear. Even though it's warming up, I still needed my tights, but I went out without a jacket and it was nice to feel sunshine and a light breeze against my skin. This dress does have a slightly strange shape to it because it has a weird choice of divide across the breast (as opposed to under or right below the breast)... it may not work for everyone, but I love it.


  1. You look stunning!!

    And spooky, because I found an awesome Evans top in a charity shop today and I've never even seen anything like it in Evans.Just goes to show they do some lovely pieces. It generally doesn't wow me (only go for basic office wear like black slacks etc).

    But back to you - so swish and beautiful!

    V x

  2. I really like it. The black tights hold the soft pink back from being too sweet.

  3. You look cute in that dress. Also, I LOVE EVERYTHING about that dress. Dropwaists ftw!

  4. absolutely lovely :) love soft pink and cherry blossoms, and you are a pretty flower your self ;)

    Did I tell you your blog is now on my blogroll?

    xxx Anika

  5. That is very cute on you! I love it, beautiful day it looks like too!

  6. Aww, that last pic is unbearably pretty!

  7. you are so cute my darling!!!

    this colour suits you very well!

  8. I love the top - might buy it after I get paid...I am still waiting to join IFB lol!

  9. how beautyful! what an amazing scenery and ure dress is perfect! xoxo!

  10. color looks great on you! I am a bit hesitant to try such pale colors, but they do look nice. I just may try it this summer.

  11. I love the dress- it's so feminine and pretty and you styled it perfectly. You look beautiful <3

  12. Thanks for commenting and following my blog, yay! (*^_^*)
    really liking your blog, you look great girl! :D can't wait to see more and read more.

  13. Just followed you because I am loving the pairing of the dress with the vintagey looking bag, very Springful xxx

  14. I love this! On the one hand it looks sophisticated and on the other you look adorable!

  15. This pink looks so pretty on you, and the little clip to the side makes you look sweet and innocent, you look stunning!

    New follower for sure, can't wait for more posts :)

    - Franceta ♥


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