Thursday, 22 April 2010

Anna Scholz at Harrods Review

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Going into Harrods with my Mr Darcy this weekend, we headed straight for the plus-sizes... Ever since I started blogging, Mr Darcy has been extremely supportive (he's my amazing photographer) and we both felt a little covert post from one of the poshest stores in London could be fun.

The plus section in Harrods is kind of snuck in a pocket at the back of women's fashion - but it is clearly sign posted and holds quite a few designers. Hitting the Anna Scholz section, it was clear where we were - silk and colour and prints! Oh My! I was so excited.

I actually didn't see much of Anna's Black Label (the "less expensive" clothes), but there were plenty of White Label pieces to choose from. One of the things I was really excited about, were the silk wrap around dresses - I grabbed two of those, as well as a flowly black number and a bright green Kaftan. I don't wear Kaftan's but Anna makes loads of them - so it was worth a try.

The change rooms at Harrods are big and there are seats in them for someone to sit with you... We were actually very lucky as we managed to sneak in with no one seeing us, I didn't want people to ask me if I needed any help - especially since I planned to take photos!

This is a WOW dress. It took me a second to figure out how the wrap worked - but once I had it, I was impressed. This FEELS great to wear and it is made perfectly for a curvy body. I have quite a chest on me, and due to the wrap construction of this dress, I imagine it would work equally well on a smaller pair of curves. The silk is so soft and flattering.

Now, I had to play with the wrap a couple of times before I was completely satisfied - and certainly, this is a dress to wear with a plunge bra or one that compliments the colours of the garment - but WOW! Probably a little longer than I expected when I saw this dress online, but then again - I ain't no 5'8" model, more a 5'5" fatshionista. x.

This is the same style as above, but, as I fell in love with this style when I saw it online - I had to try both colours. This dress only improved for me in the Black and White, I felt feminine and sexy.

I never wear Kaftans, because as most of you know, I like more structured clothing. Trying this top on, I had to put my anti-Kaftan wearing bias aside and take a look. I am impressed. While a little too flowy for my taste, the silk makes this a pleasure to wear and the long tulip cuffs are a delightful touch. Interestingly, the sequins on the top match really nicely with the bold green print - it feels like it might have been over-designed, but no!

Crepe Dress (I can not locate this online)
I loved the look of this dress on the rack and while it IS my usual size, from the empire line down it was a little billowy for me. (I couldn't comfortably have gone to a much smaller size with my chest though). This dress was pretty lovely to wear and heavier than I expected it to be... this only ensured it sat properly and I bet that with its flowiness the weight helps maintain shape while you walk. I didn't think to photograph them, but the straps on this dress (it is sleeveless) are self tie which I never wear, but really liked. The "Crepe Sleeves" were the perfect compliment to the dress but nothing too new or amazing on the "shrug" front.

All in all, this was a pretty fun time. I only took these four pieces into the change room and when Darcy and I walked out, we were set upon by sales people which made me inclined to retreat!

Hmm... as I was leaving, I suddenly spied - The Elena Miro section. Future Post?

OH Hell Yeah!

Smooch. x.

PS - Someone asked in an email how sizing runs, I wore a size 20 in all these clothes, but for more information the Anna Scholz website does have a size guide. x.


  1. That first dress looks absolutely amazing on you. I love the print and the choice of colours.

    Time to befriend an employee with a staff discount, methinks! You need that dress in your life.

  2. Why can't we live in the same country?

    Looks so fun - and I heart some of those pieces. Great patterns!

  3. I want to go to Harrods now! I realise this range isn't designed with the likes of me in mind but I'm still kinda saddened by it. Whilst I think the first dress does look amazing on you, for £370 a pop I'd want something with a bit more pizazz!

  4. My fave is the kaftan- that is such a beautiful colour and you look amazing in it! I get what you're saying about structure, that's why I belt them so much but I think fitted kaftans/ kurtas/ shirts can really work well too and this one is beautiful!

  5. Why can't we live close to eachother! You are so adorable and fun and I know we would have a great time shopping together and chatting. I demand you move to Boise Idaho US. Haha yeah right no one moves here. Those pieces all look lovely on you and your video was too cute!


  6. wat an amazing oportunity em! and goodness ure soooo cute "live" ... lovin this collection and cant wait for ure miro post! woot!

  7. definitely my favourite on you is the green kaftan.. Never seen you in such colour before and it really suits you. I think you should get this but yes its rather expensive? Investment Piece for summer holidays to the beach?

  8. definitely my favourite on you is the green kaftan.. Never seen you in such colour before and it really suits you. I think you should get this but yes its rather expensive? Investment Piece for summer holidays to the beach?

  9. Lovely photos. You're so cute in your video. I love it!
    You look great in the kafkan, by the way. The color looks fab on your skin tone!

  10. I love the colours and designs! You look great in them! Am putting your blog on my blogroll now :))
    xx Anika

  11. OMG OMG yes go to Elena Miro!!!

    This was a great post, I've never seen anyone in her clothing. Gorgeous colors! You are so cute! xo, J.

  12. Thanks for all the really positive responses on this post. I had so much fun on the day, so am glad you all appreciated it! Certainly - it lets me know that it is something to do again - and hopefully I can find Anna's Black Label next time too...

    And do Elena Miro.

    SO EXCITING!!! x.

  13. Hi, I went to Harrods a few weeks ago myself and headed straight for AS, my only port of call. I tried the leopard kaftan and also the gold/leopard vest top with the electric blue crepe sleeves but I didn't buy anything as the asst did collar me and she was very off when my husband rang and I had to go without buying! Still, the clothes were gorgeous and I ordered the crepe sleeves and a kaftan on line. Amanda x

  14. Hi Amanda!

    I am so glad you bought some stuff online. I loved the clothes and trying them on... BUT I agree that the staff in Harrods are a tad off putting.
    BUT - I love that you tried the clothes and could buy them anyway. I actually do that quite a lot myself... I would love to see the items on you when you get them? My email is

    Let me know!



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