Thursday, 15 April 2010

Headless/Invisible Women.

There are two blog posts that have really caught my attention in the past few days and they touch on similar topics... I think they make interesting observations about curvy/plus-size/fat/large people (be they men or women) in the media. I wanted to point these posts out because I keep going back and reading them, as well as mulling the topic over in my head. They pose interesting questions - so take a look:
Incidentally - you will see I have commented on Mezzo Fashionisto's article as well as sent the photo featured in this post to Sarah of Return to Sender for her Non-Headless-Fatty project.

I have a feeling I will return to these posts in the next couple of days - and would love to see any more comments anyone might have.

(I am wearing the AMAZING Golden Dreams dress by Carmakoma with a Shrug by City Chic, oh and despite the prominence of the logo in recent posts, I'm not sponsored by Motorola!).

Smooch. x.


  1. I love the dress on you and the necklace is cute! I liked both of those posts too, the 'headless fatty' thing had been bugging me for a while! It's always a frequent feature on tv shows.

  2. I sent a couple of pictures to return to sender too. I think it's a great idea for us fatties to try and rehumanize ourselves and say, "hey look, we DO have heads and also we're pretty awesome."

    That dress is gorgeous on you!

  3. Aw thanks guys!

    Stephanie - the necklace was from Evans, party of their Daisy Eve collections.

    Bethamint - I saw your photo there! I love it and agree it is a great idea.

    BBM - Thank you lovely. x.


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