Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Do you like my Porsche?

London sunshine decided to take an unreasonable break this weekend, so warmth was key. On Saturday, my very own Mr Darcy and I decided to head to Putney to walk by the water and then head over to Fulham.

I wore my favourite shrug, a black singlet top and my gorgeous, light, tulle skirt: Madonna by Carmakoma. The skirt is subtle but sexy and this is a really light outfit that I teamed with knee high socks, leggings and a jacket. I am quite fortunate actually - as an Australian living in London - that I have acclimatised well and know that as long as I get my base layer right, I should be fine all day.

Wearing all black and channeling the goth I once was, I added this gorgeous scarf to add colour and that extra little bit of warmth. And yeah, that's the Black Evans Biker Jacket... we all knew I'd cave on that one!

Do you like my Porsche?

(That's not my Porsche.)


Shrug: City Chic
Singlet Top: City Chic
Skirt: Madonna by Carmakoma
Jacket: Evans
Tights: BHS
Shoes: Sin City by Wittner
Scarf: Gift from my mum. x.
Necklace: Evans


  1. No, I dont like your Porche !
    I preferr a Bike...Let's go Green !
    ...and you ? what about? you like biking in the Sunshine, along the the Gorgeous Nature ?
    :) Hi there in London, Ciao Em. x.
    Just discoverd your Great Blog, I like it and Your Style and your Humour...Cheers!
    Un saluto dalla Sicilia/Italia da Aurelio, l'unico Artista siciliano/Italiano/Europeo/Mondiale che celebra le Donne con le Curve nell'Arte.
    Greetings from Sicily by fellow Artist Aurelio, the Only Artist in Sicily/Italy/Europe/World Loves painting PlusSize & Curvy Women and to celebrate their Shining Beauty !

    "Plus Size,Curvy Women: be Bold, be Sexy & Naive ...and Let's Go Green Now ! "

    Happy Day, Ciao !

  2. Ciao Aureart! Welcome, I am glad you like my blog. As for the porsche, well... I don't even own a car, I prefer to walk everywhere and just happened to walk past this porsche. Photo Op! I'll check out your art too.

    Thanks - em. x.

  3. How about you just send me a biker jacket from the UK? lol I just tried to buy one on torrid this morning and they sold out! Siiiiigh!

    I love that shrug! I'm about to post some of my Torrid shopping finds this morning!

  4. Love this! You're absolutely gorgeous!!! :)

  5. lol @ the porsche, you look awesome- love the jacket!

  6. Thank you Jen...xx.

    Sarah - You could always order one to my house that I could forward to you if you wanted... xx.

    Weesha - Yeah! I thought the porsche was hilarious. My boyf was sure it would be a great photo, he was so right! xx.

  7. I love that you took that pic with "your" porsche and great outfit!

  8. I wish I could master the art of layers, I frequently step out in weather inappropriate clothes and end up sweltering or freezing! I love the skirt :)

  9. Fashion Therapist - Yeah, "my" porsche is beyond hot. Lol. x.

    Stephanie - You know what I did, I bought a skiwear pair of leggings, the kind that are supposed to "monitor and maintain" heat levels which are also ultra-thin. I always sweat on the tube, but when I'm not on the tube - those babies seem to do the trick. As for the skirt, Carmakoma has it on-sale right now! x.


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