Tuesday, 13 April 2010

April Evans Review and Mini-Giveaway!

Last week, Evans had Cosmopolitain UK contribute to their blog and as part of that collaboration, Evans held an Event Night on Thursday (4pm until close) with 20% off in selected stores. I went along so that I could tell you about it, as well as take advantage of the discount!

This was a pretty great event. I walked in and was immediately given the flyer explaining everything...
  • 20% off EVERYTHING (!!)
  • Exclusive Cosmo subscription offer
  • Complimentary Drinks - water and champagne
  • A chance to win an outfit styled by the Cosmo Fashion Director
  • A Nail Bar
  • PLUS a Goody Bag if you spent £50 or more.
I got my bottle of water as soon as I walked in. I appreciate the effort that had gone into these. Cute little bottles with custom labels ARE very cool and make for clever marketing. I then made a bee-line for the nail bar. Okay people, confession? I have been a serial nail-biter these last thirty years. Three weeks ago, for the first time in my life - I made a choice to stop. I have "tried" to stop before - but never just thought - "I am going to stop this now". And I have stopped. I need to keep colour on my nails to resist the temptation to bite (even that gross tasting stuff won't stop me) - and I have done okay so far...

At Evans, last Thursday - I had someone professional paint my nails for the very first time. I LOVED it and easily, this was one of the most popular features from the night. I was second in line, and literally - before the girl even started my nails - there were five people behind me waiting. Such a great touch by Evans! My nails were filed, cleaned, coated with base, two coats of colour and then a strengthener on top. For free and with no obligation to buy anything. WOW.

The discount on offer, 20% off everything in store, was excellent, so after my nails were done, I grabbed one of the complimentary glasses of Champagne and wondered about... As a compulsive buyer I also spent over £50 gaining access to a pretty cool goody bag which had:
  • This months Cosmo UK (worth £3.40)
  • Subscription offer to Cosmo UK
  • A hotel offer
  • A bag of Maltesers
  • A pretty Daisy Eve ring (worth £8)
  • A gorgeous, buttery soft scarf (probably worth £10-£12).
All of this came in a nice, big cardboard Evans bag.

Now, my only gripes from the evening really would be that having spent £50, I had to ask the man who served me for my Goody Bag: he finished the sale and walked away... I then waited for him to come back before I asked. I actually saw that happen to a few other women too - who also had to ask; I think that's a bit poor. Secondly, I saw nothing anywhere about how to win the outfit styled by Cosmo - and, I think my biggest issue was that the dress worn by Crystal on the promotional flyer wasn't available (I asked). I don't get that.

All in all though, it was a fabulous night... I tried on clothes and here they are for you - REVIEWED... (I am noting sizes as I go - I still think there are some inconsistencies with the clothing sizes between structured clothes and non-structured clothes).
This is a lovely dress. It feels nice, is lined (Evans dresses are certainly not always lined) and sat really well on my body. I love the sleeves and it feels ultra feminine. I bought this... BUT, I am going to return it. For me - the pattern isn't quite right (indeed Beth, of Pretty-In-Plus thought the same). It is a kick-arse design though and if you like the pattern - GO FOR IT!
This is great and feminine, if I was into long-line tops, it would be a definite purchase. This has some baby pleating from the bust to help it sit really nicely over your chest.

This grey face top is a pretty lovely item. I rekon I could have gone down to a 16 in it though, the cut is a little TOO generous, it looks great on though and the sequin embellishments really work well. I like that the face is so low, meaning the eyes and proportions of the image don't get distorted by my chest.

I LOVE this waterfall cover-up. What a PERFECT find for summer. Feminine and amazingly light. I can imagine wearing this with dresses, but also my more edgier looks. I adore it and if you're into cardigans or boleros, I recommend it!

I can't find this online (so let me know if you see a link!)... size 16.
This is a very cutesy, feminine dress which feels nice on... for me though, it has nowhere near enough structure and hangs from my breasts in a way I don't like. If I am honest, I think it looks okay in this shot - but wearing it is a bit too much like wearing a sack for me.
This is made very well. It sits wonderfully across my chest and subtly works with my waist and cuts perfectly above my hip. The 3/4 sleeves make this a perfect spring jacket as does the light denim used. As for the studs? Well, they add a dose of awesome. I didn't buy it because I can't quite justify another jacket but I do recommend it!

I am not into Blazers, but I know a lot of people are so tried this Lace item. Like the denim jacket above, this is made for a curvy body. It isn't quite as soft as the Lace Cover-Up but it would be a superb addition to a spring/summer wardrobe.

