Wednesday, 28 April 2010

BGM Models and Aussie TV. Yeah!

BGM Model Natalie Wakeling

I have to say that I am SO, SO proud of Australia at the moment. Many of you will have seen my posts inspired by the Australian paper - The Sydney Morning Herald - a paper that covered the Elena Miro show, as well as discussed the popularity of plus-size models recently...

Thanks to a tweet by Madison Plus - I was directed to their blog post about The Morning Show in Australia. I again, feel so proud.

The Morning Show has assembled representatives from "plus size" model agency BGM Models as well as a fashion commentator, to discuss the comments by Garrance Dore.

This is a very Australian style interview and I want to let you know that the Morning Shows are extremely popular in Oz... (I believe that another morning show aired the Layne Bryant advert a few days ago too). Now, while I don't agree with everything that's said by everyone present in this interview - I think that the representatives from BGM Models (Director, Darianne Donnelly and model, Natalie Wakeling) do a great job. I love that this is such a passionate debate - happening on a popular (and influential) TV show. Take a look at the interview through the TV show site...


My favourite part is right at the end where Darianne reveals that one of the BGM Models - Laura will likely be in the next shows in Milan. Laura Wells is the current model for Evans and ASOS Curve. I adore Laura - and this is freaking awesome news!

Laura in Elena Miro might just drive me crazy!

BGM Model Laura Wells for City Chic.

Smooch. x.

Thanks to Madison Plus for letting me know about this through their blog. Video from The Morning Show, Channel 7 - Australia.

Images sourced from BGM Models and Blog - A deed without a name.


  1. I am so jealous! It seems Australia and the UK are just way more into FATshion...where as here we have Torrid and Lane Bryant...I mean I have great pieces from both, but I miss the edge and chic styles of the UK and Europe.

    Oh, the life of an American Fatshionista. haha

  2. I agree with Sarah totally jealous too but we will get there! Way to go Aussies!



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