Tuesday, 16 March 2010

March Evans Review.

This weekend I decided to go into Evans and do some coveting. I then thought I might take some photos to review later... I find that sometimes I impulse purchase (HA! Sometimes? I do it all the time), so instead of doing that this weekend, I thought - photos...

Photos for me, but also, photos for you...

You know Evans has a massive sale on right now, as well as loads of new stock. One of the most frustrating things about the Evans online store is how poor the clothes can sometimes look on the mannequins. I decided to try some different pieces, post links and impressions - so you can get an idea of what you are buying.

I found some inconsistencies with sizing... this may be because "over-sized" is currently in style... I have no qualms in admitting that I hate the over-sized look on my body. I think there are loads of hotties who can flaunt that style - but I am not one of them. I am listing sizes so you can judge a little for yourself. I usually wear a UK 18-20, I am 5'5". Another thing my body needs is some structure - you will see me in oversized, long-line tees below (which double as dresses), I don't like this look very much - but thought it may help people make some choices.


This is a great cut and with ties in the back helps accentuate form. The empire-waist works well and I like this one particularly as the bottom is a little less flowy than many similar dresses. I picked this up off a sale rack, where it was listed at £20...

Great sizing with good room through the chest and back, the back also features a cut-out that you can see on the Evans site... Very pretty.
This is only available in a 14 online, but I found this size 18 on the sale racks. Love this dress. Back ties, empire-waist, floaty details. Lovely.

Hello Grandma. This is such a disappointing dress on. Unlike others where there has been some snugness in the bust, this dress just fits poorly - maybe it just doesn't suit my shape, the excess material at the front of my chest can attest to that, as can the strange drape from my hip. Not a great dress for me.

I love this and when shopping with my partner, this was his favourite that I tried on. The dress comes with a singlet top inside which is gently joined to the outer sheer layer so that it can sit correctly. This feels floaty and feminine on, it is not figure hugging, but it does have ties in the back and flatters form. Ultra feminine and really nice. I rekon I would rock a dress like this in the sunshine too - clothes look so lovely in the sun!
This is a size 18 and I possibly could have tried a size down. I am not into this style very much but think this looks okay with the leggings. Very comfy and it would be really easy just to throw on.

This Longline T-shirt (dress) hangs really nicely and is pretty comfy to wear. This is a little unstructured for me, but I think the over-size lovers will adore this. I wore a size smaller than usual here (16).


Like my purple biker jacket which I love (also currently on sale at Evans), this totally rocks. It is comfortable and feels great on. I also think it completely flatters - which isn't always easy for a lighter coloured jacket to do. I love it. I want it.

This dress looks okay in the picture, but is actually not the most flattering in real life... this is my normal size, but I found it very tight through the bottom of the bust and I was disappointed once I got this on.

There is something about this I love, I am in a size 16 here which seemed okay and certainly, was fine in the back. This is an extremely light feeling top and I like it. I wanted to try this top with a skirt (you can see my dress rolled down) but Evans had no skirts suitable in stock. Not one youthful or (gasp) short skirt. Just work-wear. How on earth can that be? Looking online there are no shorter skirts there either. The top is great, the lack of short skirts? Ridiculous.

This top is not easy to find on the Evans website, but if you like comfy tees that are longline and can double as dresses - this is for you! I am wearing a size smaller than usual here - a 16 and it fit me pretty well, if a smidge tight in the back. x.

I hope this is useful and helps some of the international Evans shoppers make some easier choices. The photos were taken through my phone but I think they give a fair and varied idea of current and sale Evans stock and certainly, some of the different shapes on offer... I hope so. x.

Happy Shopping. x.

Smooch. x.


  1. wahoo! I love everything! You are such a beautiful woman!

  2. You're so pretty! I like that rose print tea dress the best :)

  3. Ahhhh why are you so cute? I wish I had the confidence to post my outfits - but I'm a UK 20 - 22. Siiigh

    And I miss London SO MUCH!

  4. I love ALL the floral dresses and that jacket looks amazing! Love the red lip too :)

  5. Hey Carmella - Red lips are my favourite!!! And the jackets... well, I had to buy the black one. Now i have purple and black... I wonder how long it takes me to decide to get the cream too! x.

    Sarah - I bet you would look great in outfit posts... it took me ages to feel confident to give it a shot, and can tell you it has been such an affirming thing to do. You and I share a size 20 as a like-size hon - I know what you mean about confidence, but I bet after you post you will see how good it is and how liberating. I would love to see! I think we have more than a few things in common - London, and from your blog - coffee!!! I drink it to get rid of headaches! How bad is that! xxx.

  6. I adore the perfume bottle top, if only it wasn't out of my price range. The 2nd and 3rd dresses look amazing on you!

  7. Beautiful girl... and beautiful blog... thanks!


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