These seem to have disappeared from online, so I have linked to the grey version which is available in a few sizes only. There were LOADS of peach ones instore! This is a great, sleeveless top with a lace yoke. If you can find it, try it on because it would be a great summer addition.

Now, I have tried this Blazer and the Top with my dress underneath (Golden Dreams Dress by Carmakoma) because Evans STILL doesn't have any little skirts to team their tops with. What's that about?

And now... My first giveaway...

In the Goody-bag I got from Evans there was a Daisy Eve ring (RRP £8.00) that isn't quite my style so I thought giving it to one of the readers of my blog was the best plan! It's an adjustable ring and quite cute with its love-heart petals and pink centre - if you'd like to win this ring please just leave a comment below and I will use a random number generator to select a winner on Monday 19th April at midday (GMT)*.

Good luck!

Smooch - Em. x

*Please note that any comments I make WILL be included in the total number of comments and if the number generator selects one of my comments, I will run the generator again
*The first comment will be number 1, second comment will be number 2... etc.
*You may enter from anywhere in the world.


  1. What an exciting event! Nails sounds fab, let me know next time you go and Ill come:) I'm loving you in the sequin face top and that pretty green floral dress. Not seen you in green much and I think that particular shade is really lovely on you.

  2. Thanks for trying on those clothes. It's always nice to see how the clothes run and hang on someone. I have ordered the lace blazer but still haven't received it. :( I am kinda scared my package got lost at this point.

  3. The lace blazer looks fantastic on you! I'm so bummed I couldn't make it to Evans until the day after this event.

  4. Hey! I loooooove when people post about their fitting room adventures! cuteeee stuff! I love that denim blazer...is that available online? Definitely looks like something I need...

    hey that ring is totally my style, I'd love to enter for a chance to win!

  5. i love in stores events and you look fab.

    glad you tried on the tea dress and i could see how long it is on an actual person.

    may i ask how tall you are?

    thanks much

  6. I really love that sequin face print top. These clothes all look really great on you, you have such a lovely shape!

    That ring is super cute!

  7. Thanks for all the lovely comments. x.

    I actually LOVE going in and trying on the clothes to post. If you ever seen anything you want me to try - let me know... I can't wait for the Ruby-Belle stuff!

    B - Thank you! Next time I will certainly drag you along!

    BlogToBeAlive - I hate when parcels go missing... Has Evans said anything? You should check if they can track it. x.

    Beth - Next time, we shop together! Genuine Offer. x.

    Nik - The titles of the items are all links, but I have FaceBooked you the direct link too. x.

    Goody - I am 5'5", Beth's blog also has a great pic of the dress too - I have linked through this post, under the dress in the text. x.

    Stiletto - That sequin-face top IS awesome. I think they nailed the position of the image perfectly. x.

  8. I couldnt choose between the lace blazer and the lace cover up but you have helped me make my mind up ;-)

  9. I am a nailbiter, too! And I've tried to stop.

    And I am having MY first giveaway, too!!! Enter to get a free top from alight.com!

  10. great review love! and wanted to say thanks for following as well! i REALLY appreciate it! as for the evans clothing, my fave on you is the last dress that u wore ... gotta find the link! that dress is adorable! and the black rock and lace tee dress. what an awesome event and great review!

  11. The floral things look so nice.. but I was a bit suprised to, that they still don't have any short skirts on their webside...Just this rreaaallllyyy long strange skirts.
    my oh my.

    I like the black studded jacket most!

  12. This is really great- I was just talking about how hard it is to buy things overseas but seeing them on someone is so helpful in knowing what to size to get. Thanks so much! Any way you could do shoes sometime? :)


  13. Lucky you. That sounded like fun! I like the sequin face top on you with the shrug. Very cute.

  14. Couldn't choose between the lace blazer and the lace cover-up so got both! Thanks for a great blog; it's really interesting to see the inconsistency in sizes, I find that too - I order a lot on-line so thanks for trying the clothes on for me.

  15. MatronJo - which did you choose? The blazer or cover-up.

    Sarah - I think we're a bit like those twins with their sixth sense about each other.

    Thanks everyone else for such positive comments about the review... I enjoy doing the reviews so much, that it literally is a pleasure. I am glad you find it worth while... Katrin, hopefully they will have skirts in soon (because it is simply weird that they don't) and Jules - I can try a shoe blog post - why not! x.


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