Sunday, 18 April 2010

Blog Update!

Hey there all my fellow Bloggers and Readers,

This is quite simply a blog update. If you are a member of the Independent Fashion Bloggers, I created a group on there a while back for "Curvy Fatsionistas and Plus Size Bloggers" and I want to encourage you to join. I can see a lot of bloggers already have (there are 23 members) but if there are any others on IFB - I think it could be cool if we were all members. I also regularly submit my links to the Links A La Mode which is a great way to increase traffic to your site. I had one of my links published a while back and suddenly got a surge in new & random hits.

I am also a contributor to the SKORCH Magazine Fashion Blog and will now submit all my content to them, as well as pop it up here on my blog. "Plus Size Model Mag" decided to take some inspiration from something I posted last week, so to make sure my ideas are credited and acknowledged, you will see a lot more of my posts on SKORCH. Indeed, if you are a blogger - you might want to look into finding a magazine/blog affiliate - lots of bloggers are doing this and it is also a great way to increase your site's traffic and protect your ideas for content!

Just a quick reminder that you can add me on Facebook and Twitter, if you haven't already done so. AND you can follow me through "Friend Connect" - I can't recall why, but I took this off my site for a while... it is now back up if you would like to FOLLOW ME!

Two new outfit posts coming this week!

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

Smooch. Em. x.


  1. I have joined your grup on IFB but haven't spent much time on the site yet.

    How exactly do you get your content on the Skorch blog?

    You're totally wearing a Torrid dress, right? ;) I have the same. lol

  2. I just joined IFB :) and now following u on twitter :)

  3. I`m in :)

    xx Anika

  4. i joined your group!!!!

  5. BlogToBeAlive- SKORCH is pretty easy to get involved with, I will send you the email address directly of the Blog Editor. x. I AM wearing a Torrid dress... do you like that dress? I LOVE it but sometimes don't love it on my body... like it's not quite right for me.

    xladx - thanks hon! I just checked your blog. Love the OOTD posts you just did!

    Anika - yeah! x. I am following you on bloglovin now too! x.

    M.LideCana - perfect - it is so good for us all to united there I rekon - it makes a statement about us to the rest of the blogging world of fashion. x.

  6. I think we`re all fab :))) and it`s great to unite!

    thanks for creating the group!

    I am now following yours on bloglovin too, thanks for following mine, so far it`s you and me haha :) I`m following most of the other blogs in the group now as well.

    I was also thinking to share the contact info for the skorch blog, so good that you`re doing it, it`s fun to contribute to the whole Skorch venture.

    Would love for you guys to check out my blog on dressing up at skorch now :)

    Hope you have a good week, take care! xx

  7. super cool! im still not "conforming" to twitter and facebook ... but i do have IFB and will join ure group (as soon as i found how) soon! xoxo!


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