Friday, 5 March 2010

Elena Miro Milan 2010 Favourites...

I just can't help myself... I have to post some more images from the Elena Miro 2010 A/W show in Milan. Earlier this week, I posted a range of images from the collection, but knew I would come back to post my favourites... I held aside the following outfits so that I could re-visit this amazing and beautifully feminine collection. Below are the outfits that are my absolute loves, the ones I am coveting and desire. Wow wow wow!

Dressed in Black... These two dresses inspire me for a beautiful night out. I love that both could be worn to dinner, or a cocktail party or even a night at the Opera. These dresses both incorporate splashes of deep red that catches the eye and emphasises form. The fact both outfits are structured to flow from under the bust also means they would suit almost any curvy figure. I always love these styles of dress and I think that Elena Miro has nailed them.

I love that the first dress's empire waist is accentuated with a deep red belt (which matches the lining of that stunning coat). The second, with its more structured/fitted top and A-line skirt just screams femininity - wow.

Dressed in DEEP Red...

This first outfit just gobsmacked me when I saw it and made me think that the curves Mark Fast was trying to find in his London show were on display here for Elena Miro. I can barely even find the words to describe how much I love this. The sweater completely defines these curves, and the way the collar sits completely flatters them. The belt, the gloves, the cut of the pant - literally blow me away and this entire look is elegant AND edgy. The second dress is really such a simple shape, but the execution by Elena Miro is tantamount to the sublime. Structured, eye-catching, beautiful.

Dressed in Beige...

I adore this first outfit for the same structural reasons I loved the first deep red outfit, above. Again, it is so easy to see classic elegance meeting edge. I have pulled this outfit as one of my favourites because of the design but also the fabric. I love the silkiness of the top teamed with that belt and pant. It just looks so classy and chic.

I have chosen the second dress specifically because it is flattering and flowy. Many of the dresses I own are similar in that they have a high waist and then flow easily from under that waist. While the bottom here doesn't look billowy, it looks a little less defined in structure and shape than the other dresses I have selected above, I love this dress because it will sit easily on curves and move a little in the winter wind.

And Finally, Details baby!

Before I finish out my Elena Miro posts - I just wanted to share a few more shots looking specifically at some of the details - these clothes are made for curves and the three main colours used; black, deep red and beige are absolutely stunning on these models. This collection looks so feminine but also exudes a type of modern elegance, it is classic but edgy. You know I love this!

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  1. Love the beige section in particular, i love when designers manage to make beige a WOW palette. I am really, really loving those leather kimono wrap belts, alone they would instantly update any outfit.

  2. Wow, these are all stunning! Usually I like a piece or three from a collection but I really love all of these. Great job! :)

  3. Kristen - I know, the beige totally blew me away/ I think the belts help define so much about what I love in this collection; fashion and stunning attention to outfit detail.

    Jen - I know, this collection is just so appealing on a variety of levels. I think Elena Miro has executed a fabulous show.

  4. I just found your blog!It looks really fun so far, so I am a follower! Stop by and visit me at any time

    These looks are so awesome. I cant wait to see if I can incorporate any of them into some of my looks, we'll seeeee.

  5. I only just discovered Elena Miro and its the first time I've seen plus-size models on a catwalk. I'm thunderstruck. I've hit replay a hundred times, and sat open-mouth, head spinning, watching women like me, on a catwalk, actually ALLOWED to be beautiful. I never thought I was allowed to be beautiful. I never thought anyone with a body like mine was allowed to think themselves beautiful. I really have believed, for my entire life, that it was my job to find clothes to excuse, camouflage and disguise my terrible, curvy body. Watching these girls strut down the catwalk for Elena Miro, my whole world has changed. Its a total shift of perception for me. Suddenly I feel like I'm allowed to be attractive! I'm allowed to think my body beauiful! I'm allowed to wear fashionable clothes! I'm allowed to be ME!
    Sorry if I'm raving, but have you experienced the same thing?

  6. Helen, there is much to write in reply to this. I LOVE your comment and am going to reply during the day today or possibly, this evening. I may even blog post my reply actually, because this comment feels really important to me. x. I will write back soon. x.


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