Wednesday, 10 March 2010

My Oscars Round-up 2010...

Quite simply - these are the ones I loved.

Gabourey Sidibe in Marchesa - look how this dress excentuates and compliments her curves. This was an excellent colour and choice.

Maggie Gyllenhaal in Dries Van Noten, I think she looked vibrant in this gown and certainly, the print is just stunning... Love Maggie in this outfit, and if you saw her Red Carpet walk with husband Peter Sarsgaard, the two looked wonderful together.

Queen Latifah is beautiful in pale pink. This dress is just so right for her. I actually don't really like Latifah's style - but this works, and heck - it works well...

Jeff Bridges and Susan Geston... I didn't actually see the Red Carpet arrival of these two, but when they cut to them during the show, and indeed - when she was spotlighted during his acceptance I was just in awe of her. Talk about absolute elegance! She looks stunning and so well-refined. These two had to be included.

Sarah Jessica Parker: At first, I didn't know about SJP's gown - but on reflection and seeing her on stage - this REALLY suits her. Chanel Couture and Sarah Jessica Parker - I should have been certain of this straight away, I mean - what a given!!!

Okay - I have no problem admitting I have never heard of Sherri Shepherd - but heck I like this outfit!!!

Anna Kendrick looked classic and elegant in Elie Saab.

And finally - my top three, in no particular order...

Carey Mulligan in Prada. There are so many things that are right about this whole ensemble. It is youthful, elegant and with the knife, fork and spoon embellishments on the front of this dress - it is also a little quirky. I think some of "Young Hollywood" like Miley Cyrus dressed a little poorly for the oscars. I know people were talking Miley's outfit up, but I thought she looked like she was trying too hard (I didn't hate her outfit, I just thought her take on youth-meets-elegant was poorly executed). Carey looks cute, elegant and youthful. I like this a lot.

Kate Winslet in Yves Saint Laurent. I can barely find words to describe how great this ensemble is. I think everyone is aware that Kate has slimmed down in recent years but I love that this choice still accentuates her feminine curve, what a great choice...

Matt Damon and Luciana Barosso. Wow. She looks radiant and what a gorgeous couple they make on the red carpet. I am completely swept away by this rose coloured dress and think that with Susan Geston, she kicks a lot of celebrity arse with her flowing elegant dress.

What were your thoughts on the dresses this year, and from the outfits above what are your favourites? These are my favourites because of how well they suit the women wearing them. These women have looked at their body shape and dressed themselves stylishly and with an elegance level appropriate for the Academy Awards. Stunners!

Smooch. x.

images sourced from getty, AP, google images. x.


  1. I was in Cuba last week and have taped the oscars, so I have yet to formulate my opinions, but based on your picks I am totally infatuated with Carey's Prada dress, love the idea of prints for evening gowns and Sherri's grecian dress (what is she from???) I am excited to sit down with the oscars this afternoon and catch up!

  2. Tell me what you thought? Carey's looked amazing huh? x.


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