Friday, 19 March 2010

Model Me This...

EDIT - January 2011 - 

I just wanted to update this post. I look at fashion a wee bit differently than I did when I first started talking about the Model choices at ASOS. I think that ALL the women modeling are stunning. My earlier frustrations, looking back on these posts is more that they were not always a great representation. It is clear ASOS, with the amazing current choice of model has made a huge effort. All the clothes look amazing on the current models, and I think the women - who all look different and healthy and curvy are a great representation. I especially think this as it looks like the "sample" sizes are being MADE for their curves too - thereby better representing the shape on them, AND the shape on us. That, or the clthes are pinned VERY well.
I love the girls - Laura, Justine, Bree, Amy etc. are amazing! Stunning. I think they are great choices and beautiful women.

I thought about taking my earlier posts (below) down, but I know they brought up a lot of debate and indeed - responses from ASOS. I have a great deal of respect for their responses as well as your responses. Clearly - I have posted several ASOS Curve outfits on this site since writing these pieces and do love the clothes... These posts will stay, but if you read them, please note that my blog has organically changed in the last year. I believe in a complete celebration of fashion and curves - I respect what ASOS do and how they provide for us. I think they have made strides from the first early steps they made and think the clothes they make are beautifully represented... I haven't always loved the clothes or how they have showcased them... but I do now. 


I was looking at the Evans Model, Hayley, recently and thinking what a stunner she is. On the Evans blog there is a link to go through to Hayley's representation at 12+ UK Model Management... so I clicked through. The first face I saw was Amy, the model from Asos Curve.

Let's face it, Amy is beautiful, astoundingly beautiful... but as I wrote in an earlier blog post - I had always thought it unlikely that Amy was a size 20 - therefore a poor representation of what Curve clothes would look like on the people they're actually made for... I then directly linked to three blogs - Saks In the City, Young Fat and Fabulous and Musings of a Fatshionista and suggested them as a better place to go for representation of the clothing (incidentally, Devon has some great reviews of the Curve range at her blog, The Fat Nurse). I am disappointed to see on the 12+ UK Model Management site that Amy is a size 14-16. I KNOW that makes her a plus-size model and I am not saying that she isn't completely beautiful - she is, but as a size 14-16, it doesn't make her a great choice by Asos - they have chosen someone smaller than the Curve size-range (20-26) to model the clothing. I love the Asos range, but I just wish they had chosen a size 20 model to sell me their clothes.

Incidentally (and perhaps controversially) - I am not a massive fan of Evans using Crystal Renn as much as they do - she is totally stunning - but as she fluxes between an 8 and a 12 - again, she is not a great representation of what the clothes will look like on Evans clientelle - but Hayley (again pictured above), Hayley is a size 14, Evans sell size 14.

I love the models that can and might wear the clothes they are selling - lots of the models from Torrid; Kecia Froberg, Maya Volmark and Line Mikkelsen for Carmakoma as well as Courtney Maxwell for City Chic:

What do other people think about this? I mean - I love the acknowledgment that plus-size women and fashion are getting at the moment and I know that all the models I have mentioned are completely beautiful - but I kind of feel that if this is going to be real and effective, the models who sell us the clothes we wear, should, at the very least, fit the clothes we are buying.



  1. shes stunning isnt she! ooohh to be a size 12. lol!

  2. Nothing on ASOS curve has appealed to me at first - only when I've seen it on size 20+ bloggers have I been actually interested, so I think it is a poor choice to have someone wear their clothes who is too small for them.

  3. Hmm I'm indifferent when it comes to the Evans clothing because they do size 14 and the models always look amazing in the clothes. On the other hand, I agree about ASOS needing a bigger model, the clothes seem to drown her and don't give off a good representation of how they're going to fit (although the brunette who's modelling a maxi, is stunning!). I'm not someone who looks at the models to see how things will fit on me, because no matter what size the model, the chances of us having the same body type so the clothes fit the same, are slim to none. As long as the clothing fits correctly on the model, I don't mind that they're modelled by 'plus size' models rather than actual plus size models.

  4. BBM - She is really stunning - they all are! x.

    Bethamint - I have to agree that when the collection was released, I found few things to get excited about - but now, now I think there are a couple of really lovely things coming through and hopefully, that continues! As with you, it was the bloggers and not the models that made the clothes have true appeal. x.

    StephanieDJL - The Evans models do always look pretty slammin' huh? I think you have hit my problem with the ASOS model on the head, the clothes swim on her, she is very pretty, as is the new brunette (who suits that dress beautifully) - maybe you have pinpointed the issue, models fitting the clothes correctly is actually what I would prefer. x.

  5. It bothers me that none of these plus size models look PLUS SIZE. Granted they're not all tooth pick looking, they look like normal women and normal isn't plus size. I think size 16 or even 18 onwards is plus size and seeing a dress look good on someone similar to your body type would probably make you want it more, no?

    Anyway, I just stopped by to show you some love with a blog award :)


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