Friday, 26 March 2010

Fatshionable Art - Eva Hannah

The Judgement of Paris - Rubens

There is much art devoted to beautiful, curvy women. Indeed, the Flemish artist, Peter Paul Rubens, loved and painted curves so much that artists who followed him, painting curvy/chubby females, would often have their work considered "Rubenesque" in its execution.

My favourite artist, Edgar Degas, is renown for his amazing images of ballerinas. However, it is the painting After Bath, Woman Drying Herself that holds me captivated at the National Gallery in London:

After Bath, Woman Drying Herself - Edgar Degas

Picasso is another famous artist who painted women and loved to emphasise curves, breasts and bottoms. I love the image Woman with Book (left) because of this.

Recently I had an artist post in my comments section about his love for curvy women and it got me thinking about my favourite Sydney-based artist, Eva Hannah.

Eva was born in Holland but emigrated to Australia after World War Two. Eva paints landscapes, cities, still life and FAT LADIES. There is actually a section on her website devoted to FAT LADIES! And what fashionable, beautiful women they are! I LOVE Eva's work: Her Fat Ladies are colourful and are images of celebration. Some are seedy, some are sensual and some look like they are having more fun than you could ever imagine.

Girls Night Out - Eva Hannah

I am writing about Eva Hannah and her Fat Ladies because, innately, I feel that the women Eva paints are a lot like many of us. Her women are beautiful - just look at how they dress! Such colour! AND such an accent on curve and embracing those curves. I like that they flaunt their flesh and, as we often do, look fabulous with gorgeous hair and flawless make-up.

I wanted to share these paintings with you because of how much I love Eva's work. In Sydney, I actually have three of her prints in storage which my wonderful mum bought for me many years ago. I love this work and wanted to share these girls because they are curvy and gorgeous!

In the paintings I have selected, you see Eva's stunning Fatshionistas in colourful corset tops, suspender stockings, mini-dresses, knee-high boots, sexy tights and a whole lot of bling on top. I actually draw some fashion inspiration from these stylish women... I hope you can, too!

(And would you believe, the image just above on the left is called... GOING SHOPPING. That's RIGHT.)

Gossiping - Eva Hannah

Cheers - Eva Hannah

I would consider Eva Hannah's art a combined celebration of curves and fashion - something magazines are really starting to embrace, just imagine magazine pictorials identical to these paintings... And with that in mind, make sure you check out this month's edition of Elle France... it might not be an oil painting, but it does have 32 pages devoted to curvy women.


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(All images sourced from Galleries, and the Eva Hannah website).


  1. these are fantastic! I love the girls night out and going shopping ones, so gorgeous!thank you so much for sharing :)

  2. These are awesome! I think my favorite is the woman drying herself too but I really like the girls night out one as well :)

  3. i love all the eva prints you featured, but i particularly like cheers. They are great, thanks so much for sharing.

  4. loving this post :D
    love the way you write
    love your blog too
    stop by some time xx

  5. Did you see Fat Gretchen, my Fatshionista Mascot? Looooove curvy women art!

    - Sarah

  6. Thank you all for your comments - I actually loved writing this post, so I appreciate you saying that you liked that I shared it all. Thank you... and Sarah - I LOVE Fat Gretchen. x.

  7. these are great quite cheerfull

  8. Another great post! Love your take on being curvy and owning it, taking inspiration from great art is a great way of practicing the art of selfacceptance :) I`d love for you to check out my blog aswell, think you`ll find we share a positive outlook on being a curvy fashionista, inside and out! Happy easter from Anika

  9. Love the cheers pieces reminds me of the gun I have with my girls!

  10. These are beautiful pieces of artwork! Who says thin is in?

  11. Great art work you have there maybe you have peace of mind doing that and good hands that's what you called talent.

  12. Love your collection of pics from Eva Hannah -- I'm going to have to look some up and post them on my art blog too!


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