Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Favourite Fashion Moments - 20s Glam!

I hope everyone had the most amazing Easter/break. I went away and will have a post about ski-wear in the next few days. That's right... I am going to rock a pair of bright pink ski-pants for the fatshion forward!

I was looking through some of my old photos and have decided every now and again to post some of my older pics where I was having a great moment in fashion-time. Today I'm posting a moment from November 2008, at the premiere of the film AUSTRALIA.

A friend did my hair (channelling Queen Latifah in Chicago), I'm wearing makeup by Chanel, dress by City Chic and necklace by Diana Porter. This was a great night, I felt beautifully feminine and I rocked 20s Glam. This is a Favourite Fashion Moment!

After Party photo with actor, David Gulpilil.


  1. You look fabulous! That hair style really fits your face. Wish I could see your outfit more!


  2. Thanks Vanessa! It felt so glam that night!

    Thanks Jules, and ARGH! I know, alas, I don't seem to have any wideshots on my comp... hopefully I'll find one on a harddrive.

  3. Wow, your hair and make-up is gorgeous! You look amazing and it sounds like a fabulous evening. I'm curious to see the ski-wear post although I'm adamant I will never go skiing.

  4. you really do look fab!! love that look on you! inspiring :)

  5. You look stunning, really! Such a great look for you!


  6. you looked amazing em! what a fab evening!

  7. Thanks everyone, it was a super fab evening and so much fun. Kind of ridiculous too actually, but fun. x.

    Stephanie - I actually went sledging. That means - fast down a mountain, sitting on my butt!!! I am a bit scared to try skiiing, so this was a good thing to try! Just make sure if you ever go, you do a family, or light run first! It takes a while to perfect your balance!


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