Monday, 1 March 2010


You know what... I love shopping and I love clothes. In my industry though, when I'm working it can be really hard to get out of the office and into the shops. For this reason, I love shopping online... Now I know most curvy girls adore places like the new ASOS Curve and Carmakoma, as well as the online stores for Evans and the like... BUT - have you tried Ebay?

Jen's FashionPlus is an amazing plus-size store on Ebay with an array of clothing for you to look at and enjoy... in fact, it is kind of a one-stop shop for stylish tops, dresses, skirts, playsuits, leggings (and more) for all occassions (My personal fave right now!). The store is innovative and features things which hug, accentuate and ... compliment the curve of your body. Unlike many independent sellers on Ebay, all of Jen's clothes have individual measurements listed and a 7 day returns policy.

Independent sellers on ebay can also contribute some amazing items... these could be things which are brand new, or even quite old - but just needing a new home. I love going to ebay and typing in things like "evans dress" or "torrid corset" and seeing what comes up... you can find great things which are no longer in shops and if you want to narrow what you see, you can always type your dress size into the search too. I constantly search ebay to look for gems.

One of the best gems I've found, is this orange pinafore dress... Now, when I saw the photo and description, I wasn't sure what to think. I knew the shape was right for my body, but wondered about how I would wear the pattern. It was listed as ex Evans and clearly stated that it was "pre-loved" and returns were "not available". It is always a gamble, but at a mere listing price of £5.00, I figured that not a lot could go wrong and if I had to, I could always relist it. Let me make it clear though, it was a sceptical purchase...

I LOVE this dress. This is such an easy, light wear and I am going to adore it through summer. I also love that it's old Evans stock because I know it's a quality garment. I've worn this dress out only a few times, but every time I get complimented on it - I think the vibrancy of the pattern helps. This dress is pretty casual... The detailing sees it cut under the bust, with a tie for the back (which I actually wear at the front to help it cinch in around my figure) and two big pinafore buttons holding the straps in place... casual but really attractive with a black bolero, leggings and knee-high boots.

So... my suggestion is - don't forget EBAY! Check out Jen's FashionPlus and then maybe just do a couple of random searches for items from your favourite retailers... if you buy an item and it's no good - sell it on! Seriously, ebay is a site with plenty of gems hiding away and if you haven't dared to explore it's pages, or haven't for a while - take a quick peek, you will find it truly worth it!

Until next time - Smooch!


  1. You look dynamic in that pinafore, what a score!

    I have always been a little skeptical of online shopping, only because I am an odd fit (such a range of sizes in my closet because i have an irregular body shape) but Ebay entices me because I know there are probably a bunch of little gems out there just looking for me! Maybe if I do brand searches, like you suggested, than i'd know my size.

  2. Thanks Kristen!
    And certainly try Ebay - I only ever look for familiar retailers and I rekon that is the real trick to finding gems there! x.

  3. I love online shopping.. I think there is better more unique stuff available and you don't have to suffer panic attacks trying to get through the crowds on the high street.

  4. Hi! Thanks so much for this post! I actually just came across it through my traffic reports! You're awesome!!!! :)

  5. Rebecca - I totally agree with you - sometimes High Street Shopping is just so crap for all the crowds, ebay and online is sometimes the only way to go!

    Jen - No worries. Although, I know I am yet to purchase, I love looking over all your items and have no doubt will buy myself, soon enough! x.


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